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  1. Maybe worth going to your local dealer and seeing if they list a spare wheel for it as an option
  2. I think I may be tempted to run the car until it does become an issue with starting in the cold weather
  3. I think you may be able to view it better from underneath but certainly needs removing to repair or replace with this much oil leaking out
  4. I would be checking the Crankshaft and Camshaft Sensor(s) also the MAF Sensor as these could be starting to go faulty More than likely to be a sensor fault more than anything
  5. This is the current situation and a case of getting what you can when you can unfortunately. I remember the confusion when they stopped 4 star and went unleaded and cars had to be modified (ignition timing retarded) to run on the new fuel
  6. Hi Dave....welcome to the Club The Cascada is a great looking car, probably one of the nicest looking large convertibles around (in my opinion Enjoy!
  7. Sounds like the boot light is either draining the battery (e.g. staying on) so it was removed for this reason? Check the condition of the car battery and also remove the bulb in the boot light
  8. Nice simple solution then, I like those sort of easy resolved issues
  9. Sounds like it could be a coolant temperature sensor that is failing or on the edge of its operating limits and causing the light to come on and the fans to stay running?
  10. Carbon build up in the throttle housing and may need cleaning out ultrasonically?
  11. The service lamp shows if there is an engine fault to say you need to visit your local garage. In the case of the Glow Plugs, they may just be below par and still work effectively but may fail during colder months. In the case of a Service Soon light, this also could be down to the fact that the oil has degraded or the Oil Quality was not reset in the ECU last time is was serviced and this can flick the lamp on
  12. It should be integrated within the MAF
  13. Hi Andy I have been running E10 in both my Harley and Z3 as they are rated to be able to run without issues. Also, not sure if its psychological but am sure it runs better on E10 Possibly its because you put different fuel in (e.g. from a supermarket) rather than a premium fuel supplier (BP, ESSO, etc)? ANYONE ELSE HAVING ISSUES WITH THE NEW E10 FUEL - LET US KNOW HOW YOU'RE GETTING ON WITH IT ?
  14. Hi richard blight ....welcome to the Club Feel free to browse and post and hopefully you'll find the answers you want. Also feel free to post responses if you think you can offer assistance Good to have you onboard!
  15. Hi Combo man .... welcome to the Club Not sure is the simple answer but would imagine it would come as standard though
  16. A few to choose from here https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=2018+vauxhall+crossland+x+sump+plug&_sacat=0
  17. Add some cleaning additives that are readily available from Halfords and give it a proper 'Italian Tuneup' which will probably resolve the issues at little cost
  18. It may be worthwhile to do so if the car is approaching the replacement mileage and then all the jobs in one hit
  19. Hi....welcome to the Club It seems like the car was driven conservatively when it comes to engine revs. A diesel needs revving to clear out the carbon deposits and keep everything clean and free to move. Typical example of components affected by carbon build up....EGR, Turbo Vanes, DPF, etc Good quality fuel and proper revs in lower gears will resolve this issue Let us know how you get on with it all in the future.
  20. Hi Guys and Gal's We are reaching out to all Vauxhall Owners Club members to see if there are any Vauxhall owners' looking to be a bigger part of the club and help contribute posts or help new members or simply just talk Vauxhall. We are looking for a small team of at least 6 people to be part of the team and encourage more discussion, arrange Vauxhall events within the UK and be part of a growing team. If you would like to be a club team member then message @Vauxhall Owners Club
  21. I'm surprised it hasn't switched off after the doors were locked. You may be able to alter the settings for duration time it stays on after ignition off
  22. Thanks for sharing this info with us, I'm sure there will be plenty of other owners suffering from this problem who will be grateful to know the fix
  23. Hi NIck A diagnosis with a Smoke Generator should instantly reveal the source of the leak. Some garages have this tool but also not too expensive to buy nowadays
  24. Hi Dererk the HP pump relies on a lift pump (low pressure) to draw fuel. I haven't seen many external LP pumps in engine bays for quite some time so more than likely in the fuel tank.
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