Jim Coleman

Replacement utility / fan belt

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Hi all hope you are all well and keeping safe.  in the last couple of days I have replaced the fan/ utility belt and installed a new belt tensioner on a 2007/8 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 petrol and everything seems ok, however, the belt squeals when the steering wheel is turned in either direction and sometimes when the engine is first started I have checked the tensioner fittings and everything looks and feels sound.  Can anyone offer me some pointers / advice. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jim....welcome to the Forum

This is an issue I am experiencing on a constant basis nowadays.
Having successfully fitted numerous belts over the years and never had any issues, but recently I have had a spate of 'squeeky' belts.

I am quite sure it relates to the country of manufacture (China) and even though the latest 'squeeky' belt I fitted was a Gates belt it was still made in China, which to me signifies that it is of poor quality (e.g. possibly not much rubber content?).

I would source a reputable make of belt and preferably not one made it China .... this should resolve the issue.

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