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2013 1.4 Astra - Car cutting out


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I'm losing the plot! My car has been in the garage since last Sunday! Tomorrow is day 9! 

I want to know if anyone has had a similar problem and if the fault was found as the garage seem to have no clue.


I have a 2013 Vaxual Astra SRI 1.4 petrol (I brought from the garage a year and half ago) last week I was driving back from Wiltshire, after 25 mins, my speed started to drop and the car just cut out. AA man couldn't find any faults on his poxy machine. He jumped started the car, it drove for 4 mins then cut out, causing me to breakdown in such a dangerous place!


Anyway, fast forward, the garage assumed it was the crankshaft sensor (didn't actually bother to call me beforehand with a quote like I asked) turns out its not the crankshaft! Question, should I still have to pay for the part? 

Anyway, apparently the car turns on but then just cuts out and apparently they still have no idea what it is! 


Has anyone with similar car found they've had the same issues? And managed to get it sorted? I feel garage's nowadays just run off their machines telling them if there's a problem or not.


I NEED my car, I've not been able to go work or take my daughter to nursery.. I am moving house next week! 


Someone help!!

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Not sure whether you have now managed to sort the issue?

I would have checked the fuel and spark situation and see what was dropping out and when. (Live Data should give an indication of this)
It could be something as simple as the fuel / system relay which is failing when getting hot.

The garage should really remove any parts that were fitted in error as this is not the way to correctly diagnose (although the crank sensor is the first component I would have suspected). Also, I believe your engine should have a Camshaft sensor which can also fail the same as the Crankshaft sensor.


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