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Tyre Sizes


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My daughter has just bought a 2018 Corsa 1.4 special edition.

I have noticed that the front tyres are size 225/45 whilst the rear tyres are 215/45

I cannot find that the 225/45 are recomended for a Corsa on any tyre specalist site.

 Your Comments and thoughts most welcome.

I have a 2019 1.4 Griffin with 195/55 tyres all round, just cant see why the tyres would be different


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On 2/16/2022 at 3:05 PM, Vauxhall Owners Club said:

Sounds like someone has changed the wheels for a wider combination.
Maybe better to fit them to the rear? But if the work fine (e.g. good handling) then maybe best to leave them on there.
Otherwise, next tyre change you can revert back to 215 size (maybe cheaper as well)

Thanks, possibly the previous owner lived in a rural area. Im inclined to replace them with new 215s. More for my peace of mind than anything else.

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