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  2. i think you may be right, my kids constantly berate me for driving too cautiously, I'll give it a good run and see what happens. I'm working from home more than before covid and the car was stood idle during the lock down so I guess that might be a factor. many thanks
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  4. hi I was just wondering what is the towing capacity for my 1.6 2009 vauxhall zafira as I am new to vauxhall need advice please help
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  6. Hi Guys and Gal's We are reaching out to all Vauxhall Owners Club members to see if there are any Vauxhall owners' looking to be a bigger part of the club and help contribute posts or help new members or simply just talk Vauxhall. We are looking for a small team of at least 6 people to be part of the team and encourage more discussion, arrange Vauxhall events within the UK and be part of a growing team. If you would like to be a club team member then message @Vauxhall Owners Club
  7. I'm surprised it hasn't switched off after the doors were locked. You may be able to alter the settings for duration time it stays on after ignition off
  8. Thanks for sharing this info with us, I'm sure there will be plenty of other owners suffering from this problem who will be grateful to know the fix
  9. hi guys new to the insignia seen I need help with the following hope you guys can help I done so far remap 200 bhp Dpf cut out Dpf delete egr delete What's the max this engine can go on standard internal ???? I am planning on a new clutch stage two if possible would you recommend one is it best to go with a lighter flywheel to ???? All voice is very welcome and thanks for taking the time to read this
  10. Hi NIck A diagnosis with a Smoke Generator should instantly reveal the source of the leak. Some garages have this tool but also not too expensive to buy nowadays
  11. Hi Dererk the HP pump relies on a lift pump (low pressure) to draw fuel. I haven't seen many external LP pumps in engine bays for quite some time so more than likely in the fuel tank.
  12. Hi Maurice, You will need to remove the cover underneath the glovebox, and then look up at the underneath of the heater motor. You should see some wires and a screw holding it in place towards the centre of the dash. It is a fiddly job, as I had the same problem on my Astra. Hope you get it sorted. Regards Andy.
  13. Hi Maurice, so far I've had no problems with using the e10 in my Astra. The only thing i have found, is that a local garage has put quite a price increase on it at the pump. I got caught out, so had to use them, but not again. 142.9 a litre. Whereas the garages in town are only selling it at 136.9. I do think there should be a set price for ALL retailers nationwide. I will stick with it for now. Regards Andy
  14. Hi grb27, welcome to the forum. A 1983 Carlton, sounds nice, feel free to post some pictures. I drove an 'A' reg Carlton saloon as a taxi back in the early 90's. A lovely car to drive, what colour is yours? my one was black, and I think it might have been a 2.2l. It did fly along fairly. Regards Andy.
  15. Hi Dave, welcome to the site. The Insignia seems to be a popular car on here. So if you have any questions, there is someone who would most probably have an idea. Regards Andy.
  16. Hi my wife has a 2009 insignia and i know they have common problems with the boost pipe now my neighbour has a 2016 1.6 deisel face-lift model and the boost pipe is different she has a problem regarding loss of power occasionally and I've read the codes and it comes up with maf sensor faults however this isn't the issue anyone else had this problem? Eml is on and I can't find anything on the face-lift model only pre face-lift thanks
  17. Hi all Im new to the forum and looking to be new to insignia estate ownership. Ive found a 2010 2.0 cdti se thats been unused since the end of May consequently its dirty and the trims around the windows and roof rails have gone cloudy do we think these will clean up? The tail gate button on the tailgate doesnt work (seller says it works occasionally but didnt work for me) the tail gate opens off the key and opens and closes off the door button, is this an easy fix? Can the tailgate be opened manually from the outside? It has half leather ( actually looks like material backed thin leather) and the drivers bolster is cracking, any advise on this issue I believe its quite common. The seller says timing belt and water pump changed but cant provide a receipt, should I consider replacing the timing belt and water pump if I buy it (mileage 123000) Sorry for all the questions but know nothing about these cars but the size and load space is perfect for me so quite intent on buying one about this age and mileage. Any advice appreciated
  18. Hi all, I have a 2011 Insignia, and wanted to change the stereo. I got a CTHVX02 for my after market stereo and stereo works fine, but the orange screen, climate control unit and steering wheel controls don't work. Any tips for what i might be missing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hello Claire. The first thing I would do is to check the fuses- this will be in a panel just below the dashboard on the right hand side. Presumably from your post it is neither unlocking from the remote or from the key. If all else fails- and it's a bit of a pig of a job- if you climb into the boot and remove the plastic trim on the tailgate, you can see the locking mechanism and you might be able to pop that open. My Astra doesn't have a deadlock on the tailgate, but if yours does and the CL isn't working that might remain engaged- if so then it's finding the wires and locally applying power to it. First thing to do though is check the fuses. Always the fuses. Let us know if that doesn't solve the problem. Derek
  20. hi there i have the same year car and the same engine too i have an issue with my brake warning light i also have the audible alarm too i plugged in opcom faulty brake switch same code changed out the switch with no change assumed it was handbrake related and wrong again still no change audio and light went under bonnet disconnected the switch to the reservoir (where you top up) took for a drive no alarm or warning light so i need a new reservoir/master cylinder also have you looked under the car? i had a vibration/tinking noise i traced this down to 2 rotted out screws on the heat shield to the exhaust i fixed mine by undoing bolts and adding a couple of large washers to cover the rotted holes then tightening back up i know thats a long shot but worth a look my car is the same age and has just 73k on the clock so its pretty much similar
  21. Hey All Let me give my apologies on this post being a bit long winded, but i'm trying to give has much info has possible with the hope between us we can get a solution. So the engine is a Z16XE1 in a 09 Zafira and i'm getting both on the pedal and OP-COM the error P1112-61 Port Deactivation Solenoid Valve Actuation Error. I checked the measuring blocks and i have 0.00-0.01 volts which needs to be i think around 3-5 volts if i'm right. I searched on here and found this thread [Zafira B] [05---] - P1112-61 Port Deactivation Solenoid... It's EXACTLY the same has what i got including the EGR Valve being inactive despite replacing it with a new unit i also have a reading in OP-COM of incorrect value? and the EGR position is saying 0.7 %?. I have also cleaned the EGR channels (they was well blocked). So i purchased a used manifold and changed the actuator unit and solenoid,cleared the fault code took it for a test drive with OP-COM recording and came back with the fault code again ,checked the measuring blocks and voltage at port solenoid stayed at 0.01. So i then tried the output test option for the port deactivation (had a friend start the test), while i watched the port actuator under the bonnet the revs increased and the actuator arm operated correctly. I Know i got low voltage at the solenoid which suggests either a broken wire or a drain somewhere, but how can the actuator work under the output test but won't when the car is driving?. I know i got vacuum because when changing the sensor after removing the pipes i get the vacuum escape (air) i have also checked the fuses. Electrics in modern cars is something that confuses me ,but my thinking is the problem is electrical and what i'm struggling with is the ECU sends the signal to the actuator sensor, BUT and i'm assuming it's the electronic accelerator that sends a signal to the ECU to demand it opens both ports hence the signal gets sent to the port valve actuator to open the flaps. So with that in mind could i have a drain between the ECU and the port actuator , and if so how would i check it?. Also is there a way i could watch the voltage increase (if any) in OP-COM WHILE doing the output test? , if i can check the voltage while under test i should be able to rule out a faulty sensor and then move onto the broken wire/drain. Has you can see i have been working on this for a while now and i'm at a point where it goes beyond my electrical abilities so any help or any thing else i can try to solve this would be appreciated Thank you in advance Regards Gary
  22. Koolkuts, I have a petrol Vectra with the problem you describe the temperature gauge, but I'll wager yours might be similar. My engine is fitted with an electronic thermostat rather than a conventional bimetallic or thermal spring. When these fail they fail in the open position for safety reasons. Initially I thought I had a faulty gauge and a possible head issue due to the poor heating. Get it up to to near, but still below, what should be running temperature and then check the radiator. The radiator should be more or less cold. I'll bet it's quite warm and of so, that's problem 4 identified. Diesels hate being cold and this would be enough to do all sorts including poor fuel economy and power. Derek
  23. Hello Gavlar 2021 That's undoubtedly bearings inside the gearbox. Gear ratios are made up by combining 2 or more various pinions, for example gears 1 and 2 might use pinion combination A/B, with 1 also using C/D and 2 using E/F, for example. Often first gear provides the drive for reverse when engaged through a reverse idler, for example. You'll be looking at the 'box coming out for that, I'm afraid. However, a *good* gearbox repairer should be able to identify and replace the bearings quite quickly and for a modest price, but you'll need to check the rest of the bearings whilst the 'box is out. My opinion (not a guarantee) is that the repair to the 'box should not be expensive- the more expensive bit will be paying someone to take the box out. I can put you in touch with a good gearbox repair company, though they don't take them out the cars- just rebuild units sent to them... Most garages that claim to repair gearboxes in fact don't- they send them to places such as the workshop next to me, charge you a large markup in the process. If you know which workshops to go to and you take the gearbox straight in, the cost is much, much lower and you get to talk to a specialist rather than- with respect to most garages- basically a fitter. Good luck.
  24. Thank you for your kind reply which did give me a little hope that someone out there may be interested in dads old car. Once I’m in a position to get it out of the garage I’ll take some photos and if I can work the technology I may well do as you have suggested. Many thanks,I am very grateful for your response.
  25. Anyone looking for Haynes Manuals I have Corsa; Nova; Carlton and Cavalier manuals available.
  26. Thanks for the info Graham and useful to show the readings gained from filling with 10 litres, albeit difficult to know the exact distance before empty as depends on driving style, etc
  27. Hi Mark....welcome to the Club I would say it sounds like the variable vanes in the turbo are sticking (gummed up with carbon) which is a common fault it the turbo is not often wound up to boost often enough. Could recommend a turbo cleaning solution and a damn good high revs blast to clear it through. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331754313002?hash=item4d3e19152a:g:h5EAAOSw4Ehag~qM https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152003334878?epid=1523879080&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item23641ad2de:g:lQ4AAOSwZ8ZW2O4l&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsStEKTPzZMfQmny3knR97t0Nibf3MUsw2ePec05TNBCjp1KMX879Lx1RVj6dZ7rLu2G%2Bwrq0d4fxb86Hd9G8wapLnSgkZs6Cr2SfMM2jCPixpPJl12uo78V9uwFaFBvGDKG0BqiWYXn3VYZPgW4A6pv0jZydpmAYzAuyCcxyl50qAeQEkG5XQOsQH%2FCa3pIkFHKl97n7D1SDPGDJC6yQpbek15ICj8FstV%2FKejaLzufRGvSAN%2Fcn9W9nwbVUeOixuIxAIrX0v0LkVNL6z3%2Bn1PI11%2Fv4o7OZSCbI6a%2BWbfnCtm%2BwpRRccnPoY8ApaFR881D%2FkYVzFdJFu48FHooGuZKzjaqeoEZJz%2FVV7uMWM2Y95vchz2nLUEKjhAXGuUdq65vSx6FuJIZE0wjpov2baKKB37sG3jwKZO62ZDzx4QE7N5FBbejObEGfh0I1HW3mfzT0VRDsUEx6SSIN3yt8QDhvZYtpQmUTBXVhJrL4F4BMDiVLNhIe22xOWV8Fi5NT0GdlhJ4voTF34AGmm7MULI6s%2F1rsqyIHb7voYHfEk3g66bNQ%2B8kr%2BXR1xPesO%2F5RP378X7HwMsBYavcdI6jZkKGb1DeLvYTqPppognRpJHMUOwgmf45PwiAYeZdVCexqpjgXuELdOmPMLd%2BFiSfQGJ%2BaAaGfMFekg54f9FRGQtRGkBnXzXt3Bin7rG0D6dZfAQS563Q2NdFNbEOhb3ppMn9mB1HIiLZQQpfUyZUXUduo8mB15eZKYt65cnsxNZdwbbiH6ypPWlWAxoBlmy0Hb%2FmwSvgOCZm7yj1NF7B%2BsR2WdJVSBIbjrWlnQ8FMTRHnkg|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
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