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  1. I kept trying different ways to get photos on , but it kept telling me that the files were to big. I'll have another play later.
  2. I am hoping that this will work regarding photos. file:///C:/Users/andrew/Pictures/mobile%20pics/Astra%20G/IMG_20200704_file:///C:/Users/andrew/Pictures/mobile%20pics/Astra%20G/IMG_20200729_file:///file:///C:/Users/andrew/Pictures/mobile%20pics/Astra%20G/IMG_20200730_file:///C:/Users/andrew/Pictures/mobile%20pics/Astra%20G/IMG_20200717_155617.jpg
  3. Well I received new shocks as planned Wednesday. Thursday morning I got stuck in to change them. Surprisingly all bolts came off easily, which was better than I expected after how ever many years. New shocks bolted in and springs replaced, and now it is a much smoother ride, and sitting somewhat higher, which is good for up and down my driveway with a full load.
  4. Thanks for the good luck. The paperwork I got with the car gave rear shocks as an advisory because the outer casing was rusty. Well that's completely gone, and the shiny ram is visible. Also the springs look like they've been doing all the work. Hopefully it will be a better ride. Like you say, you get so used to how it is. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Andy.,😋
  5. I just can't seem to get pictures small enough at moment. Need to configure camera somehow. As regarding checking out the underneath of car, have found rear shocks are shot!!😟 So have ordered a pair from ebay, £28.99. Should be here Wednesday, so hopefully Thursday, weather permitting, i'll be swapping out the rear shocks and springs. Looking at springs, and comparing them to my old Astra, I have a feeling that the springs have been doing most of the work, as there is no bounce on the rear of car, and they look quite squished. So as I have a pair of new springs, which were bought for old car, I might as well renew the lot. I will take pics of the car and find some way of getting them on here. She is a fine example of the model, and I aim to keep her looking as good and original for as long as possible.
  6. She certainly seems a lot healthier now. Time to get underneath and check for anything that needs doing for the upcoming mot. Should be ok, as previous owner had things done as soon as, by a local garage. Need to work out how to get pictures small enough to post on here too.😁 Regards Andy.
  7. Well after having a good long run out with the car the other day, i still had oily coolant. Decided to go with another good flush through. This time removing hoses and swapping out the header tank for a clean one. I found that all the hoses were quite gunked up, so they got cleaned out, or replaced. Unfortunately whilst putting the top hose back on the thermostat housing, i broke the small pipe off the top. So a new thermostat and housing was ordered, £30, and replaced the next day. Good news, the coolant is staying clean, and the temperature gauge is now working properly too, and so is the heater. Seems like the poor old girl needed her arteries cleaned out. 😁
  8. Thanks for the info Trevor. I have a good run out planned for tomorrow, so i'll see how it goes. Hopefully it will sort itself out, will let you know how it pans out. I have another question for you regarding the seat belt buckle on the drivers seat. It sometimes doesn't clip in properly, and i was wondering how it is attached to the seat, is it connected to any safety devices? Regards Andy.
  9. Hi all, I have a 52 plate Astra G auto, 1.6 16 valve that seems to be getting oil into the coolant. I have done a couple of coolant flushes, and it seems to be ok for a little while, and then starts going oily again. I was thinking along the lines of head gasket failure, but there is no water in the oil. I have noticed that when it starts to build up, the engine tends to be a bit hesitant at steady driving speeds, but still powers away when you need to. Pulling away from junctions its very hit and miss, almost like fuel starvation. Could this be the head gasket failing, or is there something else that is causing this. Apart from this, the car is performing well, and giving good mpg. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  10. Hello Iain, yes you do have a couple of great cars there. I myself have a couple of Astra G's. One of mine is the 16 valve 1.6 auto, and the other is an 8 valve 1.6 manual. Hope you get the HC Viva up and running soon. Regards Andy
  11. Hi Ray, I had the same light keep coming up on my Astra G, After a good run it would go off for a few days, then come back again. After speaking with Trevor on here, I gave the old girl a good service. And I haven't had it come on since. Hope you get yours sorted soon. Andy.
  12. Hi Colm, I am running the Astra G, a great car. I was wondering how much of the G is there in the H. I often see parts available for the H which can also fit the G but others don't. Regards Andy.
  13. This model of Carlton is in my opinion, is a great car. I drove a 1984 (A) reg one as a taxi back in 1989. It was lovely and comfortable, and went well. And like you say Nathanmills, fuel economy definitely not for the faint hearted. Around town it wasn't that bad, but getting on the open road on airport runs, well you just have too don't you. 😄
  14. Welcome to the forum Chris. Hope you are safe and well. AndyR
  15. Well the wife gave me a nice surprise today. She got the hoover out and gave the interior a birthday. Thanks sweetheart. 😘. I got the toothpaste and warm water out, and descaled the headlight. That has certainly improved the clarity of the beam. I see wash and polishing tomorrow. And maybe some back to black on the trim and tyres.