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  1. Last week
  2. I have a Vectra has anyone got tech2 please to sort my car out please get into h if you can help and I will tell you what the problem is many thanks chris/iffy
  3. Vauxhall Owners Club

    long term Zafira owner

    Hi Terry....welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to drill a small hole in the rear where the water is collecting and insert a grommet once you have put some corrosion protection on the bare metal....better to let the water drain out than sitting there. Also, worth sealing the light unit gasket to stop any further water ingress. If it was me I would also fill the affected area with waxoyl or similar anti-corrosion wax treatment. Good to have you onboard
  4. Earlier
  5. Rust on arches, hence why breaking Car located in Hull however delivery available Most parts available including engine and gearbox Ask for more photos as I can barely post one on here 😨 Get in touch by either email at: or quicker response by phone: 07743138481
  6. Vauxhall Owners Club

    I'm stumped.

    not sure exactly where they would be located but would assume there would be one near the top and another somewhere near the bottom or at least both at the top at the same level and a plate securing it at the bottom (look underneath the radiator to see if there is a bracket there) Let us know what you find
  7. Vauxhall Owners Club

    New member

    Hi....welcome to the forums Good to have you onboard
  8. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Got myself an Sri200 + with z20ler

    Only thing I can think of is matching clutch driven plate to the input shaft splines to suit the new gearbox.
  9. Vauxhall Owners Club

    New Alternator not charging New Battery

    I can imagine the old one is a good quality battery but tired and the new one may be defective
  10. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Word association anyone???

  11. Maicobike1

    Car stereo

    Ok thanks will try that
  12. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Bertone Windows Dropped

    Thanks for the update so far Cliff.....hopefully the rear mushroom may improve it along with the front one
  13. Vauxhall Owners Club

    New member

    Hi....welcome to the Forums Ask away and hopefully we'll be able to help you out.
  14. Vauxhall Owners Club

    New Member

    Hi Bob....welcome to the Forum Another satisfied Insignia driver....very popular and liked, albeit underestimated car Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  15. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Newbie here

    Hi....welcome to the Forums Hopefully you'll not have too many tales of woe and your journeys are smooth ones Good to have you onboard
  16. AndyR

    Gearbox oil top up??

    Thanks for the info Trevor, I guess i'm going to have to get the overalls out and go scrabbling underneath to see what i can find. The garage that mot'd it earlier this year said that i have to remove the inner wheel arch to get to it. I am so hoping not. I also saw a video of the battery being removed to get to top up the box. Again i am so hoping this isn't on my car. I will post how i get on, once I've had a look about. Thanks again. Andy.😕
  17. Vauxhall Owners Club

    NEW we need HelpHi

    Hi.....welcome to the forum I love the Frontera and can't remember the last time I saw one on the road You may find some parts on the continent labelled as Opel which would fit the same (in most cases) Good to have you onboard
  18. Vauxhall Owners Club


    Hi....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  19. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Bit hard going into 1st and 2 when cold

    I would check the gear oil level to ensure it is to the correct level and if in doubt then replace the fluid
  20. Go to YouTube, you can watch a video on how to change the belt.
  21. AndyR

    flicking oil light.

    Hi Trevor. Yes I'm so glad it was a simple fix. I had visions of oil pump dying. I'm going to give it a month and change the oil and filter again, just to make sure its all cleaned through. The suns come out so time to sort out previous owners scrapes, and one of my own(oopsy). Thanks for all your advice. Regards Andy.
  22. AndyR

    New member

    Hi Lee, welcome to the forum. I've been on here for little over a year now, and everyone has been absolutely brilliant in helping me sort out problems that I've been finding with my 03 Astra. Hope you have many happy years of motoring in your Insignia. Regards Andy.
  23. Hi all I was just wondering how to go about getting the upgrade to the Navi 900 and all the New features. I'm driving the 2013 insignia 2l ecoflex elite . Thanks
  24. Viv Carter

    Astra infotainment

    Hi all. I have no infotainment manual with my Astra SRI 2016. When I insert a music usb the usb option does not light up or respond on the display. Any ideas?
  25. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Meriva immobilizer

    Hi This does appear to be a common problem with the engine ECU not clearing stored processes and the method used to clear this is to remove the battery leads from terminals, flash them together for about 20 seconds, wait for about two minutes and reconnect. See if this works and if so, you may need to carry it out each time it stops starting
  26. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Cambelt or chain

    It should have a timing belt I believe but a quick examination of the cover at the end of the engine will determine this (e.g. plastic for timing belt)
  27. Vauxhall Owners Club

    Drive belt Astra G van 2000 2l Sportive help

    Not a bad call with bypassing the air conditioning compressor....have done it before and was just a case of finding the correct size belt to work successfully without slipping or walking off. Do you find many Gloworms nowadays? Cannot remember the last time I saw one, but it was on a night manoeuvres with the Scouts so that was a lifetime ago.
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