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Daniel gray

Problem with my old zafira

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Hi, I am having problems with my 2002 zafira club 1.8 petrol

When I start it up its revving ok, then goes down to almost stalling, does that for 5-10 minutes

Then when I'm driving it's kangarooing, and lurching forward and back 

Also losing power on hills right now, but if I try taking my foot off the accelerator and back on a couple of times the power returns


Any ideas?


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Hi Daniel.....welcome to the Forums

I would imagine it could be one of two things causing this.

1. Vacuum leak 

2. Fuel contamination or engine requires an additive to clean up the carbon deposits

Either way, I would take it into a garage to be checked over for fault codes and anything obviously faulty (e.g. misfire, etc) as leaving it could cause further damage to the engine or catalytic converter.

Let us know how you get on with it all

Cheers .  Trevor

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