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  1. My home is my office, I am a full time carer for my wife, and I repair cycles from home too. So when wife has her bad days, I can pick up the strain and keep everything ticking along.
  2. Thank you for the link. Will have another look this afternoon. Andy. 😉
  3. That's the next plan of campaign, having 3 teenage daughters means interior needs a clean out. I'd get them to do it, but I've seen in their bedrooms. Over the next few weeks I'm going to go around it with a fine tooth comb and make sure all is good for its next mot. Keep shining, and stay safe. Andy.
  4. Hi Trevor, can you give me a clue as to what the heater resistor pack looks like please. Have had the glove box out and had a good state at it, and then put it back together again. Haven't got the foggiest what I'm looking for 😋 Regards Andy.,😁
  5. Hi Trevor, got delayed in the servicing, but have done all today. Oil definitely needed doing, as very black. Air filter box removed and all dirt and leaves removed. And how deep are those spark plugs, !!! Did check them , and number 3 was a little oily around the thread, but all were a nice biscuit colour. I then moved on to the coolant flush. Wasn't as bad as the header tank looked. Am wondering if the previous owner put some sort of additive in with the very weak antifreeze solution. Have now put fresh antifreeze in and all seems well. Might give it a month and flush through again just to make sure. The car certainly seems more responsive now. 😉😉 Hope you are well, and thanks again for your help. Regards Andy
  6. Having a whale of a time here in sunny norfolk. So peaceful as everyone is self isolating. I live in the middle of nowhere, so unless the postman is a carrier, then we're pretty safe. Lot's to do to keep me busy, car, cut the 3/4 acre of grass, and get daughters car ready for when she starts driving lessons in july.
  7. Thanks Trevor. I am hoping to get out on it tomorrow as its supposed to be nice weather. Got to do something, as going cabin crazy being stuck indoors. This is my first ever twin cam engined car, so seeing a block with plug leads coming out of it going to what looks like a coil pack really confused me. Old Astra was a 8v single cam and the plugs were visible. I am hoping that the flush through will be nothing serious too. Fingers crossed. Will post the outcome , oil and filter change tomorrow as well. Thanks again. Andy.
  8. Hi all, I have a Astra g 1.6 club auto. It has the 16v ecotech engine. I was going to see what the plugs were, and check to see if one is breaking down, as I have a power problem when at running temp. But, I lift off the top cover to find a long sealed box with the plug leads coming from. Does this sot on top of the plugs? I've also noticed that I have engine oil in the water system. Could this be a major problem? I'm going to flush the water system through later and put in fresh antifreeze. Back to the engine power problem. After about 20 miles it starts to get a bit hesitant. Rolling along at 60mph you ease off and then go to accelerate away, and it is like turbo lag, but I don't have a turbo. If you keep the power on it's fine, but when you try to pull away gently it's quite up and down. Almost like fuel starvation. If anyone has any ideas on what this is, I would be very appreciative. Regards Andy.
  9. Yes Trevor the Cavalier SRi was definitely a car to be reckoned with. I was the second owner, the first being a company based in London. It was basically a rep-mobile, so was serviced regularly, and got a good run about. Wish i still had it. Regards AndyR.
  10. Hi this sounds like a job for a vauxhall dealer. All websites seem to state the obvious, that it is low engine power. Well limp mode is just that. Maybe an electrical fault somewhere. Hope you get sorted soon. Regards Andy.
  11. AndyR

    CODE 68

    Hi Jack, and welcome to the site. I have just done a google search on your CODE68, and it states, "Code 68 relates to a power steering fault. As these cars run electronic power steering, a week car battery is a common culprit." This was on a Vauxhall forum, and was mainly Astra's that seem to suffer this issue. I will be keeping an eye on my own Astra. Hope this is helpful. Regards Andy.
  12. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your new beast. There is a Boy Racer in all of us, it just needs the right vehicle to bring him out. Years ago i had a Cavalier 2.0 SRi, now that did bring out my boy racer. But only when i was on my own. Enjoy. Regards Andy.
  13. Hi there, were all fine here in Norfolk. Its been quite windy, but no trees down, which is very pleasing as I'm surrounded by them. I did wonder if it had a chip in it, as it has quite a flat fob. I'll give the link you sent a look later and see what I can sort out. Apart from that she's running well, and will be getting a service later this week. Thanks again for your advice, and for running a great owners forum. Regards Andy.
  14. Hi all, hope you are all having a good start to 2020, despite Ciara and Dennis. The previous owner of my Astra found a spare key, which in its self is great news if i accidentally lock my main key inside. Problem being is that although the spare will unlock the car, and fits the ignition, it will not keep the car running. It starts first time, and before you put it in gear, it has stalled and will not start at all. Also the light on the dash comes on and flashes, ( the one that's a car with a key through the middle). The key is just a basic key with no remote lock/unlock. Can anyone shed some light on this please. Looks like i'll be investing in another key with buttons. Was hoping the wife and I could have a key each, but that's not going to happen. Thanks in advance. Regards Andy.
  15. Hi , on the subject of auto transmission oil. My Astra Club 1.6 auto, the dipstick is next to the engine one, I know you don't just check it like you do the engine, is there a set sequence to doing the gearbox oil. In my Datsun Bluebird you had to get to running temp, and then go through the gears from Park to Low, and then back to Park. Is this the same on Vauxhalls?? Regards Andy.