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Astra G Rear silencer


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Hi all, I am in need of a rear silencer for my Astra g. I have trolled the web ,and all my local car spare shops, and tyre and exhaust centres, to no avail. They have all come back with the same answers. Not in stock, or no longer on the system. 

I have patched it up as much as i can, but it is at the point of being more Gun gum and bandage, than exhaust. Does anyone have a half decent one laying about that they're willing to part with, for a reasonable fee of course. 

Kind regards  Andy R.


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I've tried ebay, and not had any luck. They're either way over priced,  or it comes up as out of stock when you do a buy it now. I bought one on ebay, and it was never sent, so I had to claim my money back.  Looks like I might be heading out to some local breakers/salvage yards to see if I can find a good usable 2nd hand one for now. 

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Update on the silencer.

Managed to find a new one on ebay for £45.00. Unfortunately it's not the clam shell that I originally had, as these seem to be quite scarce at the moment.  So I got a cylindrical one that fits perfectly.  So before it got too hot outside this morning, I've been and fitted it. Car now sounds nice and quiet again . She might get a service later when it cools down. 

We're sitting at 27°c at the moment here in Norfolk.  

Regards Andy. 

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in case people are wondering, Yes the armchair is tatty, as its the one our 5 cats sleep in and as you can see, sharpen their claws on. 😸

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