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  2. Evening guys and girls. I’m looking to sell my v reg 1999 vauxhall vectra b. I’m not really sure what they are worth. Can anyone help me please. Green v reg vauxhall Vectra b 1800 sxi. Petrol. Manual. Only 75800 miles. Will go up due to everday use from home to work and back. Average 10 mile a day. Mot till october 2021. General wear and tear but still in really good condition for age of car. Minor marks on alloy wheels. Few marks around the rest of the car but nothing major. Slight bubbling on o/s/r wheel arch next to end of bumber but paint still on there. I just bought a second hand chrome
  3. Cheers, and sorry about the size of the picture, it seems to be7mb, I tried to delete it, but couldn't see an option to remove it.
  4. Alright everyone Barry from Basildon here, my mate suggested this group, so giving it a go, I got two Vauxhalls, I run the Carlton owners club, Basildon branch. I have a G reg Carlton, it's a bit knackered and there's nettles coming through the glove box, plus I think something died in the back seat, - not a person, probably a hedgehog or something else, don't smell right. Pet ferret called Ludo lives in the boot, but it's still alive, so that aint the smell. Also got a Belmont estate, well..it belongs to my mate Dave, but he won't shift it,so If you can tow it, you can have it, r
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  6. hi i have a insignia that wont start from cold but will start with a squirt of easy start then will run fine till it is left all night also i have high pressure at the fuel rail help needed thanks i have had it code read and not faults found
  7. I have a new 2020 Corsa SE. The lights on the dashboard constantly flicker. Dealer can’t find any problems. Anyone out there have any idea? Has done this since I drove it out the forecourt. Thanks.
  8. Hi all, would be nice to get something sorted on having regular owners meets somewhere. But with C-19 at the moment, thats not looking possible. Maybe once the restrictions are lifted, we can start to get some plans drawn up. Stay safe.
  9. Hi all, am seeking any guidance on replacing the ECC in my 54 plate Signum. Various functions still work, but others don't. Has anyone done this? I see on other forums there are various versions of the ECC and ideally want this to be a straight swap with as little hassle as possible. Any and all advice / guidance very much appreciated! Many thanks, Ian
  10. What HP gains could I get if I had my 163 CDTI SRi Insignia chipped?
  11. Hi all i own a vauxhall zafira b its 2010 and 1.6 petrol can anyone give me advice on lowering springs/coilovers do astra h lowering springs fit and would astra h coilovers fit? if not can anyone point me in the right direction please many thanks Mark.
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  13. Hi, do you have an obd reader? I would clear all error codes and start the car and then run another scan for error code’s and see what pops up, some of the codes could be old and not relevant now.
  14. Hi all, I need some advice if possible, my zafira b had water ingress in the fuse box, I have replaced this with a new one, but now the car starts without me turning the key to engage the starter motor, the starter motor went so I have replaced this as well. I have also replaced the ignition housing. The persistent error code I get P1625-63, I was thinking a bad ground to the ECU, has anyone got any ideas?
  15. fitted a new battery now engine starts but nothing works on ignition [dash lights /indicaters /wipers / gauages ] but all outside lights work and central locking any suggestios please
  16. Insignia electric handbrake problem. My local garage hooked up car on their computer and stated the parking switch was faulty. I've since replaced the switch but handbrake still not working anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem. When in the garage the Mechanic was able to operate the hand brake with computer and motor's pistons etc all working but won't reset the parking switch . Kind Regards Gordon Glasgow
  17. Rear Main Seal. Hi, my car has been in the garage for 4 weeks today for a new clutch, flywheel and master cylinder. They rang me today and said they’ve had to order a rear main seal or whatever. Has anyone else had one changed and can tell me how it took to get the car back when having a new one fitted? Thank you! Kieran B
  18. Thanks for that will change it any eway to be safe I think it will cure it as got it warmed up and it was ok with oil hot
  19. Hi John.....welcome to the Forum It is possible that the current is shared by both items, assuming it can be switched independently. I would start by first checking the fuses to see where the power is going off to an also check the wiring near the screen
  20. I recently encountered a similar issue with a Honda and this came down to the fact that I fitted cheap (Chinese) bulbs and igniters....massive mistake. Fitted quality (but a lot more expensive) components and problem solved. Also, another issue I had was that the fitment was not as precise connection as the better quality component and didn't alway make good contact. It is worth double checking connection, etc but also check any earth leads (which will be close by and connected to the bodywork. If in doubt, run additional earth cables to the light units to ensure that the current ci
  21. Hi MIxa....welcome to the Forum Welcome back to the wonderful world of Vauxhall
  22. I would reiterate what Andy has said and a good oil service may cure the fault. Additionally, oil pressure light switches do tend to fail and also leak oil> Very cheap to replace and easy to do as well
  23. Hi I had the same problem. Getting rid of the moisture isnt hard, have a scan on youtube and they show you how to do it. I took the light unit out of the car. This is not as scary as you may think and you can do it. I have done it ten times now and can do it with my eyes closed. Get light out, take out bulbs. Plug the light bulb holes with cloth. leave the cornering light hole open and blast air down the hole with the hairdryer. The moisture will disappear. Then get some clear mastic and reseal the clear lense to the plastic to stop moisture getting back in. Whilst you have lights off uns
  24. I agree, great cars and super comfortable. I have a car with the same milage and apart from things that I have fixed myself its been a great car. A few blind spots on the car design when reversing and looking over your shoulders. Everyone who was a passenger said how comfortable the journey was. Its also got a massive boot and with the seats down I have moved so much stuff. I had mine remapped to 190 Bhp and it made the car a real pleasure to drive. Its not sporty, its a comfortable tourer and a very practical family car. You will miss it I am sure 🙂
  25. Hi gents, I am on here seeking some advice if you can. I have a Vauxhall Insignia hatchback, 2.0 diesel 160Bhp, 2011, Elite. I have the headlights with the DRL (Daylight Running Lights) and the cornering lights inside the same headlamp. I also have the Bi Xenon set up in the headlamp unit. A month ago I noticed the lenses were both effected by condensation inside the lenses. I researched YouTube and decided to have a go at removing the condensation. New lights are £1300 each plus £300 each for a ballast. Thats £3200 plus fitting!! The car is worth £2500. I love this car and have had
  26. Thanks for that it’s going to get full service hopefully have it sorted Andy
  27. Hi Mixa, I had this same problem with my 03 Astra G. Although oil level was ok, it did look quite old, and like yourself not knowing when it was last serviced, I gave it a good service, filter fresh oil, and all was good. The light went out and never came back on. Hope this helps. Happy New Year. Andy.
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