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Car stereo, mileage display and electric windows?

So we broke down the other night, turns out the spindle in the end of the key barrel snapped. Someone on behalf of RAC came out took it apart and used his screwdriver to turn the ignition switch to get it going. 

Upon doing this my mileage display disappeared and the above mentioned, stopped working. I managed to grab him before he drove off and he came and fiddled with the switch, inserting the end of his screwdriver and turning backwards and forwards repeatedly we managed to get my window closed.

So today it went in for a new barrel. I was assuming all of those issues would have been sorted once it has all be put back together, alas I still have no milage display and no power to the above mentioned 🤔🤔🤔

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Thanks, but it was already happening before the barrel was changed 👍🏻

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