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  1. Just come home from weekly shopping trip, and noticed car seems to pull a bit to the left. Pressures all fine. Could the hub/wheel bearing be dying? Speedo not so jumpy today.
  2. Thanks Trevor, it was bouncing about like a kid on a trampoline. 40,30,20,10,50,20 etc.
  3. Hi all. Hope you are all making the most of lockdown. I went out in my Astra G this evening, first time in 3 days. And the speedo is all over the place when maintaining a steady speed or slowing down. When pulling away and building up speed its steady. Have read that it could be the ABS sensor in the hub. I dont have ABS. Could this be the hub dying or just a dodgy connection? Thanks in advance. Andy.
  4. With what I can find on different pages, they rarely mention ECU, but the vectra.com page has a similar problem and noted that his ECU had been revamped, and not sealed properly so water got in and caused deterioration. Might be an idea to do the other faults first, and if it's ok, then great news. If not it might be the ECU is the next step. Regards Andy.
  5. Hi I can't seem to find the original link that said about water ingress. But on searching again, I have found a page that may help, and doesn't mention water ingress. Its p1625enginetroublecode.com The heading is titled Opel Zafira P1625 Engine Trouble Code-Opel Zafira P1625 OBD-11 It gives a breakdown of the meaning of the error code, and a fault diagnosis and possible solutions. Is the 63 part of the code 1663? If it is , it shows this as PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detecting a failure in the Fuel delivery command line. Hope this helps. Andy.
  6. Hi Mike. Hope you have managed to sort out your problems. If not I have just found the error code on google, which states that it could be water ingress into the ECU. Probably not what you want to hear. Hope this points you in the right direction. Unless you have already solved your problem. Regards Andy.
  7. Hi Baggers198634, Welcome to the club forum. Sounds like you've got a trustworthy car there. As a suggestion on its worth, it might be an idea to look on for sale sites for similar cars of that age, and see what they are selling/sold for. And then price accordingly. Are you just getting rid of, or replacing with a newer model? Good luck with the sale. Somebody out there will be looking for a good run around. Regards Andy.
  8. Hi all, would be nice to get something sorted on having regular owners meets somewhere. But with C-19 at the moment, thats not looking possible. Maybe once the restrictions are lifted, we can start to get some plans drawn up. Stay safe.
  9. Hi Mixa, I had this same problem with my 03 Astra G. Although oil level was ok, it did look quite old, and like yourself not knowing when it was last serviced, I gave it a good service, filter fresh oil, and all was good. The light went out and never came back on. Hope this helps. Happy New Year. Andy.
  10. Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas, and are all looking forward to the new year celebrations,(however it plays out). New year means getting on with all those jobs that have built up. HAPPY 2021 EVERYBODY.
  11. Not done yet, unfortunately still having mobility problems. And it's been quite wet here too. Must get it done though, for the cars benefit. Will keep you posted.
  12. Thanks, it seems to be easing. I do suffer with back problems quite often, due to an industrial injury a few years ago. But yes some nice days would be good. Hoping to get on this weekend. I see extra pain killers in my future.
  13. I prefer Vredestien, but they are pricey. I used to be able to get them at cost as i was delivering for the company. Firestones would be my next choice. But do like Khumo tyres.
  14. Well I had planned to do the oil changes today, but I have somehow hurt my back. So no crawling about under the car for me for a few days. And it was such an ideal day weather wise too. Never mind, I'll get it done during the week when I am feeling better. Needs doing soon though, especially the gearbox.
  15. Glad to hear you're all good. Yes I'm sure the car will enjoy the fresh oil in her engine and gearbox. I'll get some pictures when I do the gearbox, and you'll be able to see its colour. Even the mot tester said that it should be Dextron and cherry coloured.
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