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  2. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please, I have a 2015 64 plate 2.0 diesel insignia eco manual, when you have drive it for a while turn it off and try and restart it it wont start. All the lights come on as usual but it wont even crank over it's as if I'm trying to start it without putting my foot on the clutch pedal (which you have to do to start it) if I leave it for 20mins or so it then starts no issues at all. It's like it needs time to cool down but nothing seems hot the engine temp is fine can anyone help please if you do short journeys it's fine it's just when it's been driven from a while.
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  4. I have a insignia 2.0 cdti 2011 ,i have a clicking all the time behind the dash ,and the heater is hot all the time even if i lower the temp to low ,any advice ????
  5. Hello from southern Spain ,i have a insignia Sports tourer ,with a cosmo pack ,2.0 ltr cdti remapped 210hp and a few mods,
  6. Managed to alter headlights with adjusters on headlights no more getting flashed
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  8. No, the cleaner you need for the turbo is for the variable vanes on the turbine (hot side) and this is very caustic but does the job. Either of these two will do:
  9. Hi Jules....welcome to the Forum If the seatbelt is in the rear then the boot is leaking, which is a common fault, but if its in the front then I don't know what that is? Has the car come from somewhere like Helston in Cornwall which floods regularly within the year....check the log book for previous owners Silicon spray is good for squeaky pedals usually
  10. siggyv6cdti You're the Insignia expert....any ideas?
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  12. This is a diagram of an HID setup (headlamp removed for ease of access) and it shows the ballast and the exciter which connects to the bulb
  13. Certainly looks stylish enough Still sunny here in Dorset, long way from here now then?
  14. It would probably be the same for the Astra, AndyR
  15. Yeah I was having this a few months ago, change your gearbox oil and you should be sweet
  16. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to reinstate the EGR and put a blanking plate (with a small hole for the gas to be sensed by the engine management) to extinguish the EML.
  17. that's a dilemma and one which is difficult to decide whether to leave it or just get it done and then not having to worry about it?
  18. Hi...welcome to the Forum Feel free to add to the banter! Good to have you onboard
  19. Hi All, Can't seem to find a simple part without buying a whole new Navi 600 unit on ebay, Basically i lost the volume "knob" on the navi 600 but i can't find a replacement anywhere online, does anyone know the GM part number for this?
  20. Hi Alan.....welcome to the Forum I would try somewhere like Timpsons as the can cut later type transponder keys at reasonable cost
  21. Not sure why the ABS light would suddenly come on after the garage visit unless they did some work on the brakes or suspension and forgot to plug in the sensor?
  22. Hi Andy, I already have a lead connected to the dot4 reservoir, so I'm assuming uts just a standard loom and a spare wire/connector
  23. it will be on or very near the heater fan unit
  24. Hi...welcome to the Forum It would be worth having a 'combustion sniff test' done on the coolant to determine if there is any combustion gasses present in the coolant suggesting that the head gasket is on its way out. Let us know what you find
  25. Hi...welcome to the Forum I would imagine pre-facelift doors should fit okay. Usually, a facelift is just that...revised bumpers, grille, etc. used to update the looks of the car.
  26. Hi JDL.....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  27. Hi all. I have a 57 plate 1.9 vectra elite estate, that I was hoping my son would like but as a twenty year old he rather preferred a corsa which he got. There is an issue with the intake manifold so it will require replacement and the number 2 injector is failing otherwise I would keep it, but 3 cars plus a work van need more space then I have on my drive. It has 4 new tyres with less then 100 miles on them. Anybody interested ?? Thanks for looking
  28. Is the coil pack a combined one (e.g. 4 coils on a rail) or are they individual coils? Also, have a look at the wiring going to number 3 cylinder coil pack for damage
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