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  1. You will need to reduce the size of the photos so it using a phone you can alter the settings for picture quality to reduce size
  2. Well thats good news, onto the next suspect parts. Let us know how you get on with it
  3. Great result Andy....and I knew it would sit higher, always looks better once they're replaced
  4. Sorry Andy, didn't work Here's where the upload is
  5. To be fair it is always difficult to diagnose noises from video but how you describe it and also that with the belt off and it disappears then this does suggest the pulley being faulty. Sometimes, if its recently had a cambelt then this can follow shortly afterwards
  6. If it is making the noise with the belt on then it is the crankshaft pulley (harmonic balancer) that is breaking up. You will need to replace the pulley with a later improved replacement one (probably dealer supplied) and usually a tensioner which will be of a different diameter possibly and also a new belt which should solve the issue.
  7. Hi Dylan.....welcome to the Forum That is a very odd fault and not one I have encountered before. Due to the dangerous element to this fault I would be tempted to take it into a local independent garage for them to diagnose it. Could also be an injector fault but worth getting it diagnosed to make sure it doesn't become a 'run away diesel' engine.
  8. Hi.....welcome to the Forum You are welcome to place an advert in this forum but not sure there are that many members passing through enough to see the advert so maybe AutoTrader or similar would get a quick sale
  9. Hi....welcome to the Forum Sounds like a transmission bearing or worn gears if its only noisy when in 2nd gear. Would either live with it and wait until it spreads to other gears or look at costly replacement.
  10. I recently replaced all four springs on an 2008 Astra and what a difference that made to the stance and ride quality. You just don't notice the difference over time as the springs sag with use. Good luck with the job Andy
  11. Hi Andrew, welcome to the Club Sounds like an absolute bargain. I have copied this post into the For Sale section of the forum as well
  12. Hi...welcome to the Forum Its a tough one, but sometimes when a pulley is breaking up it will make an audible sound on overrun (due to centrifugal forces throwing out the components as they slow down). So it could be a pulley, or a Dual Mass Flywheel, or a timing chain, big end bearings, etc It would be best to take it into a good independent garage for them to diagnose the area that the sound is emanating from. An easy way to eliminate the crankshaft pulley is to remove the auxiliary drivebelts and see if the noise disappears (when stationary off course) Let us know what you find
  13. Hi Richard....welcome to the Forum Good luck with the sale, I don't think it will be too long before someone snaps it up
  14. Click on 'choose files at the bottom of the post and upload the images (small size as possible)