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  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I've had one or two over the years, and I know my father was a Vauxhall man in his younger days. I've made a note of website, and will have a look later.
  3. Hi Lincoln, have you tried Tesco vehicle insurance? My father was quoted £800 for his car, so I shopped around for him and Tesco dropped it to £320. Might be worth going on-line and getting a quote, if you haven't already. Regards Andy.
  4. Hi Chris, and welcome to the forum. That's a clean looking Vectra you have there. I had the Cavalier SRi that was same shape as the Vectra A. And that went really well. Sorry to hear that your camper is in storage so far away. I am surprised that the RAC wouldn't recover you home, I have always used them, as a preferred recovery service, and never had any issues. Hope you get it home at some point. Regards Andy
  5. Philip rudd


    I need a gearbox for 1 L nova engine. Can anyone help?
  6. Hi, all ready to go on holiday, doing the usual car checks. Tyres, oil, water. Thought the water required just a little top up. So topped the header tank up to half full. Everything hunky dory. 10mls down the road and overheating warning light and message to pull over and idle engine. Lifted the bonnet and saw the header tank bubbling away and steam coming from the over flow. Stopped the car for about 10mins and tried again. Temp went right into the red then all of a sudden fell to normal. Needless to say, I returned home and we used the wife’s car. has anyone had this sort of reaction by just topping the water up with a cup full of water?
  7. I was wondering if I can fit an audi a3 stereo unit to my corsa d car. I'm not interested in steering controls or anything else. I'm just interested in listening music in my car. Would be any issues if I connect all the wires? Or should I stick to the power wires only? The head unit model is an ICE/HU/PF75AA3A
  8. Last week
  9. Hi, so I have a insignia 2.0 cdti eco flex 2013 I've recently had the dpf filter cleaned and changed the pressure sensor, had it checked for leaks on all the pipes which are all ok, for some reason every other day it starts do do a burn off and smokes, this continues until it says "dpf fitter is full continue driving" then it goes into limp mode! Any ideas at all appreciated
  10. Thanks for replying. The guy from the breakdown recovery company tried to clear the codes to no avail, that's when he told me to take pics of the codes, so the garage it's booked into can't clear them without doing the work to fix them. Thanks again for replying.
  11. Hi guys, lately my central locking is getting worse and worse, when I say worse I mean like I’m needing to be closer and closer to the car before it’ll unlock, sometimes I’m standing next to it and it won’t unlock, same with both keys flip and the spare both had new battery’s to as I thought it may be the cause but it wasn’t, question is is there some sort of resync I can try like the fords have? My 2009 cmax was doing exactly the same until I found out you can just put the key in turn to position 2-3 4 times until you hear a bleep then press the lock/unlock which worked a treat and now can literally unlock it from like 10 meters away lol, but this mk5 seems not so easy? Or am I missing a trick here to resync? thanks guys
  12. Hi all On our Vectra C SRi the front passenger door window switch has stopped working, and the drivers side won't be far behind as the window switches need pressing quite hard now - they're part of the switch pack so assume I'll need a whole unit. Is anyone breaking a Vectra and have these available? Some of the prices on Ebay are just silly! Thanks!
  13. Hi all Just bought a nice & cheap 2007 SRI. It's a little battered but has a strong heart (1.9 CDTi). One thing I'm looking to address straight away is the front passenger seat which won't move as the adjustment cable has kinked. I have a replacement on order but how do you get the old one off? Is it a seat out job?
  14. Hi Tried starting the 1.0 but had a flat battery, the spanner sign is flashing, have been reading up that this could cause problems with the ECU ?! Has anyone found a way to fix it yourself or will it need programming ? If it does need a re-program, can anyone recommend anywhere to use in the West Mids area ? Thanks
  15. Hi all I'm needing some help on pricing my vectra up 1.8sri 130bhp. It has 42300 mile on the clock a few little scabs that could do with flatting back and touching in. I have got the original wheel thats the spare that's on.
  16. I imagine once the unit is coded to the car so that it functions then it would also need an aerial to receive the signal Possibly you could mirror link a phone sat nav function to the existing unit and run Waze or TomTom, would be a better and cheaper option with no expensive update discs or cards required
  17. Not sure but possibly may look similar to this
  18. Is this a problem I know the car is 13 years old but on the roof channels
  19. I have heard of a few customers who took this up with their local dealership and we're offered £300.00 compensation so I will see what can be done. But thanks for your help.
  20. That sounds like the turbo variable vanes are sticking with carbon If the EGR was clogged up then chances are the turbo is also You can use a Turbo Cleaner solution to clear it through and go from there
  21. I would look at the earth to the pump when it is fitted to the vehicle and if not good then fit a substitute earth lead to see if that improves the voltage readings
  22. I would try a 'dry run' if you can access some new wheels and tyres by fitting them front and rear on one side to see if they catch anything and also turn lock-to-lock without fouling the arches or liners.
  23. I wonder if there was a short-circuit when the holder broke? In which case fuses would be my first port of call However, worth checking the obvious such as blown bulb and also any earth points that may be corroded or loose
  24. Crikey thats an unusual one! I would start at the battery terminals and work you way to the fusebox and look at fuses and relays as there must be a fault with the power distribution circuit Start with the bigger cables (and connectors) and work your way through the smaller ones if not immediately obvious. Don't forget to check earth cables and connection points
  25. Generally plenty of adapters and fascia plates to fit an aftermarket audio and camera If you can get a camera that connects to the reverse light bulb to feed it even better as some are bluetooth connection to the head unit
  26. Earlier
  27. The brakes do normally have a dust cover but if the discs are worn and fitting new pads will decrease the efficiency of the braking for a period. If the cost is not too bad for the discs then maybe worth fitting at this stage
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