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Please don't laugh...I'm a novice at car mechanics but I've hit a snag.

I recently bought my Meriva from a "dealer" (suspect one). He says he changed the timing belt (it does look new).  It had to go back because the rocker cover was leaking and the head gasket need replacing. All done.

A week later it developed a noise like a diesel. I contacted the seller and he says it's just "bedding back in" (first time I've heard that one) and needs the oil changing in 300 miles or so. OK, so i went with his diagnosis (he is, after all a mechanic). It's now done the mileage but, before i take it back, I have a question.

I believe the engine is a Z14XEP which is chain driven; why has it got a timing belt? There's no timing belt available when I type my VRM in on ECP either only a chain. Has he converted it?

Any help?


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Hi....welcome to the Forum

It looks like the auxiliary drive belt has been changed from looking at the picture.
I would let them do what they have to do but do not accept it back if there is a diesel sound to the engine as this would suggest something is blowing and not connected back properly.

There is no conversion to a belt from a chain that I know of.

Good luck and keep us updated on the progress

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