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  1. If it didn't have a sensor originally then no problem just to leave the sensor unconnected
  2. Have you applied copperslip on the pads where they slide back and forwards in the carrier? if not, then the pads could be stuck and slightly contacting the disc rather than retracting away from the disk Would need to pop the pads out and coat the contact parts (metal to metal contact only)
  3. The pads may need bedding in a bit so driving normally for a period should enhance the brake efficiency If not then take it back and get them to make any adjustments as necessary
  4. Try this site https://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom/home/car-engine-oil-and-fluids/motor-oil-and-fluids-finder.html/retail
  5. Actually £99 is not a bad price for an original equipment SatNav update
  6. The readings should vary depending on load being applied through the injectors....don't think it shows anything sinister though
  7. Belt tensioner could be failing and leading to the belt being deflected off the pulleys?
  8. Is the Air Conditioning switched on via the climate control system?
  9. Does it help to raise the hub assembly with a jack underneath so that the angle of the shafts change and allow more room?
  10. I would get a stainless system made owing to the lack of standard exhaust parts around at the moment. Have a look on eBay for companies that can custom make a system for you at reasonable cost
  11. You could get a stainless steel system made for it at a relatively reasonable cost
  12. You could try painting them yourself but to get them resprayed properly it would cost quite a bit either way you would need to remove the tyres to paint them properly Maybe worth trying to find some silver alloys and maybe swap for the black ones?
  13. First thing I would advise is an oil flush and change the oil and filter as well. This usually cures the rattle if hydraulic tappets are slightly blocked with carbon build up Also, could be injectors rattling but this is usually somewhat quiet. Check also it is not timing chain/belt tensioners, etc
  14. Hi....welcome to the Club Looking very clean! Good to have you onboard
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club Can't go too wrong with the older Astra's Good to have you onboard!
  16. The only way would be to remap the function out
  17. What are the symptoms with the engine operation?
  18. Looks like the EGR valve is blocked with carbon deposits would suggest an 'Italian Tune-up' to clear it out and rescan to remove codes
  19. Used parts are sometimes okay especially if someone has fitted a new part and then scrapped the car some time afterwards Good luck and let us know how you get on with sourcing one
  20. I would try eBay as I imagine there will be something on there to suit, even if it is a custom rear silencer
  21. Ooh, thats a big drive down to this area but it is worthwhile if you stay over as the New Forest is absolutely stunning. Was at Beaulieu yesterday for a Jaguar show and luckily the weather was superb, although there is the Motor Museum to wander around if it is rubbish weather
  22. The injectors fire with a signal from the crank and cam sensors Check also the system/fuel pump relay otherwise not sure why it is not running Have you tried EasyStart to see if the engine runs okay?
  23. It may be a feature of the phone as they only go to a maximum level (unless you override it) to protect your hearing
  24. I would imagine some universal heater hose (I believe they sell it in Halfords) would work in this situation. I may need to be longer and have more of a loop as it is not preformed to the exact shape
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