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  2. Hi all hope you are all well and keeping safe. in the last couple of days I have replaced the fan/ utility belt and installed a new belt tensioner on a 2007/8 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 petrol and everything seems ok, however, the belt squeals when the steering wheel is turned in either direction and sometimes when the engine is first started I have checked the tensioner fittings and everything looks and feels sound. Can anyone offer me some pointers / advice. Thanks in advance. Jim
  3. Hi just joined today I am 67 years young and I help my son and his partner with the maintenance of their car and I hope to be able to get some help / support with info and advice to help them keep the car serviceable and fit for use. I am a retired engineer and used to be a self employed car Mechanic back in the 80's 90's so I have a good background in car repairs and maintenance, however, my knowledge of modern cars can be a little limited so I hope other members will be forgiving and tolerant with me and I look forward to chatting with members.
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  5. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have brought a mk4 astra van 1.7cdti sportive. It had a cut out issue. I can drive it for a while then it will cut out and start back up after 10/15 seconds, but will only rev to 3 1/2 I’ve changed throttle body, housing, Egr and pipe to the engine as it was coming up egr and maf fault. While doing this a blank plate (coke can) dropped out of the egr pipe. After this the van was fine for about 2 miles then back to same issue. Someone mentioned crankshaft sensor so today I have changed that. Again 2miles down the road it cut out and again it started back up. I gave it some power to see how it would react and it blew the front rubber pipe of the throttle body! However I can still use full throttle and it’s not flagging up on the dash or on a scan! Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi Dan....welcome to the Forum That's a varied collection of cars you've owned over the years, personally I was a big fan of the mk3 Rover 200 🙂 Hope you enjoy your time with the Astra and good to have you onboard
  7. Hi...welcome to the Forum It's a difficult one because without drilling holes in the door and bulkhead which is not advisable at all then it will be difficult to introduce any further wires into the existing loom. Lets hope someone can come up with an alternative solution
  8. Hi Mike....welcome to the Forum There should be a default for the brake to come on automatically when the power is cut and the vehicle is stationary. It would worth visiting the dealership to ask them and if they need to make a default to the system.
  9. Hi Antonio.....welcome to the Forum What appears to be the problem with the ignition barrel?
  10. Hello Iain, yes you do have a couple of great cars there. I myself have a couple of Astra G's. One of mine is the 16 valve 1.6 auto, and the other is an 8 valve 1.6 manual. Hope you get the HC Viva up and running soon. Regards Andy
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  12. siggyv6cdti may know of where to locate one
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum It is worth checking the microswitches as if any of these are faulty or misaligned then this will cause the issue.
  14. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I am surprised that the parts supply is drying up but I can also imagine that the secondhand parts market is quite buoyant also. Good to have you onboard
  15. hello, I have a Corsa 1.4 Petrol 2007. I have a few questions on it. The car is going fine except that it is using water not alot. The car is not over heating. When i checked the water bottle it was dirty with small creamy deposits in it. I checked the oil cap and there was alot of creamy brown deposits on cap and sitting below it at top of engine. My first thought was head gasket. When I spoke to a mechanic he said to check the oil cooler as they can gave trouble and gaskets go allowing water and oil to mix at that point. I took off the exhaust manifold tonite expecting to see an oil cooler to side of the oil filter housing , but there is none there. Can anyone tell me if there is one on this car and if so where is it. Or is there another test to see if it is the head gasket. I forgot to say alo that I removed the thermostat from the water pipes and tested that by dropping it into a jug of boiling water, there was no change to the stat. would that indicate that it is done also and needed to be replaced. I have attached a sample of the creamy deposits left in one of the hoses and also view of the engine with exhaust removed where I would exspect to see the oil cooler, the oil filter housing is just in view on right side bolted to block. Alot of questions, but any help would be great.
  16. Still unable to upload pic but I've given up for now, been tracking wires for days. Something to go back to later. Meanwhile I managed to get a set of Gsi 17" rims incase I fancy a change. One rim marked but not badly and need one tyre
  17. £60 is not bad price and if it makes the car run smoother and more economical then thats a good deal
  18. Afternoon people, hoping one of you kind folk could tell me if the loom from the plug under the seat goes to another plug somewhere before the dash switches.
  19. Can anyone help me I just bought a one year old GRandland elite nav turbo and it’s in need of a nav update. I have followed the instructions but it doesn’t seem to work can anyone help ?
  20. Hi....welcome to the Forum Fault code 2345a is a boost pressure control circuit fault. Sometimes, it can be from the variable vanes being gummed up in the turbo. Maybe run some cleaning solution through the engine / turbo and give it a good blast which should clear it out
  21. Hi ....welcome to the Forum This is a link to the code but not sure how it relates to your misfire I would independantly remove and inspect each spark plug and see which one is wet to know which cylinder is misbehaving
  22. Good luck with it and at least you'll have some spare bolts which are always handy to have to hand
  23. Hi all I have a Vauxhall signum 1.9 cdti 120 8v 57 plate great cars well looked after where do I start diesel leak from back of engine I’ve had 3 starter motors with the same problem in mornings only to find that there is diesel leaking into it causing my problem the trouble is where would it be coming from I was thinking from union on the rail at the back of the engine as it looks like it is really wet anyone else had this problem and any suggestions would be great thanks all
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