GTC Overheating Pull Over Immediately

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Hi, hoping to get some advice on this. My 2013 Astra GTC 2.0 CTDI failed me on Saturday whilst doing 70 ... it told me to pull over immediately, engine overheating. It shot to 130 degrees within seconds. RAC towed it to the local garage as the they couldn’t distinguish what the issue may be due to the amount of error codes coming up.


Garage called today saying they think water has somehow got into the oil and it’s the head gasket that may be the issue? Has anyone else had this problem? Really hoping it isn’t the head gasket ...

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Hi.....welcome to the Forum

Sorry to hear that its potential head gasket failure.

There are however 3 ways the head gasket can fail
1. mixing oil into the coolant and vice versa (noticable by mixed oil and water which is like mayonaise)
2. Coolant or oil leaking externally
3. Gasket failing between cylinders and / or introducing coolant into the cylinder(s)

Hope you get it sorted at a good price but bear in mind the cylinder head may need skimming which is an extra cost

Also,  a common fault is injector sleeves which have coolant behind them corrode through and allow coolant into the combustion chambers which is then burnt and you'll see an increase in temperature and steam from the exhaust.
If these need to be replaced then it is a head off job

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