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  1. Moved post to For Sale section to promote response
  2. Not sure about the compatibility of the locks but it may at least be a short term measure to avoid the door flying open? Maybe also you could strip down both parts and make a good one out of the two?
  3. you should be able to replace the lead but you may also be able to source an adapter possibly?
  4. Thanks for the very detailed guide to fitting the tow bar electrics. You seem to have done it very methodically and very neat installation.
  5. Please let us know as it would be good to find out for future reference if it is an issue with sump gaskets on this model or a defective oil filter brand
  6. can you swap the sensors (e.g. the lead connections) so that the fault if present with the sensor is switched to number 1 and this will confirm a fault
  7. I would recommend anything that is manufactured in UK or Europe, obviously avoid the cheap options as they are cheap for a reason. I guess you could source the parts yourself and get the garage to fit the new ones, especially if they have failed in less than a year they would fit it cheaper for you
  8. Sorry to hear that but I guess it is a fault you could live with and the car may give you many years of reliable service so you can recoup some of the money back on it
  9. You can get aftermarket sounds deadening but ensure it is fireproof and not capable of sagging onto the engine. Wind deflectors are the best way forward and will definitely improve the wind noise
  10. from memory the fuel pump is actuated by the system relay which I think is the one in the photo. it needs a crankshaft signal which if not present (e.g. crank sensor faulty) then it won't run the system relay
  11. I wouldn't have thought the 2009 model has bluetooth but you could get an after-market audio system with bluetooth
  12. Slight perforation in the oil filter spraying a fine mist onto the engine block. Also, it could be a poor gasket on the sump
  13. It may be worthwhile getting a stainless steel system custom made (around £250) and will last the life of the car.
  14. Sounds like the light switch on the steering column has gone faulty
  15. Common Rail fuel pressure sensor is on the end of the fuel injector rail. Turbo boost pressure sensor is usually on the output hose/pipe from the turbo
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