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Gearbox oil top up??

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Hi, can anybody tell me where to find the filling point on the astra g 1.6 gearbox. I've been told there are about 3 different gearboxes fitted, and i don't have a clue which one i have. All i know is its a 5 speed, and its getting a bit stiff going into gear when you first start up. I have found that if i dip the clutch and go through the gears, including reverse, it frees up a bit quicker. Iam hoping its just in need of either a top up, or draining out and fresh putting in. 

Do you have to change gearbox oil like you do the engine oil?

regards Andy.

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Hi Andy

I would be tempted to drain and refill the transmission oil.

Usually there are two plugs.....the lower one being the drain and slightly higher up is the refill/level plug.

I would assume they would be on the outer side of the box near the diff.

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Thanks for the info Trevor, I guess i'm going to have to get the overalls out and go scrabbling underneath to see what i can find. The garage that mot'd it earlier this year said that i have to remove the inner wheel arch to get to it. I am so hoping not. I  also saw a video of the battery being removed to get to top up the box. Again i am so hoping this isn't on my car.

I will post how i get on, once I've had a look about.

Thanks again.


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