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  1. AndyR

    Gearbox oil top up??

    Thanks for the info Trevor, I guess i'm going to have to get the overalls out and go scrabbling underneath to see what i can find. The garage that mot'd it earlier this year said that i have to remove the inner wheel arch to get to it. I am so hoping not. I also saw a video of the battery being removed to get to top up the box. Again i am so hoping this isn't on my car. I will post how i get on, once I've had a look about. Thanks again. Andy.😕
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me where to find the filling point on the astra g 1.6 gearbox. I've been told there are about 3 different gearboxes fitted, and i don't have a clue which one i have. All i know is its a 5 speed, and its getting a bit stiff going into gear when you first start up. I have found that if i dip the clutch and go through the gears, including reverse, it frees up a bit quicker. Iam hoping its just in need of either a top up, or draining out and fresh putting in. Do you have to change gearbox oil like you do the engine oil? regards Andy.
  3. AndyR

    flicking oil light.

    Hi Trevor. Yes I'm so glad it was a simple fix. I had visions of oil pump dying. I'm going to give it a month and change the oil and filter again, just to make sure its all cleaned through. The suns come out so time to sort out previous owners scrapes, and one of my own(oopsy). Thanks for all your advice. Regards Andy.
  4. AndyR

    New member

    Hi Lee, welcome to the forum. I've been on here for little over a year now, and everyone has been absolutely brilliant in helping me sort out problems that I've been finding with my 03 Astra. Hope you have many happy years of motoring in your Insignia. Regards Andy.
  5. AndyR

    flicking oil light.

    YAY!!!!! I finally managed to get the astra serviced at last. How it ran so smoothly i will never know. The spark plugs were finger tight, the air filter didn't look like it had been replaced for years. And as for the oil filter, well i'm sure it was wound on with one of those strap tools to remove oil filters, by heck was that tight. I had to be brutal and stick a screwdriver through the old one to wind it off. New plugs fitted and tightened up, nice clean air filter to help her breath better, and lovely clean oil and filter. On the plus side, it has cured the flashing oil light on the dash, obviously letting me know to change the oil, (thankyou vauxhall). And Trevor i did check to see what the old oil smelt like. It just had a slight burnt smell to it, no smell of petrol. Did seem a little thicker than i imagined. The old spark plugs had double electrodes, where the new ones were single, would this make any difference regarding performance? Andy.
  6. AndyR


    Mmmm, cracked alloys, I can verify that one. Please make sure that if you get secondhand to check they've not been welded. My Astra had a welded alloy on when i bought the car. After a couple of months I noticed it was cracking near the bolt holes. That wheel was removed and scrapped. Replacement found on ebay for £15.
  7. AndyR

    Vauxhall astra j

    Hi there, if it's anything like the astra g, then there is 3 bolts on the front cross member, under bonnet, a couple of self tappers in each wheel arch. And possibly 3 plugs holding the dust guard in place underneath. Hope we've been helpful.
  8. Hello from norfolk. Whilst out and about today collecting children from a scout camp 50 miles away, i noticed that after engine was up to running temp, the oil light would flicker when i stopped at a junction or traffic lights. If i tickled the throttle, it would go out, and once moving at normal speeds it stayed out. Since being home for a few hours, i went and checked oil level. It is spot on. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause? Will be doing an oil and filter change tomorrow as its due a change. Regards and Thanks in advance. Andy.
  9. AndyR

    New member

    it was certainly a large bill at the end of it, as the van broke down just across the border into Germany loaded with aid for a Romanian orphanage. The van was trailered back to the UK, then the local garage, where it stayed for a couple of months trying to find the problem. ECU checked, immobilizer checked, fuel pump and timing all checked before finding out that it was due to having 1 injector replaced in Germany rather than the full set. So after all that and then finding the mot had expired whilst sat in the garage, so that added onto the bill, my brother-in-law was up to about £8,000. He reckoned at the time that it was the most expensive shed he'd ever bought.
  10. AndyR

    New member

    Hi Barry850. Hope you have better luck with changing injectors than my brother-in-law did with his transit. He had one die on him, and had to replace all four as it wouldn't recognise the new one on its own. Regards Andy.
  11. AndyR

    Word association anyone???

  12. Hi Lill, I would imagine any motor spares shop would be able to get the part you need. I don't know part numbers, but describing what you need and vehicle registration would give them a good idea of the right part. I had a toyota townace people carrier a few years back that kept throwing the power steering belt off, and i feel your pain driving without power steering. Hope I've been of some help, and hope you get sorted soon.
  13. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    That is so true siggyv6cdti. I intend over the year to do quite a few jobs that are age related, i.e front wishbones, rear shocks, and possibly an exhaust system. Although the exhaust is not as essential as the rest of the list. I've also got to stretch the front bumper cross member back to its original position, as previous owner gave something a bit of a firm nudge.
  14. AndyR

    Astra G fuel economy.

    i was using an online mpg calculator. you put in how many miles, price per litre, and how much in pounds you spent. Mine was £20.00 @ 118.9 per litre and 239 miles. It came back with the calculation of 64.6 mpg. Loving it. And its due a service.. Never thought I'd ever be in the 60+ mpg bracket. I used to be happy with 39 mpg in my old diesel townace.
  15. Working out mileage and fuel for my road trip yesterday and it seems bloody brilliant to what I've been used to with other makes of vehicles. After a round trip of 239 miles, and a grand total of £20.00 in petrol. My 1.6LS twinport has returned a staggering 64.6mpg. Is it me, or is this amazingly wow factor. My previous car was a mk4 fiesta 1.25. And the mist I got from that was 38mpg. I am in awe of this wonderful car.