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    • This email is self explanatory  Hi, eurocarparts,   Regarding tyre inflator - Ring RAC 610 and your price promise.   Thank you for your decision to refund the difference and match Wilko’s price of £9.00 for this product, which your price being £15.99. The product is in stock and is the same model as yours in Wilko’s.   However it leaves me in doubt about your price promise. It took numerous emails to you (which I have saved), a visit to your store, when I was told, after waiting for half an hour, that your head office would not match the price of Wilko’s.   I told you in my last email that now, it’s not the money, but the principle. I don’t think it is fair that other customers, who seek your price promise, would be treated in this way.   The email I received from you was an apology and that you would refund the difference for home delivery.   My problem is that you ended the email saying on this occasion.   My logical interpretation of this is that you don’t honour your price promise on ALL occasions.   Because of this, I will inform  Gov.uk Complain about a limited company Consumer rights Ombudsman Companies house BBC Watchdog Vehicle forums that I am a member of and in addition will join every other vehicle marques forums to tell them of your so called PRICE PROMISE. I will do this, I PROMISE (Unlike your promise). Yes, I am but small fry, but am willing to highlight a big apocryphal company like yours to everyone I can.   I will also add all our emails to prove your unwillingness, avoidance to honour your price promise thereby giving a factual account.   My contentment, irrespective of outcome, is knowing your name, policy of your so called price promise will be known to all other people, giving them the judgment of whether to shop with you. On this occasion I would rather shop elsewhere, in fact, anywhere but you.   Jack  (small fry, but having principles, one of which is that people should not be deceived with false promises).  
    • Good evening everyone. Its a pleasure to join yourselves. My names 'Slug' (Not my real name obviously lol) and I am the owner of a 2009 Insignia VXR Saloon in (I think) Olympic White. Its been at Lookers Vauxhall for six weeks undergoing a rear calliper change and timing chain replacement. Don't ask why its been there for six weeks because I have heard every excuse under the sun at present. Anyway I am looking forward when restrictions ease to be able to start getting back to meets and drives in the Midlands and further as who doesn't love a hard spirited drive on some of our nations wonderful roads ;).   Look forward to meeting some of you in the near future.
    • I have a 2014 Zafira Tourer 1.4 SE auto. Have had it from new and no problems until last year when I noticed there seemed to a loss of power on one of my few long distance trips in August. Asked main dealer to check it out on annual service in September and they couldn't find any problem. Managed to get a weeks holiday in October and during this a Service Required message came up intermittently with a loss of power, took it to a different main dealer and they eventually replaced the turbo boost control valve solenoid. Didn't drive much then, because of lock down, until February when I had another long journey. After about 30 miles the Service Required message came up again with loss of power. After stopping at a service station it was alright again. Stopped at a hotel overnight and it was very frosty, -8C the next morning, car started ok and after defrosting I drove about 8 miles to the course venue. During the drive there were a lot of messages about the camera and other sensors not working which I put down to the frost, none were serious enough to stop the car. When I arrived, got out of the car and tried to lock it, the central locking wouldn't work so I locked the car manually. I thought the battery in the key might have died but couldn't investigate further as the course was starting. At lunchtime I went out and tried to start the car but everything was dead, no ignition lights at all. Called the recovery and they diagnosed a failed battery and recommended a replacement battery. They got the car started and I drove to the nearest Halfords and had one fitted, during the drive there there were no warning messages or lights, but after the battery was fitted there were lots. The car wanted me to open and close all the windows individually and the Service Parking Assist message came up, also the outside temperature was not working. After stopping at a services the temperature was working but it was still saying Service Parking Assist. The parking sensors are working so I took it to a main dealer to get the message removed. They had a look at it and said the car was saying the 2 back middle sensors were not working, although they are and they couldn't remove the message. They said they had never encountered this before and recommended replacing the 2 sensors. I would be grateful for any views on this, do you think the failing battery (it was the original one ) was the cause of my turbo boost control valve solenoid problems as haven't had that problem since the new battery was fitted? Does anyone know how the message can be removed? Can the computer system be rebooted?  
    • Hi.....welcome to the Forum I would look for any wiring that tracks under the carpet. I know there are modules placed under the floor but think that is mainly on the passenger side. Lift the carpet and see what is underneath is the best place to start Let us know what you find
    • why is it that when getting out of my zafira and the engine turned off that appying pressure with my foot on the drivers dide floor mat, that the hazard lights start working ?
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