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  2. Help please have a 2009 vectra 1.9cdti cars low mileage at only 76k I had a slipping aux belt changed it squeak didn't go changed the pulleys and the belt again and now the squeak seems worse than ever any ideas
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  4. What is the blue item anyone know please?
  5. Actually having looked around it seems tge only option is to replace with a Sony or Panasonic etc head unit.
  6. Hello!! I'm not a vauxhall man myself, but I have for sale a 1995 corsa 1.4 sri Mark 1,kingfisher blue,38k on the clock, I would say 9.5 out of 10 Condition. Car belongs to my father in law,has been very dry stored for 10 years. 1 owner from new,full main dealer serviced when on the road. Ideal enthusiasts car as could be an A1 show car, Please call Brian 07950339284 Worcester area
  7. On replacing both camshaft sensor solenoids the exhaust solenoid had a minute amount of silvery metal around it???? Should I be worried? Insignia Sri petrol 2009 1.8litre with 104k. Car runs silently with no issues now. It was stalling, had rough idle and serious drop in mpg.....
  8. I've found minute silvery metal in my camshaft sensor solenoid. Insignia Sri petrol 2009 with 104k miles. Car runs quiet and normal. Should I be worried?

  9. ***UPDATE*** I have found out that the Astra G mk4/5, doesn't actually have a separate switch/sender for the electric cooling fan in the radiator. It is however integrated in with the sensor for the temperature gauge, and apparently the ECU senses the spike in temperature and tells the fan to kick in. But as mine isn't doing this because my gauge is not reading correctly, the ECU isn't sensing the engine temperature properly, hence why I've had some over heating issues. So this morning I have ordered a new temp sensor, and will be replacing the old one. I'm going to l
  10. Hi I have a 2004 face-lift Agila. It has a CD30 radio.Does anyone know if a CD30 mp3 would work in it. I dobr want yo replace with other head units, want it to look stock but adding aux/usb for phone or memory stick
  11. I have a 2.0 turbo sri insignia and am trying to get a power steering pipe for according to local dealer vauxhall no longer supply it anyone any ideas
  12. It may well be the bulb at fault as it will look for a resistance and could be corrosion causing it to read slightly high. Worth removing the bulbs to inspect them
  13. It may be a faulty brake light switch causing the issue
  14. So we all know the problem with the k series engine but who has sorted it out and what has been done..people are saying new cam chain and tensioner will that help
  15. air temp sensor circuit 1 coming up , change mass air flow, still code p0111 any help please.
  16. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
  17. Hi Nev, and welcome to the forum. Have you tried replacing the battery in the key fob? I had the same problem with my key fob and central locking system. When I replaced the battery it worked fine, but then the key got dropped, and the battery carrier in the key broke away from the circuit board. So at the moment I'm doing it the old fashioned way with the key in the lock. Also if the battery is ok, then you may need the key re programming back to the car. Hope this is of help. Regards Andy.
  18. Anyone know which suction control valve to get ebay have so many... my car is meriva se cdti 1.7 automatic on 11 plate
  19. Hi everyone, I have issue with the auto feature on my 2011 Insignia. When lights are selected on auto I get an error message for which ever the car is trying to run i.e. check right sidelight/check right dipped beam. This only happens when lights are on auto and only the right unit. When i manually select sidelight or dipped beam they both work. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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  21. Also mine happend that issue. Before indicator service car soon in the monitor has another message reduse engine power... and the problem was the electrovalve of turbo
  22. Hi guys my son has a 2011 Astra gtc 1.4 turbo, the gear lever in 1st moves a lot when pulling away, I gues reading up on a few sites this is a fault with the bearings inside the box. So my question is I have sourced a 2018 gearbox so has bigger bearings etc.. from a 1.4t gtc does anyone know if this will fit straight onto my lads engine.
  23. Hello guys. I need your help. I have Insignia 1.6t petrol age 2009. My car when im going to highway with normal speed makes small frequent breaks .... this happen if im using A/C And if i use cruise contol and happend that small breaks the car stop the cruise control... The computer diagnosis cant find any problem Any idea ? Thanks
  24. Insurance gave go ahead for repairs cost me the excess been in body shop 10 days just a waiting game now.
  25. Oh my goodness! That's going to be an expensive repair, surprised they didn't write it off
  26. Latest pic storm damage - rear wing -rear windscreen -wiper arm - rear carpets water damage possible tailgate, Believe it or not concrete tile from roof was blown off by 55mph wind .
  27. I believe they are usually sold with the pedal. Can you dismantle and clean up the existing sensor, I have successfully done this on Renault / Nissan before?
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