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Showing off my runaround.

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Hi all. I joined the forum just over a month ago but was at work (on a ship) so I didn't have a chance to get a pic of the car the Mrs had bought while I was away. 

But now I'm home, here's a couple of pics. I've got an 04 Astra 1.7cdti SRi (the 100bhp model). Slightly underpowered compared to my previous car that shat itself on its MOT (I had a Ford C-Max 2.0tdci that made 140bhp roughly, but the mot failure would have coated about 2k to fix). 

I'm liking the car. It doesn't have the space like the previous car, but that's understandable considering my previous car was an MPV. This is the first Vauxhall I've owned. But my dad has had many Vauxhall's in my childhood (Senator, Carlton, Cavalier, Omega etc etc, he was a cabby). There are a few niggles with it though, are parts interchangeable between the early to late Astra H's? 


Many thanks if you've taken the time to read this! 





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It is a nice looking car, and clean for its age. I too have had a variety of Vauxhalls over the years. HB Viva, Cavalier SRi, and now on my 2nd mk4 Astra G. I also drove a mk1 Carlton, and a mk2 Carlton as taxi's back in the late 80's. 

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