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Insignia Wet drivers footwell

Nick Hagan

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About a month ago I was hoovering out my car Insignia grand sport 2017 and discovered that the drivers footwell was wet. To the point were if I pressed hard enough I could lift water off it. I couldn't think of an explanation for this. I haven't spilled anything or left window or door open and it hadn't been particularly bad weather. It wasn't wet behind the peddles or under the seat pretty much just under where the mats sit. Yesterday I took off the door seal and the plastic facia and pulled the carpet as far back as the seat bolts. It was absolutely dripping with it also being very thick underlay it held a lot of water. I've had a wet vac on it and got it as dry as possible and left it in the sun. To try and find the source I've also had the windscreen wipers off and the plastic cover to check I'd the windscreen run off was blocked but it wasn't. I'm at a loss I've no idea how the water is getting in. However what I have noticed is that there is no under tray on the engine block which is the only thing I can think of. 

Has anyone had a similar problem or any idea what the issue could be. I've called my local dealership. The words chocolate and teapot spring to mind. 

Thanks in anticipation a


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Discovered drivers mat wet about 3 weeks ago and whether co incidentally it was at time of awful heavy prolonged spell of wet weather and flooding. Mechanic has secured a grommet type  thing that was surrounding an area behind the brake panel - there is possible steering column type thing.  Sorry I cant explain it any further.  However, having place towels in the area to dry up water, and felt with the grommet secured that this was end of problems.  I know that I need to get area dried out and plan to have this done in next day or so.  My problem is where is this water coming from? Advice I have got randomly is that it could be coming in from windscreen which I believe had been replaced prior to me purchasing car.  Another suggestion was pollen filter? Can anyone else throw any light and if youve had any similar problems? I am taking car to mechanic this week for thorough check over.  Its 2015 diesel automatic.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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