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  1. Driving my 2008 1.6 Zafira B today whiles driving the battery light came on, i replaced battery about 6 months ago, got home stop car it started no problem, battery light went out but after a few seconds battery light came on again, does this seem like a alternator problem?
  2. Tried to connect, but even though 5 pin same as my one cant get it connect, don't want to force it.
  3. My 98 Astra G 1.4 petrol Failed MOT/NCT. on emissions,see photo, High idle CO 0.68 above 0.30 fail Failed Low idle 0.50 above 0.50 fail Passed (just) now im having problems with my EGR valve, engine management light on code, P1405 - Linear Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position (00) - Not present now would this cause the above fail or could it be more then this this? Thanks
  4. Hi,I ordereda new EGR valve for my 1998 Astra G 1.4 petrol, this arrived to today see first photo, my one as connection same as second photo , the new one as wire connection at side,the new one was advertised as EGR001, but EGR001 should be top connection, my one has wire connection on top,will the new one still fit?, still has 5 point connection. Thanks
  5. Serviced in may Opel, i brought a new Delphi coil pack and cleared code, so far so good,warning lights did not come back, need to take it on longer run to be sure.
  6. Hi, my 2008 Zafira B started to run a bit rough and the engine management light came on, so hooked up opcom and P0354 - Ignition Coil Cylinder 4 Circuit Malfunction (00) - Present code came up, so then cleared code and took for a drive, engine management light did not come up this time, but every now and then a warning light of a car with spanner over it would go on then out, so i then connected opcom gain ,this time no fault registered guessing because engine management light didn't come on only the car with spanner,what is the next course if action? Thanks
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