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Laboured idling before cutting out


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Hi, can anyone help?

We have recently purchases a diesel ecoflex 1.7 (2011).

We have a fault..... whenever I leave work, I get to the junction (100m metres maybe) and while sat waiting to go it labours, then I put my foot on the accelorator to pull out and it cuts out. It's struggle to start it again and when I do, it just labours and cuts again. Eventually I manage to get it going and it's fine. I work 50 miles up the motorway, and bizarrely this only ever happens when I leave work, its fine in the mornings and appears to be fine at weekends. So far the EGR has been cleaned, the fuel filter changed and some injector cleaner added by the seller. Throws up no fault codes. Any ideas? 

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On 5/24/2023 at 5:14 PM, Vauxhall Owners Club said:

It could be clogged up with carbon and an engine clean with a company such as Terraclean may resolve this issue

Hi, Thank you for your reply. We replaced the EGR (lets just say the garage "clean" left a lot to be desired) and all seemed to be working perfectly.... for 3 days! We now have error P2034 - overboost. Could this be as a result of changing the EGR? Or a whole new problem? Seems very coincidental. My husband was overtaking a lorry and put his foot down, got to just below 3k revs and lost power. Pulled over and restarted the engine and all was fine. Until he put his foot down and as soon as he 2.5-3k revs the spanner light comes on followed by the EML and loss of power.  The EML is now on permanently, but power is fine at the lower end. We've cleaned the MAF sensor with no change. Any ideas please 🙂

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