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I’m really sorry is this has already on the forums not very tech savvy. 
I’m looking for a bit of help with my electronic parking break. 

Had the car for 4 yrs now and it’s just started with a fault. 
whenever I pull away the parking break releases as normal but it beeps and on the dash it comes up with “ please release parking break” but the break has already released. My regular mechanic has had a look on his diagnostics and it has no faults. He has confirmed the breaks are releasing and applying as they should and not sticking. Had a look on internet and found many faults with the EPB but nothing like what I am experiencing. 
any help is greatly Appreciated



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Hi Steve.....welcome to the Forum

It sounds like the switch could be faulty or a connection leading to the switch.
It may be worth lining a replacement up at the right price and changing it over.

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