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  1. Hi Jules....welcome to the Forum If the seatbelt is in the rear then the boot is leaking, which is a common fault, but if its in the front then I don't know what that is? Has the car come from somewhere like Helston in Cornwall which floods regularly within the year....check the log book for previous owners Silicon spray is good for squeaky pedals usually
  2. There are cleaning solutions to clear out the carbon but the most efficient way is to drive it hard to get the engine hot and start to clear out the carbon which will take time but you can gradually build up the revs as the system will allow without going into limp home mode.
  3. Hi....welcome to the Forum If the headlamps are high then there is an issue with the ride height sensors which automatically adjust the level of the headlights when the suspension alters to avoid blinding other motorists. If one (or both) of the rear sensors is defective then this can cause the issue you are experiencing. Best to take it to a reputable garage who should be able to identify if there is an issue with the sensors Let us know how you get on with it
  4. This is a diagram of an HID setup (headlamp removed for ease of access) and it shows the ballast and the exciter which connects to the bulb
  5. An exciter is a ballast resistor I would think but never heard it called that before Also, I have never heard of resetting warning lamps for bulbs either as this would occur in the system when a new bulb is fitted
  6. It looks like a breather pipe going into it What's wrong with it
  7. Have you thought of swapping the ballast from one side to the other to prove the wiring and connections are okay.
  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum It sounds like the turbo variable vanes are gummed up. If you drive the car around locally and not take on long runs then this can occur.
  9. Certainly looks stylish enough Still sunny here in Dorset, long way from here now then?
  10. It would probably be the same for the Astra, AndyR
  11. Well you have certainly improved the looks of it and made it quite unique....proper job!
  12. Hi Jack....welcome to the Forum That's an aggressive front end of the car, looks great! What other mods have you done to it so far? Good to have you onboard
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to reinstate the EGR and put a blanking plate (with a small hole for the gas to be sensed by the engine management) to extinguish the EML.