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Astr G Handbrake cable.


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Hi all, it's mot time, and I'm having to replace the hand brake cable on my astra g. I can get the cable unhooked from the lever end, and I've disconnected it from the drum end, but my problem is getting the cable out of the bracket behind the drum. Does it push in, or is there a clip that holds it in situ? 

I have soaked thebrackets and cables in WD40 hoping that it will help loosen them.

It's a mk4 astra club. And has 3 sections,  I'm just replacing the middle section.  

TIA Andy

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I do have a new cable to go in, but there does seem to be any clips with it. I didn't know if it just pushed into the bracket, and tension held it in once handbrake was adjusted. 

Now weather had warmed up a bit, I will be getting back out on it to get it mot'd. 

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Update on getting handbrake cable removed.

Had to cut old cable and remove bracket from suspension arm, and then drill the old ones out. 

Now I can get back to replacing new cable, and get the old girl in for mot. Hopefully before it snows.


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Well it's all fitted back together nicely now. Handbrake all adjusted up. Monday morning I will be seeing if I can book an mot, and hopefully be back on the road again soon. I thought I'd better give the old girl a birthday wash too. 



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