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Zafira B 1.8 SRI XP - 2011 - Emissions Warning Light


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Hello One and All.

Zafira B 1.8 SRI XP - 2011 - Emissions Warning Light

The emissions warning light came on the other day, as shown in the attached pic.

I have a basic code reader whoich I plugged in, expecting to find an error code to help with diagnosing the problem.

The code reader showed no codes stored, but oddly I am able to switch the light off by clearing the codes via the code reader.

The light comes on again after a while.

Using the I/M Ready test facility shows all good except fpr the O2S and the CAT symbols, which show as red crosses and INC status.

The car passed its MOT emissions test less that 2 weeks ago

So now I am stumped. Do I need a more sophisticated code reader?

All suggestions gratefully received, thanks!



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