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Vauxhall Monaro CV8 5.7

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Hi Guys and girls.  I've just joined up.  I've owned my Monaro for about five years and finally got it up to a standard where I can enjoy the driving and proudly show it off too. 

It's a lonely business owning one of these beasts. Spare parts are scarce and can be pricey although consumables are quite reasonable. A few specialist in the UK can help here. 


Commonly people think the Monaro is a gas guzzler but being 5.7 litre V8 its a lazy lump which can poodle along at 45 mph at tick-over under one thousand revs or return 30 to 40 mpg on motorways. 

I would love to learn of other owners in or near Wiltshire area. 

All the best. 




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Hi Phil, and welcome to the club. 

That is a nice looking ride you have there. I haven't seen many Monaro's about around here in Norfolk. I think i saw a red one before lockdown at our local McDonalds, but it could've just been passing through. 

I would guess that the "lazy lump" has took a few people by surprise. And such good mpg for a V8. 

And I thought my little 1.6 had good mpg....

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