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    • Hey all,  Bit of a long shot here but wondering if anyone has looked into after market head units at all ? I've been driving my car for the past 2 years now I'm thinking maybe to upgrade my existing head unit.  As I'm finding I'm using my phone more for maps etc than the one there so seems a bit of waste having it. The car is a 2011 model, so a bit dated but I'm not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon. As it still has a lot of life in it 
    • Thank you - sadly the expenditure on a Suppressor made no difference whatsoever, so I am trying the main dealer again in desperation. My usual dealer has already said that fitting a Suppressor has invalidated my warranty.... so I have removed it, and am trying a dealer further afield  Thank you for what was a perfectly sensible and practical suggestion   
    • Hi I have 8 of these clips available open to offers
    • Hi Voxy.....welcome to the Forum I can only imagine it is suffering from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) which used to occur in older cars and was caused by electrical 'noise' from the alternator and ignition system. The way around it was to fit a Suppressor (which is basically a Capacitor) which then dampened the 'noise' and this cured it. You should still be able to get one in a motor accessory store and fit it to the alternator to start with and see if this cures it Let us know how you get on with it
    • Hi I have a 2017 Corsa Diamond, and using a phone - hands free of course - through the Bluetooth is excruciating. There is lots of background noise at the recipient end and apparently the noise from my end is terrible ("sounds like you're in a tractor")  It only stops if the car is stationary. This happens whichever phone is used, mine or other peoples. The Vauxhall dealer just said "never heard of that problem, Sir" and offered nothing else. The Bluetooth in my Astra,  using the same phone, is crystal clear at both ends Any thoughts ? Cheers
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