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Just thought I'd say hi. 

Although I would not call myself a car person, I have been a persistent vauxhall owner from a £600 vectra Sri I purchased as my third ever car in 2014. It was a considerable size upgrade from the two Peugeot 106's I had before that. Of course as a young driver I drove it until it eventually gave out but it owed me nothing and I think the scrappy turned it into a stock race car or demolition car or something like that.

I have, along with my wife, had since then had a brand new corsa in 2016 which we swapped to a brand new mokka in 2018(fell into the PCP scam cycle with both of them).

We decided to not to go brand new when we swapped to the 20 plate Grandland for her, which she still has now, after realising the mokka just wasn't big enough for a family. I ended up with a 66 plate 1.4i Astra elite which I loved as they are surprisingly nippy and kitted out with quite a few extras. 

I never even thought of joining an owners forum before, but early Feb 2024 I swapped out my astra for 67 plate Insignia Grand Sport which is is my first automatic car I've ever driven and I have to say I am completely in love with it. It's packed with what I can only imagine is almost all of the optional extras and because its the 2.0 260 bhp engine it is great fun to drive. Albeit very thirsty.

And that about does it really. That's my vauxhall journey

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