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  1. Hi....welcome to the Forum First thoughts are it is related to the battery voltage (or lack of it) It sounds like the BCM needs resetting as the battery voltage will still be storing memory of the low voltage until it is reprogrammed to accept the new voltage from the replacement battery....but I'm sure the Vauxhall dealership would know that Keep us updated on what you find out
  2. Hi...welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear your engine has expired. Usually the best place to source a replacement is via eBay and there are usually several rebuilders selling engines listed on there. Which ones are the best sellers I could not say but if there are any Ivor Searle engines available then grab on them as they are usually superb engines with good warranty
  3. Hi Gary.....welcome to the Forum It certainly does! https://www.britishmotormuseums.com/museum.php?mus_id=8
  4. Hi Gordon....welcome to the Forum There's not a lot on the internet for replacing the starter but found this video link which shows the location of it in the engine bay
  5. Hi Andrew...welcome to the Forum 18 year old Vectra, that's becoming a collectable car now Good to have you onboard
  6. It would be best to try to extract a part number from the old one before ordering the new one as there may be several variables of it. eBay is probably the best source to obtain a replacement motor
  7. That sounds quite ominous, was it working beforehand? If so, what changed (e.g. battery disconnection, etc)
  8. Hi Henrique....welcome to the Forum There are specialist parts suppliers out there, just need to search the net and see what pops up. Good luck with your search
  9. Hi.....welcome to the Forum Burning smell? is it a petrol or diesel? If it is diesel then it may be the DPF regenerating which produces a burning smell when active. Good to have you onboard
  10. Hi....welcome to the Forum It doesn't surprise me as some keys are now becoming more prevalent. Here is a company that may be able to assist https://www.car-keys-online.com/
  11. Not sure I've seen any videos but if you buy from Halfords then they can fit them for you (at a cost though)
  12. Hi Lyn....welcome to the Forum You would probably be best to have a Parrot system installed as they tend to work better than most original fitment systems and a lot cheaper as well. Let us know how you get on with it
  13. It certainly looks the part, can't say I have ever driven one and let alone compared the petrol and diesel version so look forward to seeing the video and hearing your thoughts on the car.
  14. Hi.....welcome to the Forum The GSi is now quite a rare car, feel free to post up some pics of it if you want Good to have you onboard
  15. Hi Janet....welcome to the Forum Congrats on the impending marriage, albeit next year now. Your best bet would be to contact any local Classic Car clubs and hopefully they may know someone who can assist you. Let us know how you get on
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