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  1. Hi there Bill, you say parts for estates, but you didn't say what model. I'm guessing as you own a Carlton that they would be for a Carlton. Regards Andy.
  2. Hi Yates, code 68 does relate to power steering fault, which usually means battery doesn't have enough juice for steering to operate so well. The steering is electric, so hence battery would cause this. As you have changed the battery, it could be that the alternator isn't putting enough charge back in to the battery whilst running, which then means battery isn't powerful enough to do steering again. A vicious circle, but it might pay to get the alternator checked out too. Hope this helps. Regards AndyR.
  3. Hi Jane, I've just done a google search, and its coming up as a fault with the alarm system. Has the alarm been set off recently? Also the page i found is saying that if there is a light blinking, it's indicating what to check. If the light blinks for the first 10 seconds, it's indicating door/bonnet/boot is open, or a system fault. It also mentions about some wires behind the rear view mirror, these might have been detached from the ultra sonic sensors, also near the rear view mirror. There is also a link to show how to check these wires. http://forum.vectra-c.com/showthread.php?t=29944 Hope this helps, and please let us all know how it goes. If it works, then it is something to pass onto other Vectra owners. Regards Andy R.
  4. Hi Hans, and welcome to the forum. it sounds like quite a challenge for you to find what you are looking for. Hopefully there is someone on here that might just have one, or know of the whereabouts of one. It certainly a car that stands out from the crowd. Good luck in your search. Andy R.
  5. Hi jayjay, it might be worth getting the battery checked to see if its losing charge. If it is not, then it may well be the steering pump. Probably not something you'd want to hear this close to xmas though.
  6. Hi Timbo, An interesting question to be asking. My curiosity has got the better of me, so i hit google. I put in , " what does HIY/HIX, and H mean on post war vauxhall cars". And it came up with different pages to look at that explain. The best one was on http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com This has a link to Vauxpedia which has loads of info about it. Might be worth looking at that to help understand the meanings of the afore mentioned lettering. Regards Andy.
  7. A friend mentioned that it could be a date it was quality controlled. But again, why would it have sat about so long before being fitted to the car?? One of those mysteries that will probably never get answered..
  8. It certainly was a relief coming away from the test centre with just 2 advisories. And being able to pick the garage owners brains about different bits and pieces. He is a vauxhall man through and through. And a mind of knowledge. All I've got to do now is sort out the speedo drive, as its playing up again. Apparently it could need a new seal, or it could want completely replacing, or it might just be getting wet and need a bit of protection for the winter.
  9. Hi Steve, I've had the same recently with my 1.6 Astra. I put it down to the car being parked outside, and the fact that it has been colder than usual, so the oil is needing a little longer to get circulating on a cold morning. But once its been ticking over for a few minutes, it quietens down and is sweet as a nut from there on. Andy.
  10. Hi Sue, so glad to hear that you have been able to get sorted. I wasn't sure about my own Astra G, so I went on the UK DVLA website and found the info that i posted, in the hope that it would help other Vauxhall/Opel owners. And it appears that i have, even across the to the Netherlands. Have your Petrol stations increased their prices like the UK? Happy motoring. Andy.
  11. Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear that you are not too impressed at the moment.Lets hope it gets better. What in particular has made you feel this way? I've not had a diesel vauxhall, or an insignia. I am into the astra, and prefer petrol. My previous vehicle was diesel and a plodder, I prefer a bit more get up and go. Regards Andy
  12. Hi Alan, has there by chance been water getting in to a footwell, if the carpets have got wet, they could kick up a bad smell. Hope this helps. All the best. Andy.
  13. Well I know its been a while, but I have an update regarding auto box oil filter. Car went for M.O.T. Thursday, and whilst there I asked about the auto box filter. It turns out that the filter is a gauze one, and it is deep inside the gearbox, which to do, means a total strip down. I was advised that another flush, and fresh oil, and it should be ok. The average change should be about every 40,000 miles. Which hopefully will out last the car, as I've only done about 8,000 in the last year. And the other good news is that she passed with a couple of minor advisories. A couple of brake pipes need cleaning up, and there is a slight blow on the join going into the rear silencer. So all in all, Thursday was a good day.
  14. Hi all, working on astra today, getting ready for m o t. Whilst checking drive shaft gates and steering rack, brake pipes etc. I noticed that on the cable going to front wheel bearing there is a tag with bar codes and the date 1997 09 30. Is this an assembly date, or whenit was fitted. The car os 52 reg. Andy.
  15. Evening Daniel, welcome to the club. I f you go on the page for Signum owners, I am sure someone will be able to help with your questions. You'll find it below the New Members, and Anything Vauxhall Related sections. Just keep scrolling down until you see the signum section. Good luck in your search. Regards Andy.
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