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ABS fault.


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Hi there. I have a meriva 2012, petrol 1400cc manual gearbox. For a few months I have had the ABS warning lights coming on and off at random times.

My local garage checked it over, their reader said it was a front left speed sensor and fitted a new one. When I picked it up the lights were all back on.

When they road tested it there were no lights on. They fitted another speed sensor wondering if the other was faulty. It wasn,t. I contacted an auto electrician who diagnosed a wiring fault either at the ABS or the wire to the sensor. He advised me to take it to the Vauxhall agent which I did reluctantly. Their diagnostic said it was a faulty ABS unit caused by a water leak from the expansion tank. I haven,t needed to top up the water for nearly a year so I didn,t  get that story. In the morning I will remove the battery and have a good look myself as the space is limited to see properly. The agent quoted me £2250 to fit a new ABS and expansion tank. I have just seen that they can be sent off for refurbishing, has anyone had experience of this type of job? Can anyone advise me of any pitfalls please.

Thanks Alphonse.

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All of the diagnosis seem plausible but only one is more than likely causing the fault.
I would consider very carefully how much money you throw at this fault without determining the exact cause (considering that age of the car and the extent to which damage may have occurred)

If the coolant has leaked into the ABS unit then quite possible it may also have traced up the wiring into the loom and this can be expensive to replace. So a rebuild of the ABS unit may only be half of the problem.
Companies like BBA Reman are very good at diagnosing faulty units and offering an exchange one for a reasonable price


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Thanks for the advice. We removed the plug from the ABS unit this morning but couldn,t see any signs of corrosion. There was a trace of browney sludge around though. There may have been more but the auto electrician may have wiped it off last week.

I was considering BBA Reman but the feed back doesnt look very promising? Their website looks good, also the service they offer looks good. My local garage said they will do the job and send it off for repair to BBA if I want. They are going to have another word with the auto electrician before going any further so I will hang fire for now. 

Thanks again, Alphonse.

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I took the car into a local garage that was recommended to me and they sent the ABS unit off for repair. Alas it was too far gone. Water ingress from the expansion tank. So now they are looking for a good used one for me. I guess it will have to be formatted to my car to work? How is this done I wonder? An other trip to the Vauxhall dealers?? I hope not. If and when I do get the car back, I will be looking for ways to stop water getting to the ABS again. An idea for anyone with a Meriva I guess!

I will keep posting as things develop,


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Hi, I eventually got my car sorted. The ABS unit was beyond repair and so I bought one from a breakers. I was told to quote the code from the unit, which was AD9 and to get one the same which I did. This was fitted but they evidently had a job to match ( ? ) it to the car. The garage did get it to work after a lot of phoning around and so I am back on the road. The alternative would have been to scrap it I guess. Can I include the garage that did the work? They were very helpful and reasonable in price considering. They are Auto Cars, Willerby, near Hull.

Since I got the car back, I have fitted a piece of stiff plastic under the expansion tank, just in case. Maybe other Vauxhall owners would be advised to check their tanks for leaks also.

Regards to all, Alphonse.

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