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    Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Petrol 2007
  1. Hi, thanks for accepting my application to join, I just hope that I wont have to ask to many questions and I hope that I can contribute.
  2. Many thanks for the help, I will now look into this, cheers.
  3. Hi all hope you are all well and keeping safe. in the last couple of days I have replaced the fan/ utility belt and installed a new belt tensioner on a 2007/8 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 petrol and everything seems ok, however, the belt squeals when the steering wheel is turned in either direction and sometimes when the engine is first started I have checked the tensioner fittings and everything looks and feels sound. Can anyone offer me some pointers / advice. Thanks in advance. Jim
  4. Hi just joined today I am 67 years young and I help my son and his partner with the maintenance of their car and I hope to be able to get some help / support with info and advice to help them keep the car serviceable and fit for use. I am a retired engineer and used to be a self employed car Mechanic back in the 80's 90's so I have a good background in car repairs and maintenance, however, my knowledge of modern cars can be a little limited so I hope other members will be forgiving and tolerant with me and I look forward to chatting with members.