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  1. Hi Colbren, Sorry to hear about your cousin. Condolences to you and the family from us all here on the forum. The Vectra sounds very nice. If you can post a few pictures, it might help with the sale. I am sure there is someone on here who would be interested in keeping it, and enjoying its uniqueness, especially being an ex demo with all the toys added. Regards Andy.
  2. Sounds like you got a bargain there. I am guessing its an alloy wheel too that matches the rest on your car.
  3. Hi Stickyhair, and welcome to the forum. Feel free to comment or post any hints you might have, or help you might need with your Astra. Is yours the mk5 Astra? As I'm running the Astra mk4. Regards Andy.
  4. Hi Chubbs, and welcome to the forum. Firstly, is your light an actual gearbox, or is it a engine? I have looked on other Vauxhall websites, and they don't show an actual gearbox shaped light. but the orange engine light covers both. It states that it is a engine/transmission electronic fault. Secondly, are you experiencing any running faults at all that could be related? The RAC website suggests that it may indicate that the transmission fluid is either getting to hot,or that it might need topping up. Might be worth checking the gear oil level first. Regards Andy.
  5. I too remember them doing away with the old 4 star, luckily my datsun was OK with it, not needing harder valve seats like some cars had to have done. I just adjusted the carb mixture and she was good to go. The days where you could adjust manually, not have a computer to do it.
  6. Hi Trevor, The Astra seems happier on the old E5, but will see how it goes this week, as was only able to get the E10 today. And as it was quite low due to having the fuel shortage, beggars cant be choosers. I always believed that supermarkets got their fuel from the main suppliers, i.e., BP, Esso, and Shell, and it was just transported in the supermarkets own vehicles. Had to use Tesco today as our BP has not had any fuel for about a week. Glad that your Harley is ok with it, nice to know that you haven't got to spend on changing pipes and seals to keep it going, and you can get out and enjoy.
  7. Hi all, As we all know, the start of September was the roll out of the new E10 petrol. Now according to the DVLA website, ALL Vauxhall models can use the new E10, excluding models with the 2.2 litre direct injection petrol engine, code Z22YH, Vectra, Signum, Zafira. Which should use the E5. My Astra is a 1.6 16v petrol, and 19 years old. It was running ok to start with, but in the last week it has been quite gutless, and economy fell through the floor. Wife went out on Monday and put in £30 of E5, and it now is running sweet again, and fuel economy is back to where it used to be, which is good. Has anyone else found this with their vehicles? And have any owners of the afore mentioned models had any issues? Regards Andy.
  8. Hi Maurice, You will need to remove the cover underneath the glovebox, and then look up at the underneath of the heater motor. You should see some wires and a screw holding it in place towards the centre of the dash. It is a fiddly job, as I had the same problem on my Astra. Hope you get it sorted. Regards Andy.
  9. Hi Maurice, so far I've had no problems with using the e10 in my Astra. The only thing i have found, is that a local garage has put quite a price increase on it at the pump. I got caught out, so had to use them, but not again. 142.9 a litre. Whereas the garages in town are only selling it at 136.9. I do think there should be a set price for ALL retailers nationwide. I will stick with it for now. Regards Andy
  10. Hi grb27, welcome to the forum. A 1983 Carlton, sounds nice, feel free to post some pictures. I drove an 'A' reg Carlton saloon as a taxi back in the early 90's. A lovely car to drive, what colour is yours? my one was black, and I think it might have been a 2.2l. It did fly along fairly. Regards Andy.
  11. Hi Dave, welcome to the site. The Insignia seems to be a popular car on here. So if you have any questions, there is someone who would most probably have an idea. Regards Andy.
  12. Right you are. My vauxhall is a bit old for that technology. I was looking on a vauxhall website on Google. Thought it might have been helpful.
  13. Hi there, and welcome . I have been looking through google to try to find out about your warning light. What i have found is that it is something to do with a sensor that keeps check on the distance between you and the vehicle in front. Have you got forward facing parking sensors on your combo? Might be worth seeing if they are damaged in any way. Hope this helps, and keep us all posted on the outcome. Regards Andy R.
  14. Cheers Trevor, I did notice that it is 10w-40 that I put in, and it certainly seems to have improved. At 218500 miles on the clock, I'm keen to keep on top of maintenance. Andy.
  15. Hi Trevor. Thanks for the input. I did notice that where I'd put in the fully synthetic 5w-30, it did blow a little out when rolling in slow traffic. But it hasn't done it since I put 10w-30 in. Next oil change I might try the heavier 10w-40. I didn't know if there was an additive I could use with the oil. Regards Andy
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