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  1. Hi everyone, I bought this car about a month ago and from the first day I started hearing a squeal when going from 3rd to 4th. A couple of weeks ago things started getting worst, in the sense that the gearbox was revving more before going into 3rd, 4th... Finally, one day my wife came home and there was smoke coming from the engine area (engine was okay). Only then I realized there was a big patch of transmission oil where I parked the car. Long story short, could anyone advise me what oil to buy and how to top it up? I'd like to do that before driving it to a garage. Thanks
  2. Hi, I recently bought a 2012 Vauxhall Insignia, 2.0 CDTi auto estate car. The previous owner had just had the engine replaced and the oil had been changed (it appeared on the invoice). Unfortunately I didn't pick up on the fact that the oil life showed on the dash was... 32% (which is not okay if the engine and oil had just been changed). On my way back home I tried resetting it from the car's menu, but that didn't work. Now I bought an Autel DiagLink diagnostics device, which has the oil reset feature... unfortunately when I reach the final step, it seems to get stuck (waited for a
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