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  1. Hi John.....welcome to the Forum It is possible that the current is shared by both items, assuming it can be switched independently. I would start by first checking the fuses to see where the power is going off to an also check the wiring near the screen
  2. I recently encountered a similar issue with a Honda and this came down to the fact that I fitted cheap (Chinese) bulbs and igniters....massive mistake. Fitted quality (but a lot more expensive) components and problem solved. Also, another issue I had was that the fitment was not as precise connection as the better quality component and didn't alway make good contact. It is worth double checking connection, etc but also check any earth leads (which will be close by and connected to the bodywork. If in doubt, run additional earth cables to the light units to ensure that the current ci
  3. Hi MIxa....welcome to the Forum Welcome back to the wonderful world of Vauxhall
  4. I would reiterate what Andy has said and a good oil service may cure the fault. Additionally, oil pressure light switches do tend to fail and also leak oil> Very cheap to replace and easy to do as well
  5. Hi....welcome to the Forum Probably the best option would be something like Osram or Phillips performance bulbs that advertise putting out something like 30% more light and brighter colour (e.g. white or blue tint) to cut through the dark. Halfords sell them and will fit them at a small cost
  6. Hi....welcome to the forum can only suggest looking on ebay for trim clips and see if any match up to the ones you have. lots of other manufacturers would use similar clips probably sourced from same source
  7. Hi Thomas....welcome to the Forum Feel free to post up some pics of the Nova if you would like to Good to have you onboard
  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum If you are referring to the undertray then it should be okay to drive as it only benefits vehicle aerodynamics and also eliminates oil leaks from contaminating the road.
  9. Hi Susan....welcome to the Forum It is a feature that can be switched on and off and also has to take into account other factors such as battery condition so if the vehicle hasn't been used as it should (owing to Covid lockdown) then this may be the reason why. However, if you contact your dealer then they may be able to sort this very easily for you (switching it on).
  10. Hi Iceman29 ..... welcome to the Forum I think you'll find that the reliability of the 1.7cdti engine was perfectly adequate for the era and most are still carrying out with huge miles behind them. However, the 2.0cdti is not suppose to be as reliable, unless any other members can dispel this rumour? Worth digging a bit deeper to establish what issues may lay ahead
  11. Hi Kenneth....welcome to the Forum They were superb cars back then but did suffer from the tin-worm slightly. Had a PA Cresta, couple of Carltons and an Omega....all superb cars and could compete with most other brands back then. Good to have you onboard
  12. How did you get on with the oil change and hope the back is better now. At least you have swapped the rain for the cold 🙂
  13. Hi Doug....welcome to the Forum Feel free to post up some pics of the Insignia if you wish Good to have you onboard
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