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  3. I certainly hope so. The strange thing is, the car runs so well, gears change without any problems. Next payday will see filter and oil for gearbox. I definitely won't be going to the garage the previous owner used.
  4. Hi would anybody know what my diesel Astra Sri is worth it has 888 marking on It
  5. I believe you should be able to store it as a Favourite Station or similar
  6. I have recently purchased a late 2013 Vauxhall Insignia. I am having problems with the Dab radio. I can search and store a Dab station, but once the engine is turned off and back on the station can not be found again. Anybody have any ideas, as it's now started to wind me up? Thank you
  7. Blimey! that's bizarre with the wrong oil being in the transmission and still working. Should work a lot better after a fluid and filter change
  8. Well i put the original cap from the 16v on, and it has cured the problem of the top hose collapsing. Going to buy some rad flush this week and give it a good flush through. Fresh anti freeze, and then its service time again. And try to get a filter for the auto transmission, and freshen the oil as some dips**t has put ordinary gear oil in and not proper trans fluid.
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  10. Thank you so much, in was hoping this would be something simple โ˜บ I will get back onto the garage and tell them to reset it - thank you so much!
  11. Hi Tracy. The oil quality should have been reset to 100% when the service was carried out. It will need to be reset using a diagnostic tool and would be best to take it back to the garage for them to reset it
  12. Hi....welcome to the Forum Feel free to ask any questions and I'm sure someone will be able to assist.
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum Maybe worth looking at the range of aftermarket bulbs available in Halfords. A lot of brands (such as Philips) boast increased output of around 35%, etc so maybe worth trying these first to see how improved the lighting becomes.
  14. Hi ...... welcome to the Forum
  15. Hello all yes I am a new insignia owner, always been with Ford so fancy a change and I do like the look of the VX line models so I have one now. would like some ideas on light bulbs because the headlights arenโ€™t the best. barry.
  16. Hi I have a 2010 Astra 1.6, after driving for about 15 minutes the spanner light/service light comes on the dashboard with code 79. This is low oil however when I check the oil is fine! The car was also recently serviced etc. Anyone have any ideas what this could be? Many thanks Tracy
  17. Hi guys. I'm New to this Vauxhall Owners Club. Previously a owner of a 2004 Meriva but scrapped this in March. Now owner to a 2010 Astra 1.6. I'm sure i'll be asking questions during my journey here, so just wanted to say 'Hi'!
  18. Hi I have for sale a 2003 vauxhall signum 3.0 v6 cdti (y30dt) This car will be sold as spares or repairs, it has a problem with the clutch. Pedal goes to the floor and doesn't come back up. Its a fully loaded Elite that also has the fridge in the rear which is removable to make it into a 5 seater. I have had this car about 8 years and its never missed a beat, always started and got me where i need to be. I have spent around 2k on this car in the last 2 years, just over a year ago, it had a brand new egr valve, 3 piece clutch and a fly wheel, amongst a few
  19. Hi Everyone, im new to the forum, bit late really as i have only just realised it existed, and its time to sell my motor and a friend suggested i try here first. Cheers peeps
  20. Hi.....welcome to the Forum It sounds more like the turbo being restricted (variable vanes clogged up with carbon) and going to limp mode when it reaches a certain rpm. Usually accompanied by a P0299 fault code to state Turbo Underboosting
  21. I've found 5 of them on the wheels ๐Ÿ˜. Just need to find the others and I'll be good to go โ˜บ๏ธ
  22. Here is a link to some dimensions for the Insignia https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C5CHFA_enGB830GB831&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=vauxhall+insignia+dimensions&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjJ4Jz4s-jrAhVYi1wKHUQ3BUEQsAR6BAgKEAE&biw=1920&bih=1001
  23. Hi, it's not the infotainment as mucha s it is just Android Auto, it randomly disconnects and once it has it just keeps happening, thinking am infotainment reboot would fix it whilst on the go.
  24. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would be concerned that the unit freezes on a 2020 car, it may be worth taking it back to the dealers and see if there is a software update to resolve this issue.
  25. Bought a 06 signum V6 diesel, in drive its fine until you put your foot down, 2 to 3rg engine revs right up then big thud goes into 3rd... use tiptronic side , works fine red lines every gear....until i disconected ecu....now it wont rev in any gear above 3500 revs... anyone any ideas...
  26. Hi all, does anyone know how to reboot the infotainment system in the new Corsa (PSA infotainment). It sometimes freezes and would be good to reboot it without having to switch the car off and on again. Thanks.
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