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Crossland X2018 whining when reversed onto an inclined drive

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Hello, I bought a used Crossland X, 2018 (68) a fortnight or so ago. I have two parking spaces at the front of the house, both have an incline. Due to having three vehicles temporarily I was parking the Crossland across the two spaces and not on the incline. Now that I have got rid of the third vehicle, I am now reversing the Crossland onto my driveway/parking space. I am finding that when reversing up the slight incline, the car makes a whining/droning sound. I tried going back and forth, sometimes it goes away. I have reversed up the street which is a lesser incline and it doesn't make the noise, just normal reverse gear type noises, I've reversed round corners and on a flat for a distance and just normal noises, no whining.

What is this noise and should I be straight back onto the seller before 28 days are up?

I'll try to upload a video if I can.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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The above video, it whined the first two times I reversed up and went back and forth, the third time it quietened down. I went out to the car again 10 mins later, pulled forward then back up the drive and it did it again but not as loud.

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