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  1. I've found minute silvery metal in my camshaft sensor solenoid. Insignia Sri petrol 2009 with 104k miles. Car runs quiet and normal. Should I be worried?

  2. It may well be the bulb at fault as it will look for a resistance and could be corrosion causing it to read slightly high. Worth removing the bulbs to inspect them
  3. It may be a faulty brake light switch causing the issue
  4. Oh my goodness! That's going to be an expensive repair, surprised they didn't write it off
  5. I believe they are usually sold with the pedal. Can you dismantle and clean up the existing sensor, I have successfully done this on Renault / Nissan before?
  6. Hi Gary Nice Insignia and great backdrop Welcome to the Club
  7. Hi Sam....welcome to the Club We wouldn't be present at the show unfortunately, Covid didn't help with shows in general as not having the take up as pre-Covid attendance and will maybe take some time for confidence to build with the public turning up at shows (if they haven't already been cancelled for this year)
  8. Thats a strange one, could be it be the compressor not operating as efficiently as it should, albeit the clutch is operating and the gas is present but just not up to par?
  9. Hi.....welcome to the Club You can get a small trolley jack in a carry box at a reasonable price from Halfords that will do the job nicely https://www.halfords.com/tools/garage-workshop/axle-stands-trolley-jacks/
  10. I would not try running it any more as if the coolant has entered the combustion chambers then it could lead to melting the pistons or even hydraulic lock
  11. You could try looking at the bottom of the radiator area possibly?
  12. That is a wonderful collection of manuals for what was a great car for that era How much are you looking for them?
  13. looks like a fan speed resistor pack to me as has a heat shield for when it gets warm and also protects the resistors
  14. Probably best to shop around on the internet and maybe widen your search radius to get a better deal. Also, just because it is cheap doesn't mean it is good.....need to ensure it complies to all UK standards for towing and the electrics are correctly connected to the vehicle
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club I would start by carrying out a compression test on all the cylinders as it could be a sticking piston ring or similar which is not releasing until it has warmed up and expanded
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