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What's the verdict on the Vauxhall Combo Diesel, think to g


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Thanks for the updates, will bear that in mind.p/exchange tie.But more recently, would like to know cambelt/ timing chain,on a 2015 Zafira Tourer,Cdt..£££..??to replace.Advice welcome 

Thanks guys.

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Thank you for this info.I think that along the thinking,transfer to a 2015,ZAFIRA TOURER 1.6, 110.229 miles.to date,would I order to change time chain on the car/ milege/age??..would be the way to go...

Comments please




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Thanks for the updates.The garage have replaced the turbo, but worried they found plastic in the sump, they think it's from the timechain??.,I have been told its quite expensive to replace, so do I get ready for a hefty bill?? .So looking at the feedback, from you guys,the timechain, has reached that replacement time..I have not much evidence of oil changes in the service booklet, so I suppose the care hasn't been paid enough to the car. ,until now.,yours truly!.Oh the joys of motoring...cheers.The rest of the car is ok.,as Vauxhall's are.So anyone else had these problems with their Zafira, Would be interested. to know.Thanks in advance Mr.K.Gilbey  

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