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  1. Vauxhall models section, not chat, sorry. Scroll down to the bottom where it has older cars. Andy
  2. Hi Peter, and welcome to the forum. If you look in the Members chat section, you will see that there is a section for Carlton owners. Someone will probably be able to help you with any issues you might have. Regards Andy.
  3. Hi Helen, and welcome to the forum.
  4. Welcome to the club, I am sure there will be someone who can answer any questions that you might have, and give you any tips to getting the full enjoyment from your car.
  5. It doesn't seem to have made a difference with my fuel economy. I did 130 miles the other day on £15 of E10, and the old girl gave me 56 mpg. I don't mind that from a 20 year old car that's done nearly 230,000 miles.
  6. in case people are wondering, Yes the armchair is tatty, as its the one our 5 cats sleep in and as you can see, sharpen their claws on.
  7. Couldn't agree more with regarding the older Astra, I'm on my second mk4 G. Both have 1.6 petrol engines. And I have had many happy miles in them too. AndyR
  8. Must admit, I prefer silver rather than black wheels. I do have a set of black alloys that will be getting a coat of silver whilst it's nice warm weather. Black wheels suit dark coloured vehicles better in my opinion.
  9. Update on the silencer. Managed to find a new one on ebay for £45.00. Unfortunately it's not the clam shell that I originally had, as these seem to be quite scarce at the moment. So I got a cylindrical one that fits perfectly. So before it got too hot outside this morning, I've been and fitted it. Car now sounds nice and quiet again . She might get a service later when it cools down. We're sitting at 27°c at the moment here in Norfolk. Regards Andy.
  10. Hi there, it might be worth your time to put some pictures on of your car, that way people can have a look at it. Also putting either a price, or a way of being able to contact you for more info. Hope you find it a good home. Regards Andy.
  11. Update on the electric fan situation. Whilst brother-in-law was changing a headlight bulb, he noticed that there was a load of corrosion around the thermostat housing. When he gave it a poke, he saw that it was breaking up. So a new thermostat unit was ordered, and he has now fitted it, and all is back to normal. A complete thermostat unit from ebay was a grand total of £27.00. So a good cheap fix.
  12. I've tried ebay, and not had any luck. They're either way over priced, or it comes up as out of stock when you do a buy it now. I bought one on ebay, and it was never sent, so I had to claim my money back. Looks like I might be heading out to some local breakers/salvage yards to see if I can find a good usable 2nd hand one for now.
  13. this looks interesting. I am going to check on the fuel cost, as its 215 miles each way for me, and with the price of fuel at the moment. andyr
  14. Hi all, I am in need of a rear silencer for my Astra g. I have trolled the web ,and all my local car spare shops, and tyre and exhaust centres, to no avail. They have all come back with the same answers. Not in stock, or no longer on the system. I have patched it up as much as i can, but it is at the point of being more Gun gum and bandage, than exhaust. Does anyone have a half decent one laying about that they're willing to part with, for a reasonable fee of course. Kind regards Andy R.
  15. Its not the A/c fan. And its still showing code 89. Coolant levels are all good, and the car isn't running hot, so brother-in-law is going to run it into a Vauxhall dealer to get them to have a look. I'll keep you posted of what the outcome is. Andy.
  16. Good evening Bowyer. Welcome to the forum, i'm sure your son will enjoy driving about in a Vxr. His mates will be envious. Regards AndyR
  17. Hi, yes I'm well. Thank you for your idea. Never gave A/c fan a thought. Sister-in-law can be a bit dopey at times, so maybe she's hit the a/c button. I will get brother-in-law to check that out. And get him to check the coolant sensor too. Stay well. Regards AndyR
  18. Hi Deso, did you get to the bottom of your oil pressure problem back in march?
  19. Hi all, My sister-in-law has a 17 plate astra 1.6. Just recently the electric cooling fan has kicked in for no reason, and only goes off when ignition is turned off. As soon as you start up, whether hot or cold , it's running. Sounds like a light aircraft taxiing. Brother-in-law said that code 89 comes up. But when he clears out the fault code, it's still running. Can anyone shed some light on the problem, so I can advise what steps to take to rectify. Thanks in advance. Andy.
  20. Hi John, what speed gearbox do you have? Apparently if its the 6 speed gearbox, then it can be quite tricky to do. But I have the 4 speed auto in my 52 astra 1.6, and I have changed the oil very easily. There is a drain plug right on the bottom of the box, and mine took about 4 litres of oil poured slowly with a funnel down the gearbox dipstick tube. Mine was a bit jerky when i bought it, and it turned out that previous owner had a local garage change it, but put ordinary gear oil, not ATF in. Once I had drained and flushed , it is now a lot smoother. Hope this helps. Regards AndyR.
  21. looking good. You didn't fancy doing them red then to match the car.
  22. You've definitely made a class job of the engine bay. Do you cover the electrics when rinsing off the cleaning solution. I have always been a bit scared of getting water into the electrics and causing a short somewhere. My engine could seriously do with a good clean up. Regards Andy.
  23. Hi VXRDavie. Welcome to the club. It is a fine example you have there. It certainly is clean and tidy, and with such low mileage too. I do like your idea of trying to keep it all original, I'm like that that as well. Originality looks more in keeping, than a advert for halfords. Happy motoring. Andy R.
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