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Car had no power

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I drove my car to the local shop tonight no issues been driving it daily for almost 2 years. I got back in the car and there was no power at all. The hazards wouldn't even work. My brother came to tow me, then realised that it has an electric handbrakešŸ«£.

After about 20 minutes we were watching videos on how to manually release the electronic handbrake when all of a sudden the indicators flashed, got in and it started first turn of the key. šŸ¤·Ā 

Does anyone have any ideas at all to what it could be any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

14 plate vauxhall insignia ecoflex 2.0cdti


Thanks everyoneĀ 


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Crikey thats an unusual one!

I would start at the battery terminals and work you way to the fusebox and look at fuses and relays as there must be a fault with the power distribution circuit
Start with the bigger cables (and connectors) and work your way through the smaller ones if not immediately obvious.
Don't forget to check earth cables and connection points

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