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  1. AndyR

    Word association anyone???

  2. Hi Lill, I would imagine any motor spares shop would be able to get the part you need. I don't know part numbers, but describing what you need and vehicle registration would give them a good idea of the right part. I had a toyota townace people carrier a few years back that kept throwing the power steering belt off, and i feel your pain driving without power steering. Hope I've been of some help, and hope you get sorted soon.
  3. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    That is so true siggyv6cdti. I intend over the year to do quite a few jobs that are age related, i.e front wishbones, rear shocks, and possibly an exhaust system. Although the exhaust is not as essential as the rest of the list. I've also got to stretch the front bumper cross member back to its original position, as previous owner gave something a bit of a firm nudge.
  4. AndyR

    Astra G fuel economy.

    i was using an online mpg calculator. you put in how many miles, price per litre, and how much in pounds you spent. Mine was £20.00 @ 118.9 per litre and 239 miles. It came back with the calculation of 64.6 mpg. Loving it. And its due a service.. Never thought I'd ever be in the 60+ mpg bracket. I used to be happy with 39 mpg in my old diesel townace.
  5. Working out mileage and fuel for my road trip yesterday and it seems bloody brilliant to what I've been used to with other makes of vehicles. After a round trip of 239 miles, and a grand total of £20.00 in petrol. My 1.6LS twinport has returned a staggering 64.6mpg. Is it me, or is this amazingly wow factor. My previous car was a mk4 fiesta 1.25. And the mist I got from that was 38mpg. I am in awe of this wonderful car.
  6. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    looking over the engine, it looks like i've got a lot of work to do thermostat. All belts, cam and alternator, air-con. Plus engine mount just to get to it. Looks like tax this coming payday, and a thermostat kit next payday, might replace cam belt as i'm already there.
  7. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    right you are, thank you siggyv6cdti. guess i'll be replacing that next then. I only hope its an easy job to do. But I bet it's not.😒
  8. AndyR

    Headlamp adjustment. Astra g

    I certainly hope so. Would be nice to get the old girl back to how she should be looking. Need to find some original name badges for the boot, and the LS badges for the doors.
  9. AndyR

    Headlamp adjustment. Astra g

    Z3, very nice. I've been tripping back and forth to hospital visiting daughter, so all the jobs I HAD planned, have been shelved for a week or two. Hopefully she'll be home tomorrow, then if it ever stops raining, I can get on.
  10. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    That was going to be the plan this weekend, but my daughter was rushed into hospital with appendicitis, so all jobs on hold as back and forth to norwich hospital. Hopefully get back on the car next weekend once she's home. Heater is pretty crap unless its been sitting idleing and the needle starts to rise on the gauge. And that only moves when its sitting still getting hot. Doesn't move from the cold whilst driving around, but when sat still for a while it starts to move up, and when you get going again, it goes back down again. Could this be the sender for the gauge? or a dodgy thermostat?
  11. AndyR

    Saying hello

    Hello and welcome. It seems like most members on here are in your neck of the woods. Last time i was in exmouth i was driving a ford. 😏 What year is your vectra? I had one of the last cavaliers before they became vectra.😤
  12. AndyR

    Headlamp adjustment. Astra g

    Hopefully. According to the mot tester, I have a good strong car that just needs some TLC. He has given some advice on what to keep my eye out for, but it is mainly general running maintainence. Warmer weather will be here soon, so I can get outside and do some scratch repairs. 🙌
  13. AndyR

    Headlamp adjustment. Astra g

    I'll be able to do it in my sleep. Just back from re-test, its a pass. My own fault, I hadn't tightened it up properly. But all sorted now.
  14. AndyR

    non vauxhall radio/cd player.

    Yeah, I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. Fitted new rear springs last week, that was an easy job surprisingly. Have had to re-attach front bumper properly, as previous owner had bashed it somehow and bent the front cross member behind bumper. Had MOT friday morning, tester reckons that i have a good solid car, and that apart from doing a little bit of routine maintenance regarding rear brake pipes, which need cleaning and greasing up. Does help that he is a vauxhall man through and through. He said that he has never had to do any welding on the astra g models, he also uses them as courtesy cars. I've just got to do something with the heater now, as its not as good as it was when i first had the car. A good flush through is called for i think. 😏😉
  15. AndyR

    Headlamp adjustment. Astra g

    Well the good news is that my headlamps are fine, didn't need adjusting, they look dim because the previous owner has fitted smoked glass lamps. Bad news is, car failed mot. On front top McPherson strut bush. I only did it last summer. 😟