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  1. Hi Sheelagh I would think it may be best to contact the equipment supplier to ask them the way forward....sounds like its looking in the wrong place (device settings?) Let us know how you get on with it...be nice to see a screenshot when you get it up and running. Cheers, Trevor
  2. Hi Sheelaghm I am thinking that it may be due to the roof not being worked for a long time (e.g. most of the winter?) Possibly it is a sticking microswitch or similar causing the malfunction but it may be worth raising and lowering the roof several times to see if it clears. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  3. Hi Ally_g20....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  4. I would think the most logical source of the water ingress is the washer jet hose has holed/come off the jet and is filling the boot with water. Also, check the tailgate latch is securely bolted down and also adjusted to pull the tailgate into the body to ensure that the rubber seals are compressed enough to keep the water out....5 minute job!
  5. I don't believe you have any come back as the warranty was there and the duration of cover should have been ironed out at the point of sale. Ice on the inside of the windscreen is only down to moisture build up on the inside of the car....maybe best to use your air con on recirculation to dry out the inside
  6. Hi Sheelagh...welcome to the Forum It sounds like a battery connection fault...corroded terminals, loose connections and / or poor earth connections to the chassis / body. Definitely a good place to start and work back from there. Let us know how you get on Cheers, Trevor
  7. Hi...welcome to the Forum I'm not entirely sure but some of the gaiters available on ebay look as though they could slip over the gear knob but as is the case of a lot of other make vehicles, the gearknob will knock off if you hold it firmly and bash the underside of your hand in an upwards motion which frees it off. Mind you haven't got your face directly overhead though...tends to hurt when it lets go. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  8. Hi rallyelwood ..... welcome to the forum Thanks for posting the photo of the Victor, it looks superb and what a great car to restore and drive. My Dad had one years ago and I have fond memories of that car. Does it have the column gear shift? Keep us updated with the progress as am genuinely interested in seeing the older Vauxhalls being kept alive Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  9. I couldn't categorically state what is wrong with the engine without seeing readings.....something which any garage should be able to provide...compression readings and leak-down readings for all cylinders....then you can make a proper judgement. I would go back and ask them for a more definitive diagnosis or take it to a reputable independent repairer. Let us know how its all going
  10. Hi...welcome to the Forum I would shop around for price but more importantly, I would look for good reviews more than cost....try Good Garage Scheme to find a reputable garage in your area. Good luck Cheers, Trevor
  11. I agree with Shaun...if it has reduced power then it must surely have logged a code in the ECU Sounds like EGR to me though...or blocked exhaust system?
  12. Just a thought Shaun, but it looks like you can easily unclip the upper part of the body to have a look inside. I wonder if it is a diaphragm or whether it is something you can just clean up and reassemble to get working again?
  13. Hi...and welcome to the Forum Welcome back to Vauxhall as well, hope all is well with your Astra? Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  14. Hi...welcome to the Forum I would probably check the fault codes that would be stored in the ECU as the first course of action. Possible causes could be the Turbo variable vanes are clogged up and not moving freely, therefore flagging a code when on boost....common on VW / Audi. Other possibilities are the EGR, Injectors, etc but I would definitely pull up the codes first. If it is any of these faults, you can use cleaning solutions to sort it at very little cost. Cheers Trevor
  15. Hi...welcome to the Forum Is it black smoke, white smoke or blue smoke coming from the exhaust. Does it lose coolant or consume oil or fuel at an alarming rate?
  16. Hi...welcome to the Forum We're here to answer any questions if we can Cheers Trevor
  17. I would imagine the easiest way to get around this is to take the bulb out and paint it with craft paint. Use to do this on Japanese imports years ago, works well and costs very little. Will need at least two coats on it though
  18. Hi Gordie....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard ! Cheers Trevor
  19. Vote for which one Tyre brand would you choose?
  20. Hi Peewee...welcome to the Forum I think if you have a rattling sound in the camshaft drive area of the engine that I would take it to a garage immediately for investigation before anything catastrophic occurs. Let us know what you find out Cheers Trevor
  21. Hi Mike....welcome to the Forum Great looking car...I think Vauxhall got he styling just right with this one Good to have you onboard Cheers Trevor
  22. Check out my post in response in the Vauxhall owners lounge
  23. Hi I would check the engine doesn't smell of fuel because if the oil level is high it could be fuel washing down into the engine oil past the piston rings. Quite common if the car is only used on short journeys at low revs and the engine doesn't get hot. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers Trevor
  24. Hi I would check the battery connections first as if they have a poor connection then that could lead to the symptoms you are describing. Also, ensure all earth leads and connection points on the chassis are in good condition. Cheers Trevor
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