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How's your day?

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Having a whale of a time here in sunny norfolk. So peaceful as everyone is self isolating. I live in the middle of nowhere, so unless the postman is a carrier, then we're pretty safe. Lot's to do to keep me busy, car, cut the 3/4 acre of grass, and get daughters car ready for when she starts driving lessons in july.   

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Glad to hear you are okay Andy, Norfolk is a lovely part of the world.
Only been there twice, once was to stay in Cambridge and then by coincidence (yeh right!) I then took a diversion to Kings Lynn to buy a front bumper for my BMW Z3 - well as I was so local to it anyway 🙂
The second time was a drive from Bournemouth to Norwich to buy some wheels for my Honda CRV, a 500 mile round trip but was worth it for the cost of the wheels and tyres and also a day out in the lovely town of Norwich.
Some really lovely roads in Norfolk and apart from the distance its a lovely place to drive through.

Anyway I digress, now is most certainly the time to get all those jobs done around the house and cars and also time to spend valuable time with the close family/partners/spouse/pets and who knows how long it will last for as well?

Stay safe Andy and hope the car maintenance goes well

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