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2nd time VXR owner, 1st time club member

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Hi all,

I purchased my second Astra (H) VXR at the end of October 2021. I owned a black Irmscher kitted one about 5 years ago but sold it for the cash when my wife was given a company car ... I've missed it every day 😭😆

Anyway, getting back behind the wheel feels great. I picked this one up from MW Performance in Chester. It's very low mileage and in great condition inside and out. It has a stage 1 blufin superchips remap taking it to 280bhp. Since purchasing I've had the tailgate struts replaced as they were rusty, a hole in the dashboard repaired and currently, I'm working my way through the engine bay replacing rusty clips, pipes and bolts and cleaning as I go. I plan to keep it as original as possible. Currently 43k on the clock. 

Great to be back 🥳🚗






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Hi VXRDavie.

Welcome to the club. It is a fine example you have there. It certainly is clean and tidy, and with such low mileage too. I do like your idea of trying to keep it all original, I'm like that that as well. Originality looks more in keeping, than a advert for halfords.

Happy motoring.

Andy R.

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