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  1. The vacuum kit looks like it should do the job nicely and at least you'll know there is no air left in the system. Check also the thermostat is not stuck closed but you should find that out if you can measure the temperatures before and after the stat with an infrared temp gun (very useful tool for many other jobs on a car - misfire, sticking brakes, etc) Let us know how you get on with it
  2. Sounds like something is obstructing the boot from fully closing and is locked in this position. Is there anyway of accessing the boot from inside the vehicle or even a pullcord somewhere on the rear bulkhead/seat area?
  3. It does sound like turbo bearings have gone and the last thing you want is for the engine to be inducing oil through the turbo - can lead to a runaway engine! If they can guarantee their diagnosis of the turbo being defective then unfortunately it's a case of biting the bullet and getting it done
  4. Sounds like you have an air lock in the cooling system. You'll need to work out where the air is (cool to touch when engine is at running temperature) and bleed it out
  5. Hi...welcome to the Club Well it sounds like you have got there in the end! Good to have you onboard!
  6. Could be a coolant leak or slight leak from the exhaust which seals as it gets hot?
  7. Hi....welcome to the Club I would think there is a small hole in the intercooler or hose/pipe coming from the turbo Usually a rubber hose creates a rasping sound but a small hole in any solidly constructed components can emit a whistle. Alternatively, it is worth cleaning the turbo and also check for float on the shaft and condition of the compressor as you look into the exposed end of the turbo. Try IceBoxAutos for replacement audio system and they are based in Liverpool so not too far away from you Liquid Moly is a great product and have used it for years in engines and never had an issue
  8. I would keep an eye on the consumption and it usually reduces when run in but sometimes they were never run in hard enough and the oil passes the rings. Had it on motorbikes particularly and once driven hard enough over time the rings tend to bed into the bores a little more. Also check to see if there is a heavier weight engine oil recommended for that engine and should be possible to use that in future until it stops using so much
  9. Unable to judge the true size of these but look like windscreen stickers ?
  10. Lever bar and a wedge of wood or something similar to protect the gearbox casing and gently (but with a bit of light force) lever the driveshaft from the gearbox.....it sits with a spring clip which holds it in place
  11. Hi Peter....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard and hope the project goes well....keep us updated
  12. Scrapyard would be best bet but would require replacement keys for doors if you go for the full set
  13. usually built into the door latch mechanism
  14. Could need fuel filter or Air Mass Meter which give similar symptoms Alternatively, the turbo variable vanes might be gummed up with carbon The best method is to get a scan done on the engine system to see what codes appear in the memory and go from there for a more specific diagnosis
  15. I would start with a scan of the Engine Management System and go from there A fault code should point you in the right direction
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