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Stop start not working


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On 7/28/2021 at 2:39 PM, Nuttyboy78 said:

I have same problem just been to Liverpool and back still not working


Check the battery is fully charged and delivering the power the system needs to operate.
Also, if it has discharged in the past (e.g. during lockdown) then the battery charge may need resetting via a scan tool for the vehicle to know the new voltage (e.g. post lockdown)

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Hi I had the same problem when I bought my 17 plate, apparently the battery is failing not holding its charge it may be 100% charged by the charger but is it holding 100%, it may be only holding 70% and for the stop start to work it needs 74% of a good battery. So difficult to explain, anyway,

New Battery is what mine needed

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Absolutely crazy system used by Vauxhall, I have the same problem on my  2017 Insignia VXR,but my 2019 BMW 740d  stop/start system works within 5 mins of the engine being started even if the engine temp is still cold.

I guess if you want perfection you need to stick with the Germans, i was looking to part ex my VXR with a Vauxhall dealer who then offered me just over half of its value which i declined,so i guess thats my punishment for not buying German............... wont be making that mistake again 

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