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  2. Hi there hope some one can help i ave got a vauxhall insignia 2l auto diesel Ex traffic police west midlands . car has been fantastic milage apprx 148.000 and still going strong. i wish to replace the oil pickup seal/ gasket . can any give me a idea of a price and where i can get it done i dont mind travling to a decent garage i live in birmingham. regards john
  3. Hi everybody, just wonder if anyone knows how the metal pipe on the picture is called. I’ve been told by garage that it’s an EGR pipe (55562835) but obviously it’s not. As that one is for 2.0l and has a very different shape.
  4. I haves 2017 Vauxhall insignia the rear footwell behind the driver’s seat is wet through check all seals which seam ok rest it the car is dry just the footwell behind the drivers seat looking for any suggestions thanks
  5. Worth checking; I had a Fiat that did the same thing, Long story short it was traced by an auto-electrician to the throttle potentiometer. As you open the throttle the central contact slides along. This differential tells the CPU where the throttle is. In my case it was a broken wire which required some healthy bodge work. BIL had the same issue with his Citroen so you never know HTH.
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  7. Hi I have had the same problem I own a 68 insignia turbo diesel and I 2020 plate corsa nav premium I have had corsa in garage it came back with no fault code the insignia as so far had new oil pump, nox sensor 1 &2 , chain belts inside engine all changed and still having problems purchased oil from Vauxhall dealer with new filter was coming up with service when already been done
  8. Hi there, for the last month or so, I can hear the sound of water moving around somewhere to the left of the driver side / front passenger doorway / gear stick area. I’ve had a mechanic look at it and he didn’t see any problems but it’s bugging the life out of. Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you Sarah x
  9. Hi, new member checking in, I have a 65 insignia diesel and a 68 insignia Sri grand sport vx line nav, I look fwd to joining in with all the banter etc but more importantly getting involved however I can
  10. 2003 1.8 16v vectra gets up to temperature but if driving the temperature drops to the very bottom of the gauge. I am just wondering why this is and what will fix the problem. Even if the car has been driven for an hour there is no hot air coming through the vents if I turn them on.
  11. I have a friend who got a broken cam belt on his 2003 1.6 8v Astra and I wondered if this is lightly to have bent the valves
  12. Wide range of Vauxhall parts at low prices wing mirror covers, lights etc at http://www.asyautoparts.com
  13. Wide range of Vauxhall parts at low prices wing mirror covers, lights etc at http://www.asyautoparts.com
  14. Hi Guys, I have 1st Gen 2011 insignia. It has CD400 audio currently. What I'm after is a company or companies that will assist me with the below: - upgrade the stereo, basically a surround system with a sub - interior ambient lighting all round Does anyone has done any of the above? If so, I'm here to listen to your advise:) Many Thanks
  15. Any reviews on race chip performance increases if any?
  16. I have a vectra c with z22yh engine, beleive it or not I am having some fuel issues. White smoke, strong smell of fuel, mis firing and undrivable but it occasionally clears and runs fine. I beleive I should have a constant voltage to the injectors and the othe side switched to ground. If I'm right, my first question is what voltage should I have? secondly should this be ignition on or engine running or both. And finaly to clarify this is to battery negative?
  17. Was looking for advice before taking car ro garage. Recently my heating won't blow out hot or cold air I have set to max and nothing comes out I have went into the menu and also set it to max this way still nothing and also nothing when I put on a/c does anyone know why this is? Thanks
  18. Hi, I am having the same problem. Please can you let me know how you solved it?
  19. How can i tell if my indicator has an orange 2pin bulb or is it LED and need to replace the headlight to fix
  20. I'm having the same issue, did you have any luck with this?
  21. Hi. I hope you can help. My headlamp unit has failed and I can not find a replacement anywhere, can anyone offer any help Vauxhall insignia sports tourer 1.6 Diesel Headlight Left, LED, D3S, H11, PSY24W, with bulbs, with motor for headlamp levelling, without glow discharge lamp, without ballast (HELLA) Part number 13432958
  22. Hello all I've tried to find some information on this site but I’ve been unable to. I bought a 2017 Insignia from a dealership 5 weeks ago and within 2 weeks the car had gone into low power mode with the error codes below. The garage has replaced a fuel regulator, but the fault is still there. the model is a 2.0.0 GRAND SPORT SRI VX-LINE NAV P0002 - Fuel volume regulator control - circuit range/performance P0180 - Fuel Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction P0380 - Pre Heater, Glow plug control circuit Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  23. Hi all! I have a 2011 Insignia SRI 2L CDTI, I am looking at doing some modifications styling externally and internal but also looking at some engine modifications and upgrades (cold air intake etc) but seen to have no luck online trying to find stuff! Can anyone recommend any stores online and tell me what you have done! many thanks!
  24. Absolutely spot on, vacuum filled the system, got circulation flow back to the header...ran the motor for about 10 mins then the fan went off...no head damage either!!
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  26. Hi, just joined group and have just purchased a 22reg Crossland Ultimate, asking why is there a gap between the rear seats and the shelf, as far as I can see there is only one fitting for the shelf, just asking what others have done. Thnx
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