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  3. Hi, looking to find out the Bosch part number or OEM number for the injector pump on a 2013 2.0 cdti insignia 160 eco flex if anyone can help? Thanks
  4. Having recently replaced heater matrix I'm now getting coolant from the drip tray under the heater matrix,which drains under the car beside gear shift on drivers side. Notably only when the blower motor is running and heat control turned on. Timing belt and waterpump have been replaced and leak from underside of car noted thereafter! I assumed it was heater matrix and duly replaced same but now,when the blower motor runs,with heat on I'm still getting coolant from the drip tray under the matrix! When blower motor is turned off,with heat on the leak stops. I'm baffled! And wondering is the heater control valve in the same vicinity as heater matrix. Can anyone shed some light on this issue please?
  5. Sorted,the front exhaust pipe has been replaced and no more steam. Happy days.
  6. I have the same problem with my running light, but as you say it does not impact on the MOT. The replacement is eye watering money. I was wondering if my 2016 insignia which is intended to run with these GM13426666 headlamps would work as well on the earlier facelift lamps GM13409908. It would be massively cheaper for me to buy both of these earlier lamps than to replace just one of the new ones. Can I plug and play the earlier version facelift lights or is this a non starter?
  7. Please could you help finding a suitable part to get this car back fully in action (nothing seen on eBay or elsewhere) The original part number is GM 90 234 640-96-4. The car has a 2 litre 8v petrol motor. Any original or suitable aftermarket part would be good. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. On my 2021 Crossland Is it possible to switch off the infotainment system and just have a blank screen whilst driving ?? If so how ??
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  10. Do all facelift headlamps fit all facelift vectras? I’ve bought a drivers side one as mine is cracked and needed one desperately but looking for a passenger one I’m being more conservative as it’s not a priority just want a fresher looking one.
  11. Hi there. I the process of doing rear axle bushes and noticed the 2nd coil is corroding at the top as if rubbing with the top coil. Bottom coils appear to be more spaced out. Leads me to wonder if the springs are fitted upside down.... Can these be fitted the upside down? Is it possible? Thought the coils closer together would have been on the bottom. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Contact Vauxhall customer care on 0800 026 0034 they helped me out with my sat nav update.
  13. I intend to do both at the same time but wondering if it is feasible to do one side at a time. Ie do one side then do the other after I complete this side or drop both sides at same time I have both bushes here. Many thanks
  14. Hi My name is Janetta and I am the owner of a black Astra Twin Top convertible with approx 40,000 miles. I have owned the car from new. I wish to sell the car which has hardly been used over the last four years due, partly to lockdown and my husband’s health issues. If anyone is interested please contact me on 07515 854141 or 01524 735907. My email is janettamitchell0706@gmail.com Thank you Janetta
  15. I have exactly the same problem. abs, hill start, tyre pressure etc all warning lights and disabled and now a clutch release message. Did you manage to resolve the problem?
  16. many thanks,will try that if it goes again,have been using WD40 every time on key before starting car....seems to be working ok.
  17. ive been having a similar issue on my Meriva, just got back from the garage and my compressor is naffed. im not sure if its applicable in your case but on mine there is a relay switch in a very well hidden fusebox located behind the dash accessed via the engine bay. not sure if yours is the same but its worth looking at.
  18. Hello, I have just got an Insignia diesel 1.6, its seems really nice. Just one issue, I am getting a noise from the front right corner, it get louder when you go faster 60 to 70, when I dip the clutch and put it in neutral the noise remains the same still there. So I thought it might be the wheel bearing so I jacked it up, at there doesn't seem to be any play, and it doesn't appear noisy when I turn it by hand. Could it still be the wheel bearing, or could it be something else? Thanks in advance, Ian
  19. Hi I have been offered an 08 auto Zaffira 1.9tdci. Has anyone owned this model as I have never had one and have read the gearboxes are not very strong and reliability is questionable etc etc. My thanks
  20. Hi all Currently an 04 Mondeo owner. I have been offered an 08 Zaffira Auto 1.9tdci. Just wanted to hear from a few people that have owned a Zaffira on running costs and reliability please. My thanks Jon.
  21. I'm hoping that someone out there can give me some feedback on an intermittent problem I'm having with my Zafira 1.6 Petrol 2010 plate. The car apart from this annoying current issue is in excellent condition for it's year. It starts on the button every-time, the engine is as sweet as a nut ..... no issues with either. The problem I'm having is this : Every now and then there is a large plume of grey/blue smoke coming from the exhaust lasting approx 4/5 secs. This can happen 1/2 times per day every 2/3 weeks. Oil and water have been checked for cross contamination..... none found , also no sign of any oil leaks. Oil light has come on just once and went off again on restarting engine. Hasn't come back on since. It has been put to me by a mechanic that the oil cooler seals are the issue. I'm struggling to work it out how this could be the problem. I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback . Have you heard of this happening before. Many Thanks for reading .
  22. Hi all need some advice on my ac. I got it recharged last yeah back end of the summer as it had stopped blowing cold air, didn't think it made any difference but as we were hitting fall didn't think much of it. skip to this yeah and its been rather warm so been trying to use my ac again with no luck, tried getting it gassed again incase there was a hole but no dice apparently it holds pressure. What I am finding is if I bring air in from outside it seems cold ish outside temp 18 blowers are at 23.6 stuck a fridge probe in front of them, but if I recirculate the air the temp fly's up inside in front of the fans was at 33.8 so its hotter then outside which isn't right. From me looking I don't think the clutch is kicking in on the compressor, flywheel spins but clutch stays where it is put a bit of blue tape on the side and its still at the top after running ac for 20min. Is there anything else i can do to check before I end up back at the garage? checked the 7,5amp fuse in dash that's fine. ac button lights up so it has power in theory. any help would be appreciated
  23. When starting, I sometimes get a "check right marker lamp" but all lights are working. I'm assuming by marker lamps, the reference is to the side lights? And the front marker lamps would be the lower output (5w) DRLs? Also, when do the brighter 21w elements come on, is it when going through a tunnel etc? 2011 Meriva B 1.7 CDTi auto Exclusiv
  24. I'm a bit puzzled on how the AC compressor on my 2010 insignia works. I was under the impression that when the AC is off, the clutch in the middle of the compressor is free to rotate. And when AC is on, clutch engages and rotates with pulley. My compressor isn't engaging/ disengaging when i toggle my AC switch. I assumed that if AC pressure is low, compressor would not engage at all. However it does look like the clutch is always engaged. My initial thought was that the clutch has seize to the pulley, so i got under and tried to persuade some movement, with no joy. Am I monging it? I have it in for a AC recharge Saturday, but I'd rather reschedule if i need to change my compressor clutch. Compressor part number P13232307 TIA
  25. Negative on the potentiometer. Back to square one.
  26. We have got various car parts for Vauxhall cars, all new and not used, for cars 1975-1990. Mainly door weather strips, trims, grills, one prop shaft, one headlight. All items available together, selling as a job lot Here is our FB marketplace listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/815906960592545
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  28. No, it would have to be a complete axle set at the same time for the handling not to be compromised Powerflex are the best ones to purchase from experience but may cost more
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