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Master Cylinder


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So it seems I need a new Brake Master Cylinder. If I push gently the pedal goes all the way to the floor !. If i stab the pedal the car will stop but its alarmingly poor compared to a healthy newer car.

New ones all seem to be out of stock and a lot of searches throw up ones that turn out to be incompatible. I also keep getting to LHD versions or non-ABS versions. When I do get to a correct (maybe) one it is out of stock.

I get the impression these are not easy to repair but some say they can be done at a specialist - any pointers ?.

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Sounds like the fluid is leaking past the seals in the master cylinder (like internal bleeding so it doesn't leak out but the pressure just drops as fluid leaking between the seals)

I would be tempted to install a repair kit (seals, etc) in the master cylinder as they are rebuildable from memory

A very easy job to do just ensure you soak the new seals in fresh brake fluid overnight and try to clean up the bore first


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Thanks. The kits seem to be less than £20. The garage I am using don't like refurbing BUT I do. Anyway - worth a try.

Currently on the back burner as the garage have space and a Mustang to finish rebuilding while i research. Worry is the locking wheel nut key broke on the last wheel and a caliper bleed nipple has snapped, I had a spare caliper but on dismantling the casing broke apparently.

Bit of a slow reply from me as I lost my notes on how to log in !.

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