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  1. Hi Steve....welcome to the Club Superb looking car the GTC VXR....feel free to post up some pics of it on here Good to have you onboard!
  2. Merry Christmas to the members of the Vauxhall Owners Club Enjoy the festive break and see you back here in 2024
  3. I would scan the vehicle electronic system for fault codes in the ECU memory to more accurately diagnose the issue A cheap scan tool can be purchased online or motoring store to scan and reset the ECU
  4. Try Halfords for an aftermarket connector and you can trace the wires to reconnect the adapter
  5. First thought would be crankshaft or camshaft position sensors - even stretched chain/belt which can lead to sensors being out of sync. However as the engine fires when sprayed with brake cleaner then I would look for any fault codes, engine compression, even oil quality can affect starting (washed down with fuel, etc which lowers compression) Battery voltage, earth points (leads and connections) in fact there are so many other factors that could affect the engine not running. Start with the basics and go back over your work as it may be something simple that has been overlooked. Let us know how you get on and what you find
  6. have just found this which does say around 24psi all round (which I think is a bit low)? http://www.tyretrade.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/2486-FITMENT-POSTER-CAR-NEW1.pdf
  7. 155/80R13 79 SL 739 lbs 805 lbs 871 lbs 937 lbs 963 lbs (79 SL) 155/80R13 83 XL 732 lbs 798 lbs 862 lbs 928 lbs 948 lbs 990 lbs 1052 lbs 1074 lbs (83 XL) If this is the tyre size you have then these pressures will be within the range If not then start at 30psi and add or remove air pressure to suit handling characteristics
  8. Sounds like all the mods are subtle and the repairs are minor and sometimes takes a little while to get the car to how you like it....but always feels good when you achieve it
  9. Ensure that your headlights are on dip beam and then switch on the fog light If you are successful then there should be a warning lamp on the dash panel
  10. I believe that may be cured by a TPMS reset Firstly ensure that your tyres are at the exact pressure they need to be (when cold) Take a look at this video clip on how to reset the system
  11. If I think it is what you are describing then you need to hold down the switch then switch the ignition on and it should roll down or up in one movement rather than by increments
  12. Hi steveybean72 ....welcome to the Club How are you getting on with the Insignia? Phone images are huge nowadays and if you want to upload you can set the photos to a lower resolution as high res takes up huge amounts of storage space Good to have you onboard!
  13. Hi....welcome to the Club Quite a history with the brand over the decades! Always happy to have an expert to assist in the forums where possible Good to have you onboard
  14. I would definitely replace it if in doubt....not worth taking the chance in the long run
  15. Breakers yard is the only place I could think of acquiring one
  16. I would be looking at the SRS clockspring as the culprit in this case as the information for the horn and steering wheel controls all run through this. Either way, if you want to inspect or replace any components behind the steering wheel it is a job that needs to be tackled with care to avoid deploying the steering wheel airbag
  17. Not sure, but if in doubt then raise it with the seller to see if they will get an inspection on the transmission (oil change, etc) otherwise if it doesn't whine in normal service then not sure I would worry about it
  18. Hi....welcome to the Club The old Astra is definitely a great car and not sure progress has been kind to the Astra name over the years Good to have you onboard with your Crossland and hope it serves you well
  19. Hi Unfortunately, we are unfamiliar with this model on this side of the pond. I would be looking at the domestic market for any info on the car
  20. The new unit would more than likely need coding but if you plug in like-for-like and its just the CD storage/driver unit then it may work
  21. Hi....welcome to the Club I imagine a car of that age you should still be able to source that through the Vauxhall dealership...not sure of cost though
  22. Unfortunately, we do not hold any official records in our database so you would have either have to contact the military or your local Vauxhall dealership Here is a list of official clubs that the DVLA recognises to date vehicles, for your reference https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1164879/v765-1-list-of-vehicle-owners-clubs-pdf.pdf
  23. Local dealership may be able to assist you with the age verification as it should translate from the VIN number build date (depending if it has come from abroad as they sometimes do with the forces)
  24. Hi....welcome to the Club I would say the best bet would be used parts from a scrapyard and even better if you can source the correct colour parts as well
  25. Hi.....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
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