Resetting the remaining oil life doesn't work - FIXED

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I recently bought a 2012 Vauxhall Insignia, 2.0 CDTi auto estate car. The previous owner had just had the engine replaced and the oil had been changed (it appeared on the invoice). Unfortunately I didn't pick up on the fact that the oil life showed on the dash was... 32% (which is not okay if the engine and oil had just been changed).

On my way back home I tried resetting it from the car's menu, but that didn't work. Now I bought an Autel DiagLink diagnostics device, which has the oil reset feature... unfortunately when I reach the final step, it seems to get stuck (waited for a few minutes and it did nothing, nor could I get out of that menu).

Anyone been through such issues or has any solutions?

Thank you!

Edit: turns out I just didn't follow the right steps. Google helped me understand the operation needs to be done with the engine switched off and apparently I have to press the break pedal when pressing the reset button. Tried this and it worked.

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Solved my issue

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