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Automatic gearbox filter/sump

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Hi all. Back in February I did a ATF change. It was black and smelt like normal gear oil. 

I am looking at doing it again, but this time replacing the filter too. Can anyone advise me on where the filter might be please. And I understand that there are variants of the gearbox, so if anybody knows of the type too, that would be great. I took a picture from under the car of the gearbox if this helps. 

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Andy

I cannot make out from the photo as to whether there is a flat plate with bolts that can be removed and housing a flat filter?

Here are some video links so if you can see if any resemble your gearbox and it may give a clue to location of the filter


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Hi Trevor, thanks for all the links regarding auto box oil change. 

I've had a look through them, and the video of "Changing the automatic gearbox oil in a Vauxhall Corsa" is the one that seems to be the closest to mine. But it doesn't mention the filter. I think it might be worth a trip to the local vauxhall dealers to see if they can point me in the right direction. 

Wish me luck.😉 

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Well I know its been a while, but I have an update regarding auto box oil filter. 

Car went for M.O.T. Thursday, and whilst there I asked about the auto box filter. It turns out that the filter is a gauze one, and it is deep inside the gearbox, which to do, means a total strip down. I was advised that another flush, and fresh oil, and it should be ok. The average change should be about every 40,000 miles. Which hopefully will out last the car, as I've only done about 8,000 in the last year.

And the other good news is that she passed with a couple of minor advisories.

A couple of brake pipes need cleaning up, and there is a slight blow on the join going into the rear silencer. So all in all, Thursday was a good day. 😛

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It certainly was a relief coming away from the test centre with just 2 advisories. And being able to pick the garage owners brains about different bits and pieces.  He is a vauxhall man through and through.  And a mind of knowledge.  All I've got to do now is sort out the speedo drive, as its playing up again. 

Apparently it could need a new seal, or it could want completely replacing, or it might just be getting wet and need a bit of protection for the winter.

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