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  2. A friend mentioned that it could be a date it was quality controlled. But again, why would it have sat about so long before being fitted to the car?? One of those mysteries that will probably never get answered..
  3. It certainly was a relief coming away from the test centre with just 2 advisories. And being able to pick the garage owners brains about different bits and pieces. He is a vauxhall man through and through. And a mind of knowledge. All I've got to do now is sort out the speedo drive, as its playing up again. Apparently it could need a new seal, or it could want completely replacing, or it might just be getting wet and need a bit of protection for the winter.
  4. Not so sure its that simple as you would need the external aerial and also the system would need to be coded to the vehicle on the CanBus. Maybe a better option to buy a TomTom and also cheaper to update than Vauxhall system
  5. I'm sure that is the correct procedure.....have you tried it yet?
  6. Great news about the MOT and also the auto trans should be smoother now with a couple of fluid changes....can't do much more than that to keep the old girl in good running order
  7. That's an odd one Andy, certainly has a date of 1997 but would have been hanging around somewhere for many years before being fitted to your car. Which is odd as I though cars were built with the 'just in time' method of parts supply
  8. How have you managed to get on with rebulding the engine?
  9. Hi Timbo.....welcome to the Club I believe there was a system to naming the different models over the decades but I have to admit I do not understand it either. A little before my time and I really started appreciating Vauxhalls after the 1960's when most models were instantly recognisable, unlike today's vehicles which all pretty much look the same. Good luck with your research and let us know how you are getting on with it all
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  11. Hi Steve, I've had the same recently with my 1.6 Astra. I put it down to the car being parked outside, and the fact that it has been colder than usual, so the oil is needing a little longer to get circulating on a cold morning. But once its been ticking over for a few minutes, it quietens down and is sweet as a nut from there on. Andy.
  12. Hi Sue, so glad to hear that you have been able to get sorted. I wasn't sure about my own Astra G, so I went on the UK DVLA website and found the info that i posted, in the hope that it would help other Vauxhall/Opel owners. And it appears that i have, even across the to the Netherlands. Have your Petrol stations increased their prices like the UK? Happy motoring. Andy.
  13. Hi I have a rear bumper with rubber insert brand new from vauxhall in 1985 for a cavalier mk1 never been out of box if you interested drop me a line thanks Adrian Shults
  14. Hi I am new to Vauxhall history, and trying my very best to understand the first cars made after the war, which are designated as above. But every time I read something about these first post war cars I get more confused. I am happy with the 14hp J I think, a six light, six cylinder saloon. But I read the the first post war '10's were longer than prewar. Does that mean they were six light? I read they stopped making the 10 when the tax system changed? I dont understand what bodies they were using with what engine. Were there three bodies (short 4 light, 4 light and longer six light?} So what is an H? What is an HIY? What is an HIX? and when did they make each one? It would be great if i could be clear about the chronology and sizes! Cheers Timbo
  15. Hi there I am new to the group and looking for a rear axle and prop bearing for the D reg carlton 2.2 saloon Contact Rob on here please.
  16. Hi, hope someone can help, my 2012 insignia 1.8 petrol has developed an engine knock/rattle when starting from cold, this only last 2 or 3 seconds then clears it had oil and filter changed only 4K ago ,any help welcome,thanks Steve
  17. Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I have an Opel Vectra C - 2005 Pre-Facelift. Down below is a statement I found on-line somewhere and I would like to know if anyone knows if this is true or not! I have only one key and have now bought a second key off of eBay the flip kind, which has electronics, chip and battery already installed. My question is to save money on the programming would this statement below work with my second key after being cut. Thanks, Peter Programming a Single Key A handful of manufacturers will allow you to program a single key, even if you don’t have a key that works. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to have the key cut to fit the ignition, which means you’ll need to provide proof of ownership to a locksmith. That said, the process is much simpler than programming a second or third key: Insert the key into the ignition, and turn it to the on position. Don’t turn on the engine, only the electronics. Leave the key in this position for 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and then turn it off. Turn the key back on, and wait for additional 10 minutes and 30 seconds before turning it off again. Repeat the process for a third time. Return the key to the on position, and it will program the key. Test your new key by turning on the ignition.
  18. Good morning, Recently just bought the new Mokka (lovely new design IMHO). I have connected my phone via USB and Android Auto is not connecting. My phone goes haywire, android auto goes on and off constantly until I disconnect the cable. I have completed some research myself and discovered that Android Auto is not compatible with Android 12 and above! I have the S21 5G. I have the google driving assistant on my phone but i can't get it to mirror with the infotainment system. I am connected via bluetooth but unable to connect via USB as the android auto issue occurs and the phone is unusable until i disconnect the cable. Any assistance would be appreciated or even if you are having the same issue let me know so im not going crazy lol. ive checked all settings etc and can't get the phone to mirror with the car screen. Does anyone use other apps for this? please let me know. Cheers Gary
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  20. Hi Andy and all, I'm glad this question is finally getting some attention as I tried to raise it with Vauxhall months ago (including the Owners' Club) and got no response. I often drive my 2005 Zafira in the Netherlands, where E10 was brought in over a year ago, and I needed to know whether I could put it in my Zafira or not. The Dutch website referred to Opel of course, and listed Zafira A and Zafira B, and I had no idea whether my Zafira Life was one of those or something else! Now that E10 has been introduced in the UK as well there is at last a UK website giving advice, and it seems that it is OK to use E10, so I have stopped tanking up with the more expensive premium fuels and started using E10. So far, no problems. Fingers crossed.
  21. Is it possible to swap my cd 400 to a navi 600 in my 2013 vx line insignia
  22. I need to replace the dreaded oil pump to pick up seal. I have the 2.0 cdti 160 engine. Can anyone confirm that this it the right part number before I order it please? 55589549. Many thanks.
  23. Hello All, new to te Vauxhall world (Astra 2018) and so far very happy a part from two things: I can't seem to find a way to silent the chime sound and any led bulb I try despite working fine and being error free and being legal there is an error message saying "beam failure". Any advice much appreciated. Thank you
  24. Hi all can anyone give me any info on upgrading the drl and side and head light bulbs for leds on a vauxhall insignia sri cdti 2011 seen a load on ebay but seen a lot of bad feedback on some so any info would be great thanks.
  25. Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you are not too impressed at the moment.Lets hope it gets better. What in particular has made you feel this way? I've not had a diesel vauxhall, or an insignia. I am into the astra, and prefer petrol. My previous vehicle was diesel and a plodder, I prefer a bit more get up and go. Regards Andy
  26. Hi Alan, has there by chance been water getting in to a footwell, if the carpets have got wet, they could kick up a bad smell. Hope this helps. All the best. Andy.
  27. Well I know its been a while, but I have an update regarding auto box oil filter. Car went for M.O.T. Thursday, and whilst there I asked about the auto box filter. It turns out that the filter is a gauze one, and it is deep inside the gearbox, which to do, means a total strip down. I was advised that another flush, and fresh oil, and it should be ok. The average change should be about every 40,000 miles. Which hopefully will out last the car, as I've only done about 8,000 in the last year. And the other good news is that she passed with a couple of minor advisories. A couple of brake pipes need cleaning up, and there is a slight blow on the join going into the rear silencer. So all in all, Thursday was a good day.
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