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Oil leak? Exhaust smoke

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Hi i have 2014 zafira tourer 2ltr diesel turbo. Unfortunately I missed the last service by 1000 miles and now its telling me off for it! I have found oil level dropping to minimum and have found oil pooling on a pipe behind the service hatch to drivers side lower / fog lamp / hedgehog / turning light. Where could this be actually leaking from as its quite far from engine and its the only pool I can find. Also could this be getting sucked into air intake to cause smoky exhaust? Please note there is no coolant loss or milking on filler cap/dipstick. On a very tight budget with bill to pay but need the car20230507_204624.thumb.jpg.24d4aa0197c210834db006ae61ca01e9.jpg

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No chance to jet wash. Connected to computer and found injectors are working as should but egr isn't. Can't find source of leak but oil isn't milking nor is coolant level dropping. There is still White/grey smoke from exhaust when accelerating only uphill? Fine on flat ground unless really pushing. Is it worth putting stop leaks into oil and coolant anyway? Or could this be turbo issue? Being told fuel mix may not be correct but it may be oil combustion.

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