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  2. Thank you, I will be investing in some transmission fluid and filter next time I go shopping and set about changing it all. Thanks again for all your help and information. Andy.
  3. Hi....welcome to the forum It would be possible if you have all the components you need from the Elite and also would need to code it into the canbus to get it to operate through the vehicle electronics Do let us know if you tackle this and how you get on with it
  4. lol....sounds like you picked the right time to tackle these jobs Andy. Does tend to get tight and awkward under the dash to tackle jobs like this but worth replacing the pollen filter or if extremely dirty then just removing for now to stop any spread of bacteria in the filter around the interior of the car. My Grandchildren are a bit too young to tackle jobs on cars yet....and I emphasise the word 'yet'. lol
  5. My home is my office, I am a full time carer for my wife, and I repair cycles from home too. So when wife has her bad days, I can pick up the strain and keep everything ticking along.
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  7. Hi....welcome to the Forum Robbo It could be a gummed up turbo and by giving it a blast it may have flagged up a boost issue which by switching off and on again has reset the Engine Management ECU. Best thing to do now is to run a scan on the ECU for any stored fault codes and if it comes up with a turbo related fault then clear it out and run it again to see if it returns to the ECU memory
  8. From 30 March 2020, MOT due dates for cars, motorcycles and light vans will be extended by 6 months. This is being done to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  9. One from a Toyota owners club news page but the principles are the same
  10. Glad to hear you are okay Andy, Norfolk is a lovely part of the world. Only been there twice, once was to stay in Cambridge and then by coincidence (yeh right!) I then took a diversion to Kings Lynn to buy a front bumper for my BMW Z3 - well as I was so local to it anyway 🙂 The second time was a drive from Bournemouth to Norwich to buy some wheels for my Honda CRV, a 500 mile round trip but was worth it for the cost of the wheels and tyres and also a day out in the lovely town of Norwich. Some really lovely roads in Norfolk and apart from the distance its a lovely place to drive through. Anyway I digress, now is most certainly the time to get all those jobs done around the house and cars and also time to spend valuable time with the close family/partners/spouse/pets and who knows how long it will last for as well? Stay safe Andy and hope the car maintenance goes well
  11. Hi thanks for reply the astra gtc has got Renault sport suspension as stranded so been told that Vauxhall have got this special camber tool so I don't know what to do next cheers
  12. Yes Trevor the Cavalier SRi was definitely a car to be reckoned with. I was the second owner, the first being a company based in London. It was basically a rep-mobile, so was serviced regularly, and got a good run about. Wish i still had it. Regards AndyR.
  13. I will try that thanks very much for your reply.
  14. Hi...welcome to the forum Ask away, i'm sure some one can help with your car woes Good to have you onboard
  15. Thanks for the feedback Jack, it always helps to know if its cure the issue for others to know the solution
  16. Hi Daniel It looks like the O/S/R needs to come in a bit as out of range which is probably causing the issue. Wheel alignment should be carried out from the rear first and rechecked once adjusted (that is if it is possible to adjust) or alternatively it could have sustained impact damage and a suspension component needs replacing.
  17. Hi Sarah.....welcome to the Forum Its an odd one! Generally code 84 means reduced power delivery (going into limp home mode) but can be caused by many different things. If it is happening when indicating right, I would firstly check all the lighting and ensure that the correct bulbs are fitted. It has happened on cars I have previously encountered with defective brake light bulbs and the engine went into limp home mode. If nothing is wrong with the lighting circuit then I would strip off the plastics surrounding the indicator switch and check that no wiring has chaffed through and is affecting the ignition switch, etc Please do let us know what you find
  18. Code 68 relates to power steering power supply due to weak vehicle battery supply. If your battery went flat then I would look at replacing it if it is old or proving defective
  19. Try Jakxta on here as he has heavily modded his Insignia and I'm sure he can help with suppliers and part numbers
  20. hi does anyone know a good supplier for interior LED's ??
  21. Genuine Vauxhall Frontera Air Cleaner This air cleaner fits the following... Frontera A (1992-1998) - 2.3TD (C20NE, C24NE) / 2.2P (X22XE) / 2.0P (X20SE) / 2.5TD / 2.8TD Also fits... Senator B (1988-1994) - 2.5TD (C30SE) Carlton (1987-1993) - (30NE, C30LE, C30NE, C30SE) This part is no longer available as a spare part from Vauxhall. However, we have one in stock. Original Retail Price - £30.36 Our Price - £11.11* *Postage extra depending on your location *** We are a Vauxhall dealership based in Cumnock, East Ayrshire ***
  22. Okay, thanks for that. I'll put the post up again :)
  23. HI Andy, let us know how it goes with the key fob. Good luck with the service, hope they don't reveal any major issues 🙂
  24. Hi Howard....welcome to the Forum If you've got any questions once you collect your Meriva feel free to ask and hopefully someone can assist
  25. Hi Jonny...welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
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