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Orange Gearbox warning light on continuously


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Hi People 

Thanks for letting me join.


My cars problem is the orange gearbox warning light has come on and the manual is ,I think a bit vague on whats wrong, I phoned Vauxhalls to day and they can't see it until 11 November so looking else where  for answers, any help would be useful .

thanks people

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Hi Chubbs, and welcome to the forum. 

Firstly, is your light an actual gearbox, or is it a engine? 

I have looked on other Vauxhall websites, and they don't show an actual gearbox shaped light. but the orange engine light covers both. 

It states that it is a engine/transmission electronic fault. 

Secondly, are you experiencing any running faults at all that could be related?

The RAC website suggests that it may indicate that the transmission fluid is either getting to hot,or that it might need topping up. Might be worth checking the gear oil level first. 

Regards Andy. 

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Hi Andy

Thanks For your reply

On the mid level instrument panel its the item , bottom left of the speedo dial.

There are no running faults, it seems fine.

It was fine Friday morning, Friday afternoon there it was, lit up when the engine was running, I wonder if it could be that it hasn't had a descent run lately and is getting blocked up.

I'll have a g at the gearbox and engine oil tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion.




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