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    • That sounds like fun with your radio. My brother in law had a Nissan primera estate, and when you turned left the volume went up, but it would never come down low when you turned right at straightened up. Fun on roundabouts. 
    • Thanks Trevor. That certainly is better news than I was expecting. Going to get oil and filter tomorrow, and hopefully, if weather allows, change at weekend. Will also see about can cover gasket.  Its had a tiny oil leak since I've had it, but never been able to find it. Oil wasn't noticeably going down, so I just kept a vigilante eye open.  What would you recommend to use for the flush through?? And yes I will keep you in the loop. Regards Andy.
    • Hopefully the replacement flywheel should resolve the issue....but also maybe worth checking the clutch assembly for anything that could cause an imbalance. The noise is on overrun so more than likely a loose turbo/intercooler hose clip or even a slightly split hose creating an escape of pressurised boost 
    • Hi Andy.....hope you are well? The tapping noise is usually a sign that the oil is not at it's best, and also maybe worth using a flush through the engine when you do an oil change.
      A good quality oil and of the correct grade should resolve this issue. It sounds like it could be a leaking cam cover responsible for the oil leak so I would programme this to be replaced at the same time as the oil change maybe? Keep us in the loop as to how it all goes. Cheers,   Trevor  
    • Hi L.moff .... welcome to the Forum Hope you're enjoying the Mokka?  any issues as yet? Good to have you onboard Cheers,  Trevor
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