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  1. Oh dear StellaDMN .....don't worry we all have these moments (blonde or otherwise)

    Its just good that its not a expensive fault and can simply be cured by switching off a button

    Sometimes the bus is the best and least troublesome option, also means you can shop and have a drink as well 🙂 

  2. All of the diagnosis seem plausible but only one is more than likely causing the fault.
    I would consider very carefully how much money you throw at this fault without determining the exact cause (considering that age of the car and the extent to which damage may have occurred)

    If the coolant has leaked into the ABS unit then quite possible it may also have traced up the wiring into the loom and this can be expensive to replace. So a rebuild of the ABS unit may only be half of the problem.
    Companies like BBA Reman are very good at diagnosing faulty units and offering an exchange one for a reasonable price


  3. Not sure of which exact fuse to tap into but have done this job before on a Honda and measured the volts to see which fuse is live and if it goes off when the ignition is switched off....seemed to be completely different to the one I though it would be (fusebox cover description)....best to measure as you will definitely know which one is best.


  4. It helps to assist the seat back retraction by applying some backward pressure against it before pulling the release lever.
    Its the same on my Alfa Romeo Mito (in fact the drivers cable has now snapped) but by pressing against the seat back to alleviate the sprung pressure that is on the mechanism it makes it much easier to release and less chance of breaking anything

  5. Worth looking at the connectors and sometimes works if you disconnect the plugs, turn 360 degrees and refit as if bad connection then it applies a slight bias to the pins when there is a slight resistance against them from twisting it round....works on French cars a treat

    Also look for broken wires leading to the connectors, poor earth points and leads, etc

  6. I recommend a Battery Conditioner which does just that.....it conditions a battery by discharging, overcharging and then maintaining the charge.
    This is far better that just packing a charge into a battery especially if it is already sulphated and constantly need charging.
    Also more beneficial for cars that are not used frequently and you can just hook up through a permanently connected lead that will sit in the engine bay and can only connect one way to the conditioner so very simple and safe and can be left on for extended periods of time.

    Go to Halfords to see which ones they have on offer and recommend

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