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  1. Hi all, it's mot time, and I'm having to replace the hand brake cable on my astra g. I can get the cable unhooked from the lever end, and I've disconnected it from the drum end, but my problem is getting the cable out of the bracket behind the drum. Does it push in, or is there a clip that holds it in situ? It's a mk4 astra club. And has 3 sections, I'm just replacing the middle section. TIA Andy.
  2. Hi Neddog, and welcome to the club. That is certainly a nice example. I am sure there is someone who'd be interested somewhere. We do have a Vauxhalls for sale page. If you scroll right to the bottom of the forum page, you'll see it. I had a Cavalier SRi in the same shape. That was before it changed to the Vectra. Mine had the 2.0 sohc engine, and it pulled like a trojan. What engine does yours have? Good luck with the sale.
  3. Hi Paul, welcome to the club. Yes there is always someone who can help offer assistance. Another member, Westcliff67 also has the same model as yourself, and has been dealing with bits and pieces on it. So he would be my suggestion to contact if you need advice. Happy motoring.
  4. Hi Phil, and welcome to the club. That is a nice looking ride you have there. I haven't seen many Monaro's about around here in Norfolk. I think i saw a red one before lockdown at our local McDonalds, but it could've just been passing through. I would guess that the "lazy lump" has took a few people by surprise. And such good mpg for a V8. And I thought my little 1.6 had good mpg....
  5. Hi Geof, and welcome back to the Vauxhall family. May you have many happy miles in your big Vauxhall.
  6. Hi Peter, and welcome to the club. You have a great car by the sound of it. Well done for keeping a piece of Vauxhalls heritage going. Please post some pictures for all to see. There is a section on this forum for just Carltons, and I'm sure there will be someone who will be able to help with any questions you have. Happy motoring.
  7. It is a nice looking car, and clean for its age. I too have had a variety of Vauxhalls over the years. HB Viva, Cavalier SRi, and now on my 2nd mk4 Astra G. I also drove a mk1 Carlton, and a mk2 Carlton as taxi's back in the late 80's.
  8. Hi Gary, welcome to the club. I'm sure there is someone who would be able to help with any questions you might have.
  9. It certainly is a good set up. Most vehicles I've had in the past have been mid to high 30's, and the fuel was cheaper. And I was always impressed with getting 36+ .
  10. Well after a good run to the North Norfolk coast, and back. It was 125 miles, which worked out at, 49.4 mpg. £20 of E10. Can't complain
  11. Now fuel prices have dropped, we are off to the coast Tuesday, family outing before girls are back at school. So I'm going to see what the mpg is after the trip. Hopefully there won't be any change.
  12. Hi Clifford. My Astra did run a bit rough at first on the E10, but it was also due a service at the time. But the old girl seems fine now, and is still giving good mpg for a 20 year old with over 200,000 miles on her. I wonder if the E10 may have some sort of additive that clears out any carbon deposits, and that is the cause of the jerkyness. That could just be me thinking outside the box. Hope you get it sorted.
  13. Hi John, and welcome to the club. Astra's are great cars, and the vans seem to go on forever. Wife used to run around in a Astramax van in her previous job. Loved it, and wanted to buy it when she left, but they wouldn't sell it.
  14. Hi John, red diesel shouldn't cause any running problems, as it is only a dye to distinguish it from road fuel, as it stands being a 50/50 mix, you should be fine. The only problem you might have, is if VOSA or HMRC do a random check, and see you've had red in the tank. Using red diesel in road vehicles is unfortunately illegal, and your vehicle could be seized until you pay the duty that would be owed on the difference between road and plant fuel. And they can also get you to pay to have your fuel system cleaned to remove the red dye that is left behind.
  15. Hi StevenC, and welcome to the club.
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