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West Mercia Police 2.6Li


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Hi, I hope you can help.

Back in 2001 I bought a white Vauxhall Carlton 2.6Li from Worcester car auctions for an epic trip to the Hungarian F1 GP. It was registered J48JTP. It still had remnants of much police equipment in the cabin and boot including all the extra wiring. 

Many years later I saw the Corgi Vanguards model of a West Mercia 2.6Li. The registration is different, but the Corgi blurb says only one demo car was built and lent to forces for evaluation. "No replicas were ordered"

Does anyone know anything about other police 2.6Lis?

PS Mine had a broken Speedo but we redlined it in top on the autobahn!

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Sounds like a very rare car indeed and hindsight is a wonderful thing (i wished i had kept half the cars I owned over the years).

Obviously the Police force then went over to Ford cars for cost reasons I would imagine.
I think the 2.6 was the European 'Opel' engine range but would have been more tuneable than the 3.0 litre possibly?

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