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  1. Thanks. The kits seem to be less than £20. The garage I am using don't like refurbing BUT I do. Anyway - worth a try. Currently on the back burner as the garage have space and a Mustang to finish rebuilding while i research. Worry is the locking wheel nut key broke on the last wheel and a caliper bleed nipple has snapped, I had a spare caliper but on dismantling the casing broke apparently. Bit of a slow reply from me as I lost my notes on how to log in !.
  2. So it seems I need a new Brake Master Cylinder. If I push gently the pedal goes all the way to the floor !. If i stab the pedal the car will stop but its alarmingly poor compared to a healthy newer car. New ones all seem to be out of stock and a lot of searches throw up ones that turn out to be incompatible. I also keep getting to LHD versions or non-ABS versions. When I do get to a correct (maybe) one it is out of stock. I get the impression these are not easy to repair but some say they can be done at a specialist - any pointers ?.
  3. Hello. Spent most of my time on TC. Now in need of help but no more TC. Looks like a brake master cylinder needed.
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