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  2. That is such a shame to see such an iconic late 50's, early 60's car left to mother nature in a field. Never owned one, but always liked the style.
  3. My sons Agila (2009) has a broken wing mirror cap. He's bought a replacement but we could do with some advice on how to remove the old one please!
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  5. Anyone know what the std oil pressure range is for this engine, and when the pressure relief valve cuts in at when cold.
  6. Well after the best part of 3 months being stood up whilst I fought with a handbrake cable, and the weather. The Astra has finally been and had its mot, and passed with flying colours. So now to polish and give her a good valet. So glad to have her back on the road.
  7. Morning Jasper, and welcome to the club. Feel free to post any questions you might have regarding your car, as there is always someone who might be able to help.
  8. 2018 zafira tourer with 110000 miles on it serviced requarly with oil changed every 10000 timing chain snapped inside engine according to everything what i have heard and read the chains are supposed to last the lifetime of the car. this timing chain is a non servicable item does this mean it would be still under a warranty of some sort
  9. I would like to know where you got a new headlight for that price please! I have a 2012 Insignia which needs a new nearside headlight plus ballast box due to water getting into the unit, they can only be purchased from a Vauxhall dealer and it is going to cost over £1,600 which is just ridiculous! The car has failed its MOT therefore cannot be used. It is in perfect condition otherwise however still only worth just over £3,000, I still feel Vauxhall should be held responsible as the offside headlight needed replacing twice for the same problem, however I managed to get them done under warranty after a fight! kengolfer@hotmail.co.uk
  10. Have checked all seals cannot see where water is getting in
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  12. Hi Folks, I am the recent proud new owner of a 2014 4WD country tourer. The car has covered 42K and has a full vauxhall service history. Within the 1st week of ownership my wife took the car out for a drive at night and thinks she reversed over a large(ish) stone when making a 3 point turn. That night, messages appeared on the dash stating the Rear Axle & 4WD system needed a service. I don't know if this is a coincidence or a possibility that some damage has been done underneath the car. I guess I have two questions. 1) Does anyone know what servicing should be done on the 4wd system and at what intervals? I read through the service book but couldn't see any specific mention of the 4wd system in the service checklist that vauxhall produced/have been carrying out. 2) I appreciate it is hard to answer this question, but does anyone have any idea what parts underneath the car for the 4wd system may have been damaged (if any) when reversing over the stone?! I am praying for a not to costly outcome :-( Thanks in advance for any guidance on this!
  13. Well it's all fitted back together nicely now. Handbrake all adjusted up. Monday morning I will be seeing if I can book an mot, and hopefully be back on the road again soon. I thought I'd better give the old girl a birthday wash too.
  14. Hello Team, After almost 150K with the factory shock absorbers on my 2009 Corsa D (1.4, 90HP), it is time to change them as there are significant signs of wear, especially in the rear ones. I am interested in keeping the same level of comfort and, possibly, adding a little more stability and handling when necessary. I am living on the suburbs of Athens, Greece and not inside the big city and also, I am doing some long distance trips here and there (400K-700K). I am thinking the below: Changing top mounts/stops and bumbers with the original GM ones Keeping the same springs Change all 4 shock absorbers with: Bilstein B4 Koni STR.T I have read here and there some bad comments about the Bilstein blacks (B4) and some others say that Koni STR.T are too stiff for Corsa D. Any suggestions so as not to sacrifise comfort and slightly improve handling and stability maybe without being too stiff (let;s leave price factor out of the way as I am willing to pay more to satisfy my needs)?
  15. R reg Astra hatchback 1.6 GLS Auto. Genuine 38000 miles and full service history. One owner selling after their passing. No reasonable offer refused. Location Northampton
  16. Thanks for the advice. We removed the plug from the ABS unit this morning but couldn,t see any signs of corrosion. There was a trace of browney sludge around though. There may have been more but the auto electrician may have wiped it off last week. I was considering BBA Reman but the feed back doesnt look very promising? Their website looks good, also the service they offer looks good. My local garage said they will do the job and send it off for repair to BBA if I want. They are going to have another word with the auto electrician before going any further so I will hang fire for now. Thanks again, Alphonse.
  17. Hi l have a vectra 2.2 sri150b petrol car that requires a good home. It is a 02 reg and the timing chain has been replaced. Starts first time all the time. I do not have a mot on it at the moment. Have not had time. I have just moved house and have no where to keep it and l would like this going to a good home. I know these cars are starting to get rare now. If anyone is interested please contact me. Many thanks
  18. Oh dear StellaDMN .....don't worry we all have these moments (blonde or otherwise) Its just good that its not a expensive fault and can simply be cured by switching off a button Sometimes the bus is the best and least troublesome option, also means you can shop and have a drink as well
  19. Not sure of which exact fuse to tap into but have done this job before on a Honda and measured the volts to see which fuse is live and if it goes off when the ignition is switched off....seemed to be completely different to the one I though it would be (fusebox cover description)....best to measure as you will definitely know which one is best.
  20. Hi....welcome to the Club Thats a fine looking Insignia, particularly like the end of the reg number. Good to have you onboard!
  21. Hi mate..I don't think that will work..Software incompatibility for the Can Bus networks to talk to each other through each ecu and body control.......Immobiliser circuits that normally go through from your ignition to the clocks,body control module and engine ecu won't be able to communicate and not forgetting the fuel tank and pipework will be different also.. Go back to the 80's you could virtually swap anything over..Modern stuff...Nightmare..
  22. Morning, thanks for getting back to me. I’ll give this a go later Thank you
  23. Thanks, didn’t see the option but will re-check. Have seen plenty of threads re: these sensors but no conclusion to the issues. Has anyone sorted their issues with these?
  24. As a Vauxhall owner and a General Sales Manager for a Vauxhall dealership I wanted to take the opportunity to offer my services, unique discount's on new and used cars in Basildon Essex 01268 427284. if you are interested or want to recommend anyone I can still honour the discount, as long as there is a trace through here. Thanks
  25. Not sure if Nextbase do an attachment for a rear facing camera that will fit onto the 522? If not then one of their range of cameras would be the cheapest (and best) option
  26. Worth looking at the connectors and sometimes works if you disconnect the plugs, turn 360 degrees and refit as if bad connection then it applies a slight bias to the pins when there is a slight resistance against them from twisting it round....works on French cars a treat Also look for broken wires leading to the connectors, poor earth points and leads, etc
  27. I would start with the local dealership or eBay
  28. I'm sure the local dealer could print out the diagram showing part numbers for you Done it in the past with other manufacturers parts lists and as long as you say you're coming back to order the parts they seem happy with that and will print out what you need
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