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  2. TomTom2019

    Head unit alternatives

    Hey all, Bit of a long shot here but wondering if anyone has looked into after market head units at all ? I've been driving my car for the past 2 years now I'm thinking maybe to upgrade my existing head unit. As I'm finding I'm using my phone more for maps etc than the one there so seems a bit of waste having it. The car is a 2011 model, so a bit dated but I'm not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon. As it still has a lot of life in it
  3. Voxy

    Noisy Bluetooth

    Thank you - sadly the expenditure on a Suppressor made no difference whatsoever, so I am trying the main dealer again in desperation. My usual dealer has already said that fitting a Suppressor has invalidated my warranty.... so I have removed it, and am trying a dealer further afield Thank you for what was a perfectly sensible and practical suggestion
  4. Last week
  5. Hi I have 8 of these clips available open to offers
  6. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Word association anyone???

  7. Earlier
  8. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Astra G fuel economy.

    bargain! 🙂
  9. Vauxhall Owners Club

    temperature gauge not working ish??

    AndyR how did it go with the temp sensor and fan?
  10. Vauxhall Owners Club

    What signum do you drive??

    I agree with your love of old school Pugs...had a few myself and in those days they seemed to be quite bulletproof. I don't think we'll see the end of Vauxhall although it could be a rebadging exercise as Opel possibly?
  11. Vauxhall Owners Club


    Hi Julia....welcome to the Forum Here is an interesting article about the horn situation and I would certainly be hassling Vauxhall to sort this issue as it is a manufacturing issue and safety related. Here is a link to the issue with the PIN codes. You will have to approach Vauxhall with your V5 and they charge around £30. There are also companies online who can get the pin but you have to remove your dashboard speedo cluster and send it to them, they remove and read a chip where the pin is stored. So maybe best to pay Vauxhall the money to get them to proceed.
  12. Vauxhall Owners Club


    Hi....welcome to the Forum Sounds like there are several different faults with the car so would be best to look at each one individually. The loss of power could be a number of things but my first thoughts are that it needs a damn good blast to clear out the engine. If there is 'mayo' under the oil filler cap then this is usually condensation brought on by lots of short runs and the engine not getting hot enough for long enough to dry out the condensation within the cooler parts of the engine (e.g. valve cover) The exhaust could be corroded once again by all the condensation over time. Loss of power and engine temperature would need to be investigated further but I would almost guarantee that it is short runs that are choking everything up so to sum up, take it on a good long run with hard driving to clear it through. Let us know how you get on with it
  13. siggyv6cdti

    fog light

    Have you googled it? Bound to be a YouTube video ot instructions somewhere? Thats like vauxhall wanting 400 quid to replace headlights that are being supplied forva vectra c.. I did the job in less than an hour for 40 quid
  14. siggyv6cdti

    OMEGA 2002

    Sounds like they justvwant your money.. Could be any thing frim a leaky pipe or heater matrix or radiator etc.. Could be leaking from tbe water pump.. It might be letting coolent into the bores on acceleration due to a weak head gasket.. Get a compression test done first and adk for the readings as a print out and post them here please
  15. siggyv6cdti

    Hi All, Newbie needs Help!

    Hi welcome to the club 🙂 generic egr valve/sencor/dpf related... My saab 93 use to pop this code up a lot.. Did egr clean plus cleaned any sencers and did about 5 forced dpf regens over a month,, i sold yhe car on after that so unsure if it was cured.... You might get a better read out using opcom vauxcom etc as it communicates properly with the canbus
  16. Ian bird

    OMEGA 2002

    Hi, I have an omega that have had from new, it was first registered in 2002, it has a full service history and it has done 47,000 miles, I have been given another more up to date vehicle so my intention was to give away my Omega but the other day I noticed that the coolant warning light was on and was surprise as I had only a week before filled it up so I took it to the garage for them to check and they said that it was a little bit worse than that and that the cylinder head would have to come off at a cost of £500 They did say that it may be something that they can fix or it may be that I may need a new engine but until they strip it down they would not know, I don't want to scrap the car as it drives like new and bodywork is good, I just wondered if anyone here would like to take it as a project, the car is like part of the family and we would wish it to go on for another 17 years. 01132770480 Ian Bird
  17. dave1204

    astra J bluetooth module

    mine doesn't have Bluetooth so ive invested in a Highway 600 DAB adaptor receiver got it new off eBay for £70 best choice i made aswell
  18. PaulC73

    Service vehicle soon

    Smikinni what was the fault code it brought up?
  19. PaulC73

    EGR Temp sensor

    Hi all New to here and hoping for some help with an issue with my Insignia I have been getting fault code P0402 intermittently for a while now. I have a bluetooth OBD reader so can cancel the code. I have replaced the EGR valve and also had the intake manifold taken off and all cleaned out The code is still coming up and i have been told now it can only be the EGR temp sensor Can anyone tell me where this is located as i would rather change it myself than pay someone to do it as it is only a screw in sensor? Also if anyone might know is it worth cleaning it or replacing straight away Thanks in advance all
  20. Sumo


    I have a new map disc, how do I install the disc please.
  21. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Limp mode

    It could be a number of things affecting the Engine Management and the only way to proceed from here is to scan the ECU for Fault Codes to see where the problem lies
  22. Vauxhall Owners Club

    thoughts on corsa 2015?

    Hi Tanner...welcome to the Forum In general, it is like any other car in so much as if it is maintained correctly and has records to prove this (e.g. regular oil and also cambelt change) then there is no reason to believe it won't go on without issue for many years to come. Having looked at the advert, it does look like a very clean and well looked after car. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on
  23. Danh86

    Headlight bulbs

    Thanks very much
  24. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Gtc 17cdti

    Does it still do it when the clutch is depressed?
  25. I hope it is okay to use this method to get in touch with people who love their Vauxhalls. I have my car on PCP agreement taken out in March 2018. Unfortunately I am suffering ftom a spinal injury and cannot drive tis beautiful car any longer. GMAC have suggested I find someone to take over the PCP agreement. They will handle the paperwork. Contractually it is £388 per month. The VXR is fully serviced, taxed and has 17950 miles on the clock. It is a beautiful white car but I cant even get in it sadly, I cant bend that well. If anyone can help please message me via this site. Thanks for reading
  26. Vauxhall Owners Club

    MPG on 2015 Vauxhall Astra Excite

    Hi....welcome to the Forum The best way to accurately calculate the fuel consumption of your car is to fill the tank to the brim and reset the odometer. Drive for a distance of mixed motoring and then top back up. This will then give you the fuel used and the distance covered....make the calculation and you have a truly accurate reading. Any of the onboard mpg readouts will always only use an average and then after a distance, it will float around the average which is then less inaccurate until you reset it.
  27. Barry850

    New member

    So turns out I have 2 Injectors shorting to ground no1 and no2 go giving me both injector circuit codes. So now need injectors. Thanks for all the advice and info. Barry
  28. siggyv6cdti

    Power steering return pipe needed

    Goigke vauxpartuk ltd in gravesend ke t as thats where my one is too.. Adam migjt kuts be able yo help you out... He offers postal service too
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