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    Meriva immobilizer

    Hi This does appear to be a common problem with the engine ECU not clearing stored processes and the method used to clear this is to remove the battery leads from terminals, flash them together for about 20 seconds, wait for about two minutes and reconnect. See if this works and if so, you may need to carry it out each time it stops starting
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  4. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Cambelt or chain

    It should have a timing belt I believe but a quick examination of the cover at the end of the engine will determine this (e.g. plastic for timing belt)
  5. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Drive belt Astra G van 2000 2l Sportive help

    Not a bad call with bypassing the air conditioning compressor....have done it before and was just a case of finding the correct size belt to work successfully without slipping or walking off. Do you find many Gloworms nowadays? Cannot remember the last time I saw one, but it was on a night manoeuvres with the Scouts so that was a lifetime ago.
  6. Vauxhall Owners Club

    CD400 radio cd player

    I'm sure it needs to be set up for this to occur in the first place. Does it mention how to enable bluetooth and how it goes into search mode for any nearby devices?
  7. metalmitch4

    CD400 radio cd player

    Just bought my Insignia 2.0 CDti Sri Diesel yesterday from a Vauxhall dealer. I have a cd400 radio and cd player but my question is why can`t I access the phone menu like it says in the manual to enable blue tooth ?
  8. Vauxhall Combo 1.7di is it belt or chain please 55plate.
  9. Thankyou. Been buying, returning and buying again various male and female torx tools for the job combined with enough internet surfing to last me a lifetime! Finally worked out its the return pulley for A/C unit which bolts onto engine block. Been chatting to main dealer parts dept and sent pic to confirm. So if thats confirmed by him tomorrow ill be asking if i can just get the shorter belt and bypass the ac system as it dosent work anyway. If i can itll make my life alot easier and the vans life will be saved 😊. Van was only meant to last until end of summer (end of mot) as im afraid it gets hard used on forestry tracks etc as well as long distance drives around scotland looking for glow worms but ive gotten really fond of it as its been so reliable and cheap to run so hoping i can get a bit longer with it.
  10. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Drive belt Astra G van 2000 2l Sportive help

    Hi I would advise getting new tensioners and pulley along with any belts required as fitting secondhand ones will probably result in the same issue. It depends on whether you have air conditioning fitted and any other ancillary items which your main dealer can advise on what you will need....they would probably issue you with a fitment diagram as well. Let us know how you get on with it
  11. Hi. Just joined here. Bought a 2000 2l Astra van sportive few months to use to do invertebrate surveys across Scotland. Love this old van! Done 6000 miles never put a foot wrong in 4 months. Yesterday the drive belt came off due to what im guessing is a broken down bearing on one of the pulleys. But cant work out which pulley it is ie is it an idler or the tensioner. Cant seem to upload a pic but its the pulley/wheel nearest to radiator with a ribbed surface not seemingly attached to anything auxillary wise. Or if anyone knows a link to a drive belt diagram for this model? Pretty please as im dreading the OH says it has to go to the great crusher 😢
  12. Had registration number CA54ADA on my Cascada elite , now on retention if there are any Cascada owners out there who are interested I’m looking for £400 Ono , thanks
  13. AndyR


    Mmmm, cracked alloys, I can verify that one. Please make sure that if you get secondhand to check they've not been welded. My Astra had a welded alloy on when i bought the car. After a couple of months I noticed it was cracking near the bolt holes. That wheel was removed and scrapped. Replacement found on ebay for £15.
  14. John W Doust

    Astra Windscreen trim required

    I need a replacement top trim for the front windscreen of a year 2000 Astra SRI 16V. Are there any out there ?
  15. BigD

    What links...

    Thanks, but it was already happening before the barrel was changed 👍🏻
  16. Vauxhall Owners Club

    What links...

    The original key would need to be in the vicinity of the of the ignition barrel for the immobiliser code to be read. Maybe tape it to the replacement key to test this theory
  17. BigD

    What links...

    Car stereo, mileage display and electric windows? So we broke down the other night, turns out the spindle in the end of the key barrel snapped. Someone on behalf of RAC came out took it apart and used his screwdriver to turn the ignition switch to get it going. Upon doing this my mileage display disappeared and the above mentioned, stopped working. I managed to grab him before he drove off and he came and fiddled with the switch, inserting the end of his screwdriver and turning backwards and forwards repeatedly we managed to get my window closed. So today it went in for a new barrel. I was assuming all of those issues would have been sorted once it has all be put back together, alas I still have no milage display and no power to the above mentioned 🤔🤔🤔
  18. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Locking wheel nut

    That's annoying as you would have to buy a whole set to replace just the one. I don't imagine anyone would steal the one wheel if it didn't have a locking nut on it though
  19. Vauxhall Owners Club

    flicking oil light.

    Hi Andy I would carry out the oil change and see what it does afterwards. I imagine the oil has lost some of its viscosity (check the oil does not smell of petrol) Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trev
  20. AndyR

    Vauxhall astra j

    Hi there, if it's anything like the astra g, then there is 3 bolts on the front cross member, under bonnet, a couple of self tappers in each wheel arch. And possibly 3 plugs holding the dust guard in place underneath. Hope we've been helpful.
  21. Hello from norfolk. Whilst out and about today collecting children from a scout camp 50 miles away, i noticed that after engine was up to running temp, the oil light would flicker when i stopped at a junction or traffic lights. If i tickled the throttle, it would go out, and once moving at normal speeds it stayed out. Since being home for a few hours, i went and checked oil level. It is spot on. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause? Will be doing an oil and filter change tomorrow as its due a change. Regards and Thanks in advance. Andy.
  22. Wardy86

    Locking wheel nut

    Hi guys I appear to be missing my locking wheel nut on my front near side wheel, don’t suppose any of you guys have a spare one laying around do you? It’s a 2008 vectra c Sri nav 2.0 turbo
  23. Wardy86

    Locking wheel nut

    Hi guys I seem to be missing my locking wheel nut on my from near side wheel, I don’t suppose any of you have a spare locking but laying around anywhere do you?
  24. Vauxhall Owners Club


    Personal choice I suppose but would avoid any 'cheap' alloys as tend to crack easily
  25. Abi


    Hi, looking at getting some new alloys for my Astra, what’s the best recommendation for alloys?
  26. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Induction Kit

    Hi....welcome to the Forum Usually, there are parts available on eBay to make up your own system. Usual things like Samco style induction hose, AMM housing, cone filter, etc....worth a try and probably a lot cheaper as well
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