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  1. It could be that the fluid is leaking internally between the seals in the master cylinder which does not show as leaking any fluid and if the level does not drop.
    That would be a good place to start if you are needing to replace components

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  2. Not sure you'll get much more information on the standard system

    But you could get an OBD dongle and tether it to your phone with an app it should show heaps more information about the car's live data readings

  3. Hi....welcome to the Club

    Sounds like you have a great example of what was one of the best models of Astra (in my mind) and as long as it has been maintained correctly over the years should go on for many more years!

    Good to have you onboard and feel free to post up some piccys of it

  4. I would suggest a scrap yard but chances are if there is an inherent fault with this type of gearbox then you could just end up with the same issue.
    A gearbox remanufacturer would be more expensive but better in the long run as they will have resolved the original issues

    You could also widen your search by finding out which other vehicles the transmission has been fitted to (e.g my Alfa Romeo Mito has the same gearbox as the Corsa and many other make vehicles)

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