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Newbie with meriva Vxr project


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picked up a meriva Vxr a week ago,she needs some love and tlc but I’ve already started.


already done a big service in the car oil/oil filter/fuel filter/plugs and Courtney panel filter.


car chucked a code on the way home p0170 fuel trims which I need to sort of anyone has any pointers.car feels flat so I assume it’s in limp mode.


she is a 56 plate with 87k,red too which I believe is quite rare.


i also own a supercharged e92 m3 which is a semi track build and a Cupra 280 sub 8 estate which is the daily.


finding it really hard to find any forums with any real meriva owners or ones that are active!


got big plans for a he meriva,full repaint,possibly forged motor or 2.0 turbo swap down the line. For now I will do breathing mods,injectors and map along with maybe lowering it and some better stoppers.


can you fit brembo’s to this off any other cars in the range?


hardly any info on them so it’s tough lol


few pics of the old girl.





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Hi....welcome to the Club

Fine looking VXR you have there and big plans ahead then

I would put it down to the fact that its probably being driven differently from the previous owner and just needs a constant clear out through spirited driving to clear out any carbon build up in the engine.
Also run some cleaner in the fuel system which may help the situation.

Let us know how it all progresses and congrats on a fine selection of other cars you have in your collection 🙂 

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I think it was run on 95 before where as I will only run 99. It’s a bit flat so think it’s in limp mod so likely has a little issue.


will have it looked at as I really like the car so it’s gona be a project over time and be my daily driver 🙂

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  • 2 weeks later...

It’s currently in being fixed,purge valve was stuck open which is now replaced. Had some dodgy hose cut in possibly for a boost gauge so all that’s sorted.


power steering light come on when i was driving it to my friend who is a mechanic so I think it needs a new electronic colum and torque sensor 


plus the box needs sorting but I’m changing the oil for now and longing it out for as long as possible.


we’ll get there!

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Little update it’s been sorted,ended up fixing it then not even getting off the garage forecourt before another engine light.


then I changed to a forge recirc and new boost controller and it’s been fine since


now has a turbo back cobra exhaust on the car and some new badges 







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