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    • Hi thanks for reply didn't think of that I'll try that this weekend and let you know and thanks again 
    • Hi my dad has a vectra 2.6 cdx 2001 he has asked me if I could scrap it for him but it far to good to scrap I think it could be a classic and would be a shame to scrap it. Would anyone be interested in it? Many thanks mark
    • Can the standard clutch on a 2.0 cdti cope with a stage 1 map? I've recently purchased a insignia. The clutch feels ok until under load. Found out from the dealer it was mapped 3yrs ago
    • Been scratching my head since I bought this car at a few weeks ago, another one of the things I have found is that it has a kind of chirpy/squeak that seems to be coming from the front left hand side, it sounds like it could be a Shocker that's a bit dry or a bush that has a bit of play, it's always there, not very loud, just loud enough to REALLY be annoying, it starts as soon as you start to move and obviously it stops when the car stops. I took it into Vauxhall and they wanted to book it in for a diagnosis, they told me that it could take a couple of hours to figure it out because sometimes they are just hard to find but I should also be ready for a non diagnosis if they may not be able to determine the issue..... BUT! it's going to be a couple of weeks before they can fit it in due to staff shortages etc, I didn't book it in, for a main dealer, they sounded VERY vague. Next I went to Kwik Fit (yeah I know, rip off central) they insisted on booking it in because that's their system so I did, when I dropped it off a couple of days ago the mechanic said that he's just drive it round the car park a few times to see if the noise made itself known and then put it on a ramp, His few times round the car park turned into a half a lap, then he drove it into the garage and put it on a ramp, I didn't even get time to take a sip of my brand new Kwik Fit Latte before they cam to the waiting room for me to accompany them to the ramp where my car was in the air, I thought here goes, they have found an armful of jobs to do and a cost to match, not so, in fact he showed me the underside and pointed toward the inside of my front left wheel, he said, something round here is squeaking...... he wasn't sure what it was but it didn't need a long drive to hear it. He said it was probably either the Track Rod End bush, the Shocker or the Lower arm bushes that were squeaking but couldn't tell which. He suggested that the best thing to do would be for me to let the problem develop and then take it back when the noise get's worse, with that I left ... NO CHARGE! (what is happening to Kwik fit (they didn't even look round it to see if there was anything else that the car "needed", I was shocked. So I left with my squeaky car, it's soo annoying, it's in the background all the time. A a last straw, I went to a local garage today with a very high hourly rate but excellent at diagnosing faults by listening, well, they didn't charge me at all, they couldn't diagnose it either, they did however say that it was more than likely to be the lower arm, these car's have a tendency for the lower arm bush to hive slightly causing the squeak but not enough to effect the performance in any way or to make it apparent when a pry bar is used, the only way to confirm that it is that bush is to swap out the lower arm. My question is simply, has anyone else had the same issue and solved it? Or does anyone have any advice at all? Cheers   
    • I have a 1.4 Corsa on a 63 plate. On my dashboard there is no engine temp gauge I am worried that I can't keep a check on the engine temp whist sat in summer traffic jams driving to the sea side. There is a fan that I hear cut in on certain occasions.  Is this a true electic fan or a free wheeling fan fan that " bites" when bonnet temp gets hot ... Thanks for any help regards Dave o
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