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New member with a potentially worrying issue :(

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Greeting's great people of the VOC!

I was talking to a friend at work regarding a "whistling" issue I have on my 2.0 sri CDTI insignia at work and he advised to join a Vauxhall forum and talk to other owners of Vauxhall's in the hopes of finding a solutions that's not going to cost hundreds at a garage!

Some of the guy's i've spoke to about the issue have been like "It's not worth the money just get a new car" To which I replied ,,|, I love my Insig! haha, Don't want to replace her, only thing I'd want to change in the media centre on it, but im struggling to find somewhere up in Nottingham that'll fit one for me and get it working.

So, on acceleration can hear the front of the engine like whistling, I don't know if its the turbo, water pump or what ever.

I haven't noticed a loss of power, when I put my foot down in gear's 2 and 3 she still shifts, screen wash system still works, aircon still works, just a strange whistle on acceleration that im thinking COULD be a dirty turbo? to which im thinking of buying this to spray down it and give it a clean.

Recently had a friend listen to the noise and he seems to think that could just do with an oil change (Which is done yearly anyway) or potentially a full engine flush using a product like that Liquid Moly (link to product) 

I'd love to get opinions from others that own Insignia's and Vauxhalls in general on what they think it could be? and potential non-garage fixes for it?

Thank's in advance guys n gals ❤️ 

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Hi....welcome to the Club

I would think there is a small hole in the intercooler or hose/pipe coming from the turbo
Usually a rubber hose creates a rasping sound but a small hole in any solidly constructed components can emit a whistle.
Alternatively, it is worth cleaning the turbo and also check for float on the shaft and condition of the compressor as you look into the exposed end of the turbo.

Try IceBoxAutos for replacement audio system and they are based in Liverpool so not too far away from you

Liquid Moly is a great product and have used it for years in engines and never had an issue

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Thank you so much for the reply 

I'll be sure to advise my guy to look for any holes in the pipes when he does my turbo clean and will definately check out that IceBoxAutos for my audio/android system ❤️ 

Also spotted that Liquid Moly via youtube videos as well as Revive turbo cleaner.

As long as it doesnt cost me £500 for a new turbo im happy haha!

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