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Astra G MOT Fail

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My 98 Astra G 1.4 petrol Failed MOT/NCT. on emissions,see photo,

High idle CO 0.68    above 0.30 fail   Failed

Low idle 0.50   above 0.50 fail           Passed (just)

now im having problems with my EGR valve, engine management light on code,

P1405 - Linear Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position

 (00) - Not present 

now would this cause the above fail or could it be more then this  this?






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It shows the Hydrocarbons (HC) being high....this suggests an ignition fault which is causing the not all of the fuel to burn.
Suggest cure this and the emissions will come in line.
Sparkplugs and HT Leads are usual suspects and then check the emissions after that (including Oxygen (O2) level which should be 0%)

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