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  1. Maybe have to use a reset tool but if the sensors were of dubious source then this may be the issue
  2. Has any new bulbs been fitted lately? especially in the rear light units?
  3. That does sounds like a drama which you could do without If it is regenerating then the engine temperature usually increases but sometimes there are conditions that require fulfilling before regen can take place. For example; sufficient level of fuel, unaltered continuous speed for a minimum period of time, etc If any of these aren't being carried out (consult your handbook for specific conditions) then this may compromise the regen Also worth trying premium diesel fuel from a branded fuel station (BP, Esso, Shell, etc)
  4. I would consult your dealership parts department to see if they have revised it over time
  5. Thanks for letting us know what it was and hope you get it sorted at a reasonable cost
  6. That sounds like a brake pad wear sensor wire which they only usually fit to one side (in theory if the brakes are wearing evenly without any issues then its only needed one side - usually fitted to the inner pad)
  7. Too old to take back to dealers under warranty then. Maybe a battery reset could work to recalibrate the A/C system which sounds like its out of synch? Would consult the dealership or A/C specialist garage first though
  8. usually eBay for secondhand ones but could be buying another potentially faulty one
  9. Was going to suggest the fuel filter but as you've already done that then I would move to seeing if you can extract any fault codes from the ECU memory to see what the potential fault could be
  10. Good progress on the suspension Andy and I would also replace all the components while your in there as they are cheap enough and at least you know its all good for years to come
  11. You could try using poly bushes from somewhere like DemonTweeks who sell PowerFlex bushes and may have a listing for what you're after
  12. Oh thats great news and cheap fix Thanks for sharing the fix with the club
  13. You will need to get the ECU scanned for store fault codes and this should tell you what the issue is
  14. Not sure.....where have you read that code from Usually should be something like P0231 or similar but not sure what 85 means in this context
  15. Hi Gerry t1978 ....welcome to the Club
  16. From memory there is also a system relay which may be stuck on causing the pump relay to click in and out to prime the fuel system, but it needs a crank signal to fire the plugs as well
  17. Hard to tell without knowing the full diagnostic path they used However, I understand the need for them to take a deposit for an expensive part, not sure what you do if it doesn't fix it though
  18. Superb condition Vectra and didn't realise they were that rare now
  19. Yes it does sound like the clutch is dragging and that is why it is hard to select when cold
  20. Well time will tell if you have shifted the issue from one cylinder to another Please keep us updated on how it pans out
  21. Going from Xenon to Halogen may be a little difficult as the Xenon lights are self adjusting via suspension links and to fit standard headlights to adjust them for height may be a little difficult but probably not impossible. Also, the Xenon Ballasts carry high voltages so wiring may be an issue
  22. Very useful guide to repairing what is probably quite a common gear selector wear issue. Glad you got it sorted cheaply and better than the original set up
  23. Broken microswitches inside? Not uncommon for some remote fobs for them to detach from the circuit board, especially if dropped Can be resoldered if you have steady hand
  24. Well firstly it sounds like the earth electrode has been eroded away without leaving any material in the cylinders causing piston or valve damage As long as the compression is okay then there is half a chance of rescuing the engine if little else has occurred I would scan the injectors to see what duration and pulse width they have to determine a faulty injector on that cylinder and replace if necessary Once running then see how the spark plug fairs after a run and look at the colour of the electrodes on all cylinders for a comparison.
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