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First foray into Vauxhall

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Just PX'ed a Ford after 12 years of reliable service.  Now have a comfy, elevated seating, 2020 Crossland X and have been impressed so far.  

Was told that it drinks engine oil at the rate of 1/3 litre per 1000 miles.  My 1970's 2 stroke motorbike wasn't that bad.  Is it really that thirsty?

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I would keep an eye on the consumption and it usually reduces when run in but sometimes they were never run in hard enough and the oil passes the rings.
Had it on motorbikes particularly and once driven hard enough over time the rings tend to bed into the bores a little more.
Also check to see if there is a heavier weight engine oil recommended for that engine and should be possible to use that in future until it stops using so much

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