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Corsa d Warning Tones

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There is a tiny speaker/beeper on my car’s instrument cluster pcb.This speaker gives the warning tones when a door is open or seatbelts are not fastened etc.The problem is I have lost these warning tones while warning lamps are good.Ι took out the pcb,desoldered the suspicious speaker/beeper and tested it with ohmmeter.The indication was infinite.This is all I’ve done and need your help.The part I’ve meusured,looks more like a buzzer,DIGISOUND is typed on it and some letters and numbers but without ohms and watts indication.Any ideas and advice is wellcome!

Thank you in advance.https://postimg.cc/XGyFKzRfhttps://postimg.cc/KkNK5h9ghttps://postimg.cc/rD1tp4SJ/fd91cad5

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Hi....welcome to the Forum

Infinite usually indicates an open circuit but not sure whether a buzzer would have a resistance and even then not sure what it should be.

I would be tempted to look on ebay for anything that looks similar and test it out on the board, worst case scenario it may operate at a higher or lower sound pitch

Let us know how you get on with it

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Warning tones are back!

I put the above 100ohm speaker and,finally,I have my tones back,but with much less sound level!Tried to level up the sound on P7 secret menu but with poor essults.

I'm a little disappointed.




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